Couple Arrested For Child Pornography After They Forget Their Cell Phone at Walmart

“A cell phone apparently left behind in a shopping cart at a Florida Wal-Mart has led to the arrest of a couple accused of recording themselves sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the citizen who found the phone at a Cape Coral Wal-Mart turned it over to authorities. They obtained a search warrant, accessed the device and allegedly discovered “numerous images that were sexual in nature and constituted child pornography.”

(CNN has just reported that the child was being raped in the images.)

The phone also contained contact information for a detective assigned to the sheriff’s office sexual predator unit. That detective recognized the number on the phone as that of 33-year-old registered sex offender Alan Robert Johnson, according to a sheriff’s office press release.

Investigators executed a search warrant at Johnson’s North Fort Myers home and allegedly discovered evidence that he and 37-year-old Jennifer Sparks were producing child pornography using a cell phone camera. The press release stated that images and videos found on the phones and in the home “show Johnson and Sparks engaging in sex acts with a four-year-old female child.”

“My most seasoned detectives here said that it’s the worst they’ve ever seen,” Sheriff Mike Scott told WINK of the alleged abuse.

The girl, whose connection to the couple is not yet known, was not found in the home. She was later recovered by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and is now in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families. DCF spokesperson Terri Durdaller told HLN that authorities are still investigating the case and are not sure how she ended up in the care of Johnson and Sparks.

The two suspects are being held without bond on charges of sexual assault of a child, directing or promoting sexual performance by a child and possession of obscene material. Public defender Kathy Smith, whose office currently represents both defendants, said Monday that she does not comment on pending cases.

Johnson pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges in 2003, according to court records. He was sentenced to 70 months in prison and Federal Bureau of Prisons records show he was released in 2008.

According to 2003 reports in the Fort Myers News-Press, Johnson was accused in that case of spending several hours a night online viewing and downloading images of children engaged in sex acts with adults. He reportedly told the judge at his sentencing, “I hope to get help for my problem and put this behind me.”


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10 Responses to Couple Arrested For Child Pornography After They Forget Their Cell Phone at Walmart

  1. little nel says:

    I remember that when I visited my father and his “new family” that he used to say, “Women were put on this earth for one thing…and that is to please men sexually.”

    I remember getting unnerved at these remarks, especially making me feel uncomfortable when my step-sister and I were together in the bath tub laughing and playing about age 8. He made it a point to come into the bathroom while we were bathing. He would talk and joke to get us to act “silly” while we were naked. He encouraged us to sing and dance in the tub together like we were a stage act and he was the audience. He would reinforce his idea that little girls were just made to please men. See…we were just doing what comes naturally. Dancing naked to please him.

    Little did I know that it was just part of the “grooming process” that was to escalate into incest/ sexual abuse later on.

    Maybe that is why step-sister was so willing to accommodate my father’s sexual needs as normal. She had been set up at an early age to accept the sexual roles and attitudes of “daddy” as normal.

    • Alethea says:

      There is a family photo of me, about age three or four? with my older sister (a teen by then) and she and I are in a bath tub kind of thing in the backyard. We are both naked I think. I have not seen the photo in a long time, but I don’t recall any clothes on us. But I do know that the photo always stuck with me and bothered me… but I never really knew why.

      • little nel says:

        Who took that photo? Daddy?

      • Shana Dines says:

        I have a photo that my mother took of us, my brother and I, where she told us to kiss like movie stars, on the mouth. We did and neither of us wanted to. I was asked if we ever had pornographic photos taken of us, I don’t remember it, but that alone was really inappropriate, and why would she want us to do that unless she was interested in it? That vile evil bitch!

  2. little nel says:

    Hi Alethea,

    I googled hypno-analysis and guided imagery on the internet.

    They both do the same thing. The person is put into a relaxed state where the sub-conscious mind can express its past emotions that were previously suppressed or unexpressed because of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, bereavement, and other anxieties from childhood that follow us into adulthood so that we can recover from the “symptoms” that we are experiencing.

    It is an alternative to medication, surgery, or “Just get over it” which are the usual choices that are offered by the medical profession.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is something that helped me the most, I believe, in addition to guided imagery.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Little Nel.

      You are right, but the difference between what my therapist does, and guided imagery, is that she always ends the regression by having me take deep breaths to blow out the negative emotions into my parents, or sisters, and then breathing in healing light into each cell of my body.

      I also don’t know if guided imagery has the ability to help the person get to the root cause of things and if it involves the person allowing the subconscious to guide them to what is bothering them, instead of just the conscious mind *thinking* it knows where to go.

      Behavioral modification therapy can only help a person who is also changing subconscious information as well. It sounds like you did that with the guided imagery.

      • little nel says:

        It allowed me to go back to certain traumatic events and look at the source of my trauma and see that I was just an observer and not a participant even though I experienced fear, pain, and shame from observing it.

        For instance, I believed for years that I was responsible for my parents divorce because they both stated, “We would not have gotten divorced if we had not had children.”

        The truth is my parents were responsible and made the decision, without my considerations. I was 6 at the time and I had no power to stop them or prompt them to divorce.

        My parents were deluded if they believed that a 6 year-old was responsible for their divorce.

  3. shanakd9 says:

    I hope these monster rot in hell for ever and are exposed to the world so everyone can see what son of a bitches they are. This outrages me!

  4. manuela says:

    I believe that he is the living proof of my principle: whoever finds pleasure in watches child pornography, someday he/she will abuse a child.
    It’s unbelievable to me that a person who watch that sort of pornography won’t try at least for once in his/her life to do what he/she saw. It’s like everyone who watches adult pornography would not make sex ever – he/she is JUST watching (yeah, right!).

  5. little nel says:

    “I hope to get help for my problem and put this behind me”.

    He was referring to his legal problem and not his desire to rape little girls and enjoy the thrill.

    I hope the next judge puts this monster away for good. He will never stop abusing children.

    His accomplice deserves the same sentence that he gets.

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