Child Sexual Abuse in the Church of Scientology

“When reading the stories of child sexual abuse and how Scientology management tried to cover them up, then remember there’s a Scientology policy stating that scientologists who are “upstat” – those doing very well, and/or making a lot of money for Scientology – should never be punished, while those who are “downstat” should be investigated. Gabriel Scott Williams reportedly was such an “upstat” person who was making lots of money for Scientology and so victim Jennifer was to be stopped filing a complaint about the gruesome sexual and psychological abuse of Gabe Wiliams.”

Child rapist Gabriel Williams
Scientology Sex Assault Nightmare
New York Post, 2 October 2005

A former Scientology staffer is breaking her silence about being sexually assaulted 100 times at ages 16 and 17 by the church supervisor [Gabriel Williams] she was “ordered” to live with, and then receiving threats and intimidating phone calls when she reported the abuse… In a related civil suit brought by Stewart against Williams and the church, she recently received as part of the settlement a “generous monetary resolution,” said her attorney. Although the church admitted no wrongdoing, it forked over about $700,000, sources say.

Donald Anthony Strawn
State of Florida v. Donald Anthony Strawn

A Scientologist by the name of Donald Anthony Strawn, also known as Tony Strawn, was convicted in 1995 to thirty years in prison for sexually molesting two girls, ages 11 and 13. The children were in his custodial care at the time. Scientology directed (under threat of expulsion) that the mother not report the incident to the proper authorities, because the church could “handle” his “aberration”.

Letter of Yolanda Howell to Dennis Erlich (auf Deutsch)

One little baby I knew in the Sea Org got herpes during a Cadet Org epidemic. A 14 year old girl disclosed to me how she and a few other little girls were leaving the Cadet Org in the daytime and performing sexual services for one of the girl’s uncles in exchange for money. A man who worked in the Cadet Org admitted he was sexually molesting the children. Although these incidents were written up, as far as I know they were never “handled.”

Sea Org = Scientology members who signed a billion year contract
Cadet Org = program for children so their Sea Org parents can get on with their business within the organization

Low Priority for Child Welfare By Adeline Dodd-Bova

These were the children of dedicated Scientologists. Students’ files revealed previous teachers’ statements of incidents of physical and sexual abuse. All of these cases were reported to the principal. The reports were “handled” by Scientology alone. Teachers dared not report these crimes on their own outside the school for fear of losing their jobs.

Ex-scientologists Jane Scott writes to John Ashcroft

What we did not know about when we took our son to Mace-Kingsley was that Wally Hanks was a pedophile who was engaged in illegal relations with at least one, or perhaps several, of the girls in his charge. One weekend when his younger brother and I went up see Jesse the Ranch it was in obvious turmoil and there appeared to be several new adults around. Jesse swore us to secrecy and then explained that one of the girls and her boyfriend had run away because she “freaked-out” about Wally’s sexually molesting her and her not wanting it to go on anymore.

Former Mace-Kingsley staffer Wally Hanks after his Mace-Kingsley time, started his own school for troubled Scientologist kids, the Hanks Ranch. In April 2004 a former student told of the time there in Little Ranch of Horrors II

Wally beat the shit out of me once for running his horse too hard. We had another whacked out vietnam vet who was clearly psychotic stay there for a few months, living in a tent out in the back of the property. On a camping/hunting trip to the Indian mines he completely lost his mind, took all his clothes off, grabbed a couple guns and took off into the desert. We found him a couple days later.

Kids torturing animals. Older kids making younger kids perform homosexual acts, on them. I’m sure there is tons more, but I’d have to sit and think about it.

Life aboard Scientology’s ship ‘The Apollo’ in 1968
Posting of Steve Manning 8 Mar 2000

Working twelve hour days for little or no money. Sleeping in over crowded dormitories with strange adults led to sexual abuse. And all this in the good name of Scientology. If any of you sick fucks who are in the business today can explain why this happened to me, especially while “God” himself was on board, I’ll be happy to


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2 Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in the Church of Scientology

  1. little nel says:

    Everybody knows that rich folks don’t sexually abuse children. Yea, right.

    Scientology has all the ear marks of a cult. Control, secrecy, and loyalty in exchange for money and relief from anxiety.

    L. Ron Hubbard suffered from paranoia for years before his death. His fear caused him to go into hiding in his old age.

    Scientology was supposed to alleviate anxiety and fear but it failed it’s founder.

    • Alethea says:

      “Scientology was supposed to alleviate anxiety and fear but it failed it’s founder.”

      That, in and of itself, is great testimony to how it does not heal anyone in a true way.

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