Plumadore Pleads Guilty in Aliahna’s Murder and Escapes the Death Penalty

I am not a big advocate for the death penalty, but this was one of those cases where I feel justice would have been served if Plumadore had received death.

Not only did he betray the love and trust of the child, but he was probably sexually abusing her and killed her to keep her quiet.

(AP) — “An Indiana man pleaded guilty Friday to bludgeoning a 9-year-old girl to death before dismembering her body, calmly describing the details of his crimes to a judge while the girl’s parents and others watched in a hushed courtroom.

Michael Plumadore also pleaded guilty to abuse of a corpse and removing a dead body from the scene in the Dec. 22 death of Aliahna Maroney-Lemmon at a Fort Wayne trailer park. He’ll be sentenced June 18 to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

Michael Plumadore

Plumadore, who relatives described as a trusted family friend who helped care for Aliahna’s dying grandfather at the trailer park where the family lived, had been looking after the girl and her 6-year-old sisters because their mother was sick. Authorities said Aliahna had been dead for more than 24 hours before she was reported missing two days before Christmas. The other girls weren’t harmed.

When asked Friday by Allen Superior Court John Surbeck what he had done, Plumadore responded that he “repeatedly struck Aliahna in the head with a brick” and that she died as a result.

Responding to the charge of abuse of a corpse, Plumadore said, “I cut Aliahna up with a hacksaw.”

Missing 9-year-old’s neighbor allegedly beat her with brick, dismembered body

“I put parts in my freezer and took the rest down to the Marathon station and put them in a Dumpster,” Plumadore said.

Assistant Prosecutor Steve Godfrey asked if those actions were intended to hamper any investigation, and Plumadore replied simply: “Yes, sir.”

Aliahna’s mother and stepfather sat in in the front row with eight other family members and friends. Two women sat behind Aliahna’s mother, Tarah Souders, with their hands on her shoulders for much of the 45-minute sentencing. They were among about 50 people in the courtroom.

Aliahna’s step-grandfather, David Story, told The Associated Press from Jacksonville, Fla., that he was pleased.

“A needle in the arm is too humane for him,” Story said. “I’m glad there’s finally some justice for her. In the end, it will never end. But it does give me some peace of mind.”


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5 Responses to Plumadore Pleads Guilty in Aliahna’s Murder and Escapes the Death Penalty

  1. KC says:

    Oh goody! Now this scumbag will sit in the cooler & befriend other sick bastards to hone his skills. He’ll play the game & give everyone all the answers they want to hear & VOILA, that life sentence will be reduced to a mere slap on his paw & more children will face horrors they could never even imagine. Keeping a PoS like this prize in the pokey for life is a joke! Due to overcrowding & bleeding heart liberals, the worst of the worst of the prisoners are let loose long before their LIFE ends. Life sentences for filthy animals like this PoS are nothing more than punishment for tax payers & the victims’ loved ones. Even if he does wind up having to live out his sentence (fat chance) & come out in a box, head first, he’ll have a stable place to live, 3+ meals a day, school, health care, cable TV & internet access. Some brainwashed dolt who will believe his “I’ve changed, I’ve found Jesus” line will marry him & keep his commisary account flush with cash. He should have had to choose between the options of being hung or be beaten to death.

    • Alethea says:

      KC, he is not an animal. Animals do not do this to other animals. Animals don’t sexually abuse each other and then kill their victim to keep them from getting caught.

      Plumadore is a monster.

    • little nel says:

      I don’t believe that there is “rehabilitation” for a monster like this.
      He will sit in prison and fantasize about his sexual homicide of this little girl for a lot of years.

      His evil deed will give him pleasure even in jail.

  2. little nel says:

    If he can carry out the death penalty on an eight year old child who committed no crime without a trial, a defense, a lawyer, a judge, and a jury, then why isn’t he deserving of the same considerations?

    Answer: His life is more valuable than a little girl’s life because he survived the attack.

    What is wrong with this?

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