Former Investigator On JonBenet Ramsey Case Still Believes JonBenet Not Killed By Intruder

I have never believed it was an intruder who sexually abused the 6 year-old and murdered her.

Finding someone else’s DNA on the child means nothing. Sex crimes against children within the family often involve family friends or people who pay the parents to have sex with their child.

JonBenet’s own mother certainly had no problem showing her child off in public as a sex object. Why would it be any different, or even worse, behind closed doors?

John Mark Karr Due in Court Tuesday| John Mark Karr, JonBenet Ramsey

“It’s been almost 16 years since JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her family’s Boulder basement.

Now, James Kolar, a former lead investigator on the Ramsey case for the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, has written a book questioning the theory that an intruder was responsible for the 6-year-old’s murder.

In “Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?” Kolar draws upon his access to records, interviews, photos and video to make his argument against an intruder kidnapping JonBenet.

“My theory definitely went against an intruder,” Kolar said. “There was strong physical evidence that discounted the intruder theory as it existed.”

Kolar didn’t say who he thinks killed JonBenet, who was found dead Dec. 26, 1996. Police initially suspected family members, but a grand jury investigating the case was dismissed without indictments in 1999, citing a lack of evidence.

The title of Kolar’s book references the ransom note found in the Ramsey home, claiming to be written by a “small foreign faction.”

Kolar had been in law enforcement for 28 years before being assigned lead investigator on the Ramsey case under former DA Mary Lacy in 2004. Lacy publicly supported the intruder theory.

But in his book, Kolar talks about how cobwebs and glass indicate the basement window where an intruder was thought to have entered was never opened, and markings on JonBenet’s body were inconsistent with a stun gun some believed had been used in the kidnapping.

“I was kind of discouraged they didn’t want to pursue things I thought should be looked at,” Kolar said. “I was kind of discouraged the work I had done was not being received well.”

In 2006, he returned to be chief of the Telluride Marshal’s Department, the position he had held before going to the Boulder DA’s office.

“I left with the understanding and impression that the DA’s office was totally sold on the intruder theory in spite of the evidence I pointed to,” he said.

Investigators have pointed to unmatched DNA found on JonBenet as evidence of an intruder. Kolar said it’s “false hope to think DNA samples point to an actual perpetrator.”

“Too many people have hung their hat on that,” he said.

Kolar said he hoped fresh eyes on the case would lead to a breakthrough, even as he started writing the book three years ago.

“I was hoping this case would have been resolved, and this book would have been about how it was solved,” he said. “Unfortunately, that is not how it’s shaken out.”

Kolar said he used his familiarity with the case to correct some common misconceptions about the case.

“I think the facts in this book will move perception closer to the truth,” he said. “It’s definitely a lot more revealing than what’s been out there previously.”

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said Kolar sent him a copy of the book, and he’s read about 55 pages so far. Beckner was a commander in October 1997 when then-Chief Tom Koby assigned him to take over management of the Ramsey investigation.

Beckner said he doesn’t think Kolar’s theory will be new to anyone familiar with the case.

“I think, you know, if you go back to the history of this case, that has always been one of the theories of the case that has been investigated and been out there,” Beckner said. “So I don’t know why that is a surprise at this point.”

Beckner said the Ramsey case remains open but is not actively being investigated. Detectives follow up on fresh tips occasionally or look at evidence again when someone comes up with a new idea on how to approach it, he said.

“I’d classify it as a cold case,” Beckner said.”



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2 Responses to Former Investigator On JonBenet Ramsey Case Still Believes JonBenet Not Killed By Intruder

  1. shanakd9 says:

    I of course can’t say for sure, because I don’t know but there is no way that I believe that the Ramsey’s are innocent. That letter if no other reason smacks of guilt, and I also believe that the foreign DNA sure doesn’t prove that it was someone else responsible for her murder. She was definitely sexualized by her mother dressing her like a little prostitute. I read Patsy Ramsey’s book, and I didn’t pay for it! I got it from the library. It was all about Patsy and what a victim that she was. it only validated to me that she was involved in her daughter’s murder. The fact that it was on Christmas night only made it more ominous to me. How they got away with it stuns me.

  2. little nel says:

    “I’d classify it as a cold case,” Beckner said.”

    Is this another author who is exploiting JonBenet’s unsolved murder or financial gain?

    It stands to reason that if an intruder did not kill JonBenet then someone who had a key to her home or access to a key would be persons of interest.

    It is very hard to abduct and/or assault a child at home without any evidence of a break in.

    After reading the book, Miss America By Day, I am inclined to think that John Ramsey is the perp and Patsy is the silent partner, just like Marilyn’s parents who were never charged or prosecuted.

    Marilyn’s father emphasized her need to stay silent by holding a gun in his hands when she tried to talk to him about the incest. He had prepared himself in advance for the confrontation should it ever happen.

    She believed that he would kill her and himself before he would admit that he committed incest with her. The fear of public exposure was worse than death for him because he did not want to stop abusing little girls. He abused until he died.

    How we victims are manipulated to take on the guilt and fear of our abusers is classic “cloak and dagger” drama.

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