Jerry Sandusky Case: Hard Truths About Women Who Their Heads To Child Sexual Abuse

People who read my Blog on a regular basis know that I don’t hold back from saying what most other people won’t dare say. I have stumbled upon one of those moments.

I am watching a lot of the coverage of the Sandusky trial and none of the TV commentators, or mental health experts, are mentioning something that needs to be acknowledged.

They keep repeating that child sexual abuse is about power and control. But no one ever says that it is also very much about sex! These are sexual acts against the child. The perpetrator has an erection and is probably having orgasms when he sexually assaults the child.

The hard unspoken fact is that sometimes women who are married to men who sexually abuse children, are women who don’t want to have sex anymore, and out of SELF-convenience, they turn their heads to the sexual abuse in the home.

The little boys (or a daughter) take the load off the woman so she doesn’t have to deal with having sex anymore.

I am not saying this is the case with Dottie Sandusky, but it could be. Jerry Sandusky could have always been sexually confused, and with a deviancy towards little boys. If Dottie stopped wanting sex with him, maybe little boys became Jerry Sandusky’s sole sexual outlet because of his attraction to them, that they are such an easy target, and so easy to threaten and manipulate.

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — “To those who already believed the allegations that Jerry Sandusky had sexually assaulted young boys, the first week of his trial only painted a more vividly horrific picture of the man.

Eight young men last week gave graphic and, at times, excruciating testimony about being sexually abused by Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at Penn State, and spoke of the lingering emotional trauma they had experienced.

Through the prosecution’s presentation, though, another figure has emerged, if only vaguely: Dorothy Sandusky, Sandusky’s wife. Those who believe Sandusky to be guilty have been unsure what to make of her. Had she truly been in the dark? Was she in denial? Was she, too, culpable, having, perhaps through negligence, served as an enabler?

Dottie Sandusky

Did she ever confront her husband about all the young boys in their lives, and in their basement playroom, and, as has been claimed in the trial, in their hotel rooms? One accuser testified that, knowing Dorothy was upstairs in the family home, he cried out for help as Sandusky raped him.

This week, some of those questions may be answered if Dorothy, who is on the witness list, is called upon to testify in defense of her husband of nearly a half-century. She has been absent during the trial, apparently relying on friends and family — who sit each day in the front of the gallery just behind Sandusky — to keep her informed of developments.

Through interviews with friends and neighbors, and in details Sandusky provided in his autobiography, Dorothy Sandusky emerges as a caring, thoughtful and vigilant wife, mother and friend. A neighbor, Dana Kletchka, said that last August, after her son was born, Dorothy visited her and her husband, Paul, bringing a vegetarian casserole, knowing that the Kletchkas did not eat meat.

“We had the key to their house and they had the key to ours, and 10 years ago when we first moved in, she came over and closed our windows when we were gone and it started raining,” Kletchka said. “We literally borrowed cups of sugar from her.”

Oh, well then, a woman who makes veggie casseroles and who loans out cups of sugar to the neighbors can’t possibly be a woman who would turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse of children going on in her home!

“There are also hints that she failed to grasp the seriousness of her husband’s legal predicament when Sandusky was formally charged last fall.

On Nov. 9, 2011, not long after a Pennsylvania grand jury report was released that detailed Sandusky’s suspected sexual abuse, and just hours before a riot broke out after the firing of the football coach Joe Paterno, Sandusky was seen shopping at a local sporting goods store wearing Penn State attire. Many in the community were incensed, but that evening — according to a neighbor who asked not to be named and two other neighbors who corroborated the account — she seemed at a loss. “I don’t know why they’re being so mean to Jerry,” the neighbor recalled her saying.

The next year the Sanduskys adopted the first of their six children. They would become foster parents to several more. Having settled in State College, where Sandusky was hired as a defensive coach for the Nittany Lions, Dorothy became an impeccable homemaker, friends say. She watched over the children when her husband was on the road, prepared their meals and kept an immaculate house.”

My mother also prepared meals and kept an immaculate house; so what? Neat and tidy homemakers are perfectly capable of willingly allowing child molestation in the home, or of being child sexual abusers themselves!

“When the child sexual abuse charges were leveled against her husband, Porter said, Dorothy was “astounded.” She said Dorothy’s perspective was that, “for all Jerry’s done for these kids all these years, how could a few of them turn their stories around and make him seem so bad?”

One accuser testified last week that Sandusky once halted an assault in the basement after he heard Dorothy calling to him from upstairs.

“It was actually the one night I got a decent amount of sleep,” the man said. “She never came downstairs.”

Chuck Williams, an expert on dealing with child abuse and a professor at Drexel University, speaking about the spouses of child abusers (and not the Sanduskys), said that they often sense that something is wrong but rationalize that the cost of taking action might be greater than turning a blind eye.

“Who wants to admit that you’re sleeping next to a pedophile and you married one?” Williams said. “It’s just too much for a lot of people.”

Self-protection. It is more important for these kind of women to protect their own SELF, and the image of themSELVES being projected to friends and neighbors, than it is to protect a child.

“Dorothy’s neighbors said that when the scandal broke, they believed that she was blindsided by the allegations. Now they are not so sure.”

Women like this will act shocked to protect themSELVES, but I bet these allegations were NOT a surprise to her. I think her only shock was that someone actually spoke up and took action. I think after all these years of kids being molested and adults shoving it under the rug, she thought it would be a secret forever.



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16 Responses to Jerry Sandusky Case: Hard Truths About Women Who Their Heads To Child Sexual Abuse

  1. little nel says:

    Is it true that Jerry Sandusky had photos of boys hidden in a vault?

    • Alethea says:

      I have not heard that one at all.

      • little nel says:

        I read that investigators found out that Jerry had a locked box of some type on campus. In it they found photos of boys. They showed the photos to “Sarge” and she could only identify two of the boys’ photos.

  2. Robert Ong says:

    At four years of age, Carolyn was raped by an old man. He made her bleed as he took pleasure while simultaneously causing immense pain and trauma to the young child. While this depraved man was raping Carolyn, he used a free hand to feel his erection tearing into Carolyn’s flesh, he rubbed her blood over her belly. Afterwards he casually dressed her and threatened Carolyn to keep quiet.
    Carolyn ran back to her nana, crying, she told nana “the man next door hurt me”.
    Nanna lifted Carolyn’s dress up and saw the blood. Nana proceeded to clean Carolyn while telling her she was “a dirty naughty bad little girl”.
    When Carolyn was clean, Nana locked Carolyn in a darkened room with no windows. This traumatised Carolyn even further. Carolyn screamed till she was hoarse…..”please nana let me out, please let me out”
    Eventually when Carolyn is let out, Nana proceeded to put Carolyn accross her lap and smacked her bare bottom until she was red with welts. Nana then proceeded to tell Carolyn…”if you tell anyone you will get into trouble and get taken away”
    Carolyn never spoke about the incident until thirty eight years later….three year ago. Carolyn has only spoken to one person about it. Carolyn is still afraid to speak to anyone else about this incident.

    • Alethea says:

      A very similar story to mine. It took me almost 38 years to tell someone.

      • little nel says:

        What kind of sicko could treat a 4 year old like that? Nana was involved with Carolyn’s rapist and protected him not Carolyn.

        “Afterwards he carefully dressed her…etc.” This is the work of a man who knew that he could rape Carolyn without consequences.

  3. little nel says:

    What would have happened if Dottie had told LE that she suspected Jerry of child abuse with these boys?

    My best guess is NOTHING. She would have been run out of town on a rail, so to speak, or forced to receive “treatment” for her flawed perception.

    Jerry would have been tipped off ASAP.

    “Hey, Jerry, you need to know that the little woman has turned on you. She’s spreading lies to LE that you abuse little boys. You need to set her straight and be quick about it. Shut her up before she ruins everything”.

    Jerry was a powerful man with powerful friends and Dottie was just a tiny humble homemaker. Jerry’s fan club was filled with men who did NOTHING to protect those boys.

    Dottie was intimidated by Jerry. That in it’s self would cause her to have diminished sexual desire for him, if it was a contributing factor for his lust of children.

    Why didn’t Jerry seek therapy for his illegal, immoral, unethical, and abusive sexual preferences for little boys? (denial?)

    Did he believe that his preferences were “normal?” so he did not need therapy? so the laws did not apply to him? (justification?)

    • Alethea says:

      Why didn’t Jerry seek therapy for his illegal, immoral, unethical, and abusive sexual preferences for little boys? (denial?) Did he believe that his preferences were “normal?” so he did not need therapy? so the laws did not apply to him? (justification?)

      I truly believe that people like Jerry S. really DO NOT think they are doing anything wrong. I think these kind of perps believe that, because the child enjoys aspects of the sexual abuse and the gifts/attention etc., that there is nothing wrong with it…except in the eyes of society. So they still try and cover up their crimes, but I bet Jerry Sandusky is a private member of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association)

      • mary says:

        People like Jerry Sandusky live in a Godless, empty universe ungoverned by any type of moral framework. Nothing has any meaning, not even the sacredness of children so they submit themselves to their carnal pleasures and impulses no matter how twisted they might be. That’s how they’re able to do what they do to children and feel no remorse, except in getting caught. I think if you really wanted to get into the mindset of how someone like jerry sandusky views the world, watch a couple woody allen movies and examine the themes explored in them. I also believe he is a child molester, he married his step daughter, was accused of molesting another one of his adopted children, and if you take a look at a recent body language analysis done by dr lillian glass on her blog of woody alen and his two preteen daughers, I wouldn’t be suprised if he is doing something to them too. The discomfort they clearly show being near him is extremely disturbing.

        • Alethea says:

          I agree 100% Mary. I refuse to watch his films because I too think he molested young Dillon, and the fact that he seduced Mia Farrow’s young daughter while they were married shows his degeneracy.

          • little nel says:

            I agree 100% also, Mary.

            Woody Allen is extremely disturbing to me also.

            This is a man who does the mother and daughter at the same time.

            • mary says:

              The only movie by Woody Allen I watched was Matchpoint, and only because it was in the dollarbin and I had little knowledge of him and his personal life. In the film, the main character marries a rich woman for money and prestige, has an affair with his brother in laws girlfriend, gets her pregnant, and shoots her when she threatens to tell his wife. And he gets away with it in a comical way.. the film left me with such a nihilistic chill down my spine that I researched who the writer and director was.

              • little nel says:

                That movie sounds like the man feared getting caught. Murder and mayhem was an easier solution than being exposed as a liar and a cheat. Maybe a warning to women who get pregnant by their lovers?

                I’ll bet Mia Farrow felt a nihilistic chill down her spine when she found out about Woody Allen’s secret photo sessions with her teenage daughter. No doubt he had sex with her at those sessions. Men like him like to keep photos of their lovers as reminders of their sexual prowess and being wanted by lots of women.

              • mary says:

                When u watch woody allens movies, there is no sense of morality and meaning, just nihilism. I believe his work reflects the way he sees life, which I think is the way a serial pedophile like Sandusky sees life. I’m just glad I’m not them.

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