Alleged Victim Still Has Jerry Sandusky’s Love Letters

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — “Jerry Sandusky allegedly wrote love letters to one of the boys he’s accused of molesting, according to a report from ABC News.

Love letters of an “intimate” nature written in Sandusky’s handwriting will be presented as circumstantial evidence when testimony begins in the case, likely next week, the news station reports.

The letters were addressed to alleged victim 4, who is scheduled to testify against Sandusky. Now 28 years old, alleged victim 4 met the former defense coordinator for the Nittany Lions football team through The Second Mile, the coach’s charity.

A call to the man’s attorney was not immediately returned on Tuesday.

The attorney, Ben Andreozzi, told ABC, “They have evidence to support his allegations, and there’s other evidence that has not been released to the public yet that I think will really resonate with the jury.”

According to ABC, one of the letters describes a love story between a boy and a man and was written in the third person.”

This reminds me of the King boys, where little Alex, barely 12, wrote “love letters” to forty year-old Rick Chavez.

When Alex King testified at the murder trial, he spoke of his feelings for Chavez as if they were young lovers. Chavez not only stole Alex’s childhood, but he caused terrible sexual confusion to Alex, who wrote in a love letter to Chavez that he did not know if he was straight or gay.

This turmoil is devastating for a child.

Alex King’s love letters to Chavez were painful and tragic. Alex’s crooked little handwriting resembled a young girl’s diary entry after she meets her first love. Alex wrote to Chavez, “I love you always and forever.”

Alex wrote that his life was uncertain before he met Rick Chavez and that he didn’t know if he wanted to be a teacher, a governor, or the president of the United States. Alex wrote that he thought these goals were what life was about. He said that once he met Rick Chavez, he realized he was wrong and that life was about sharing with someone else. Little Alex thought he was in love with Chavez and wrote (maybe even prophetically) that his ultimate goal was to do whatever Chavez wanted.

You can read the entire article on Alex King’s case by clicking on the link below:

The Complicated and Sometimes Deadly Relationship Between a Sexual Predator and His Prey



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