Man Rapes Child For Three Years, Mother Says She Did Not Know

TEXAS CITY — “A jury sentenced a man to life in prison after convicting him of aggravated sexual assault of a child, an official said Friday.

A jury in Galveston’s 212th District Court deliberated less than 10 minutes Thursday before finding Ricardo Torres, 34, guilty, according to a statement from the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office.

The same jury sentenced Torres to life in prison and fined him $5,000 after hearing of his criminal history, including prison terms for burglary of a habitation and credit card abuse, the statement said.

Torres’ Thursday conviction stemmed from the sexual assault of a girl beginning when she was 3 years old. The abuse began in 2007 in Texas City and ended in 2010 with Torres’ arrest. The girl testified Torres would attack her when her mother was grocery shopping or at work, the statement said.

Prosecutor Kayla Allen told the jury the girl made several outcries to adults, but her young age limited her ability to vocalize the extent of the sexual abuse, the statement said.

Matthew Shawhan prosecuted the case with Allen. Attorney Mark Stevens represented Torres.”



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12 Responses to Man Rapes Child For Three Years, Mother Says She Did Not Know

  1. Angel says:

    I am the mother. My daughter NEVER told me a thing be cause he threatened my life and hers. She stayed silent to protect me. I was beaten by him everyday, and that’s what made her believe him. As far as sheltering another man… SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! I was abused as a child and I’d never put my children in harm’s way. I never sheltered him or any other man. Get off the trash talk and know all the facts before you judge somebody. None of this stuff happened with my knowledge, it was goin on while I worked to support my family. My children are my everything and I will die to protect them and almost have during this case. I was stalked and threatened by his friends and even jumped. So stop judging.. MY CHILD IS DOING JUST FINE! And it’s all because of me and nobody else. ASSHOLES!

    • Alethea says:


      You can cuss and scream all you want, but statistics and common sense show us that the mothers in these cases are usually guilty of needing a free babysitter for their child while they go to work, or while they get their hair done or go out and party. A man in their life is often the perfect babysitter and the mother blinds herself to what is happening –willfully blinds herself to all the clues/hints/intuition that something is NOT right with the situation or her child.

      Whether or not you fall into this common category is only known by you. But if your child was raped at a very age for three years, your child is NOT fine, and your denial to this is indicative of a woman who puts on blinders in order to see what she wants to see.

      Your child may appear “fine” but your child will need serious, deep therapy, to remove the trauma from the child’s soul.

      • Angel says:

        My child has been in thereapy. I don’t partyand haven’t since I was a teenager. I didn’t need a baby sitter, since I paid for my child to go to day care. Seeing as day cares are not open on weekends is a different story. My child never acted any different around him during the time, and it did not go on for three years. It happened a couple times during a coures of about a yr. After he was arrested and she felt safe, specifically the day before she testified, she broke down and told me what had happened. When I asked why she never spoke up, she simply said, “Mommy, I love you and I didn’t want him to hurt you or anybody else.” It kills me to know she felt she HAD to protect my other kids and I. She’s been in therapy for at least 3yrs already. That was my doing, because I never got that kind of help when it happened to me. Statistics don’t apply to me. I’m a very independent person and I’d rather struggle to get by than put my children in the line of danger knowingly. I’ve never put blinders on or saw what I wanted to see. Because of what happened, I also put myself in therapy as well as my son, since he lost his father to the choices he made withouth thinking of consequence. He thought he’d get away with it, but underestimated the strength of my child and family support we have. I almost went to jail myself during trial for trying to go after him in the court room. So like I said, until you know facts of the matter, you cannot judge. You can go by statistics or whatever, but I’ve been there and done that. My children will not be statistics. My child openly asks questions and talks about what happened to her with me on a regular basis as a way of coping. She does not see herself as a victim but a survivor of a terrible situations and does not let it effect her daily life. She excells in school, is very social and very focused and determined on everything she does. It has been a long hard road for us all, but my children especially her, are doing great, and will continue to do just fine in our lives. we don’t let situations control us. WE TAKE CONTROL OF THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED AND ANY OTHER SITUATION THAT MAY ARISE. So, there’s you statistics on my family.

        • Alethea says:

          Why does the news article say your child was sexually assaulted from age 3-6?

          Why does the article say the Prosecutor “told the jury the girl made several outcries to adults?”

          You say it only happened “a couple of times during the course of about a year.” If a very young child is raped ONCE, it can severely affect them traumatically.

          You are correct, I don’t know the facts. If you want to offer some links to other articles that do clarify the facts, then I will post them.

          Even if your child does not see herself as a victim but a survivor, her subconscious mind might feel very differently. It is usually in a person’s twenties and older that the effects –effects not dealt with in deep therapy– begin to show in the person’s life.

          I wish you and your child well.

  2. little nel says:

    That poor little girl! To have to suffer to that kind of torture for three years at the hands of a monster.

    I hope he stays in jail for a long time. I don’t think men like him can be rehabilitated.

    Wanna bet that her mother will find another man like him to shelter?

    • Alethea says:

      Hopefully his life sentence means “life.” You’re right Little Nel she will probably fall right back into the same pattern.

      • Angel says:

        And by life sentence, it does mean “life”. Because of his past convictions and his behavior while in prison, there is a very slim chance of him actually getting parole even when he does come up for it in 2042. I still keep in touch with prosecuters and the DA in order to ensure the safety of my children and myself.

  3. userjan1 says:

    Great job, Prosecutors. I wish more cases turned out like this!

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