New Evidence Shows Sexual Abuse Cover-Up at Penn State a Conscious Decision

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4 Responses to New Evidence Shows Sexual Abuse Cover-Up at Penn State a Conscious Decision

  1. little nel says:

    You were absolutely right about Joe Paterno and the officials at Penn State when this story broke, Alethea.

    You deserve a lot of RESPECT for your assessment about that bunch of dicks! You called it right in every way.

    They did not give a shit about those boys.

    There was no mention in the emails about “humane” treatment for those boys. NO concern for their well being and safety at all.

    The more that is uncovered and made public about this case the more angry I get. I want to scream, “You fucking bastards! How could you turn your backs on a 10 year-old rape victim”?

    • Alethea says:

      Little Nel, I am having an issue with the students of Penn State. In light of all that has happened and is taking place, it appears they too, are silent.

      Silence is approval, and if the Penn State students don’t openly protest what the University staff has done, then they are nothing special as human beings. Yet they are our future.

  2. little nel says:

    Penn State deserves all the public outrage and all the civil suits for “not reporting” Jerry’s sexual activities with little boys on the campus. They tipped off Jerry and knew that they faced liability for not reporting things.

    Their “humane” efforts and suggestions were not effective in stopping Jerry Sandusky. This was indeed a cover-up and Joe Paterno did not care about those boys, only Jerry and how it would be bad for Penn State’s image and income. The loss of all their jobs was justified by the email evidence. NO child was safe on the Penn State campus with that bunch in power. An elite group who decided to ignore the mandatory reporting laws and admittedly opened the door that made Penn State legally liable in this case.

    Time has proven that only arrest, public outrage, prosecution, conviction, and jail stopped Jerry’s assaults on children.

    • Alethea says:

      Right on Little Nel. Great comment. I have to wonder if those creeps are also pedophiles? How else can their absolute willingness to cover it up be explained? These were highly educated wealthy men who probably were fathers themselves, and what parent with morals and ethics covers up the rape of children unless they have sexual deviancy themselves?

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