Child Born from Rape, Loved and Thriving

What a beautiful thing that this family, and the 14 year-old victim, decided to give this little girl life, and to not give her away.

“A local family is celebrating the second birthday of a little girl who was born out of a sexual assault.

Last year, 33-year-old Eric Alvarado was sentenced to fifteen years in prison after sexually assaulting his fourteen-year-old sister-in-law and getting her pregnant.

Robert Price explains why the family says there was no doubt they’d keep the child.

“She’s a very happy loved little girl. And she knows it,” says Dolores Sotomayor, grandmother of two-year-old Navaeh.

Her family calls her “Nini”. And though she’s two now, Saturday’s party at San Pedro Park is their first time to really celebrate her birthday.

“To celebrate her,” says Sotomayor. “To give thanks to God that we have her.”

This time last year, Navaeh’s family was just days away from the sentencing of the girl’s father, Eric Alvarado. The 33-year-old had already pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his wife’s fourteen-year-old sister. Investigators say he’d been molesting his sister-in-law since she was eleven, only getting caught after the fourteen-year-old became pregnant and gave birth to little Navaeh.

“I still strongly believe that had she not been born, my daughter to this day would still be molested,” said Sotomayor. “Because he had such a strong hold on her.”

Navaeh’s grandmother Dolores says a lot of people — including some in her family — told them they should give the girl up for adoption.

“I said, ‘No, this is my granddaughter. You know, regardless of how she was conceived, she’s our family.’”

Now, two years later, after a tragedy that, for a time, tore apart a family, Dolores says everyone agrees. Looking at little Navaeh — seeing her sing and laugh and dance –- they made the right decision.

“I can’t imagine my life without her. There’s still pain there, but we’re moving on. And it’s getting easier.”



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7 Responses to Child Born from Rape, Loved and Thriving

  1. little nel says:

    This story is refreshing. A little girl’s life has been cherished and accepted. It’s good to hear that a baby has not been rejected for the sins of the father.

  2. Nancy says:

    It is so beautiful that the family of this little girl loves her for her; and does not shame her for her father’s cruelty. The story implies family support for the young mother, as well. May she receive love and healing on all levels. I wonder what happens as the girl grows up and learns who her father is. Does he lose paternal rights? I hope so.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Nancy. I cannot imagine that he would have any rights to her.

      I LOVE your profile pic. One of the most incredible experiences I have ever had was when I swam with the dolphins in Hawaii, and felt one of their hearts beating. They are such loving creatures.

  3. mary says:

    Whether or not someone decides to keep a child of rape is decision I would never judge. I can’t even say for sure how id react getting pregnant by a rape. I will say for sure though that some of God’s greatest gifts can be born from the ugliest of circumstances. I have a friend who was brutually raped and her son resulted from that rape yet she loves that boy with all her heart and couldn’t imagine life without him. He is also the cleverest little toddler I’ve ever met with a huge personality.

    • Alethea says:

      Of course Mary, I agree with you 100%, but did it appear I was judging someone? (Just wondering why you mentioned that you would never judge).

      I just posted my feelings about the article and this family in particular.


      • mary says:

        No I wasn’t saying or trying to imply that you were, sorry if it seemed that way. I was just saying it for myself because abortion in general is a topic I try to have a strong stance and opinion on(I lean towards being against it) but when it comes to rape it is one of the few subjects that is difficult for me to formulate a black and white judgment on no matter how much information and how many different personal experiences I read about or know of in real life. I know the article didn’t even mention abortion but it’s the first thing that popped into my mind reading this article… since the victim is a minor, did she have a say at all in whether or not to go through with the pregnancy, cuz from the article it seems as if her parents made that decision for her?

        • Alethea says:

          Thanks for the clarification Mary.

          I don’t know if her parents did or not, but in the end, the mother’s soul is joyful that her little girl is alive and loved by so many people, and that the life of the child (the pregnancy) is what led to the rapist’s arrest and conviction.

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