Two Life Terms For “Mother” Guilty of Raping Her Infant Daughter

“A judge sentenced a Missouri woman to consecutive life prison terms for sexually assaulting her infant daughter along with a California man she met online.

Attorneys for 22-year-old Tessa Vanvlerah, of Ballwin, failed to persuade St. Louis County Circuit Judge Colleen Dolan to sentence their client Monday only to probation, because they argue that a psychological disorder is largely to blame for her crimes.

“Vanvlerah pleaded guilty in January to incest, statutory sodomy and statutory rape in the attacks against her daughter, who is 3 but who was 5 months old when the pair first attacked her.

The woman who fostered and then adopted the girl said initially, the girl would scream when anyone bathed her or changed her diaper. She still has night terrors and asks at each bedtime to make sure nobody else comes into the home.

However, she said the girl is improving day by day and “is no longer Tessa’s plaything and she is no longer Tessa’s child.”

Vanvlerah was arrested in 2010 following the arrest of 49-year-old Kenneth Kyle, a California State University East Bay professor, on child pornography charges. Along with hundreds of child porn images on Kyle’s computers, investigators found information that led them to the St. Louis area, where Kyle had visited Vanvlerah four times in five months since meeting online. During those visits, prosecutors say the pair had sex with the girl and each other at various hotels.

Kyle pleaded guilty to a federal child sexual abuse charge and was sentenced in March to 37½ years in prison.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Brooke Kraushaar testified at Vanvlerah’s sentencing hearing that Vanvlerah’s dependent-personality disorder caused her to participate in Kyle’s sexual fantasies, even though she knew sex acts involving the baby were wrong.”

I wish these psychologists and psychiatrists would stop placing a hospital gown over a pile of dog shit by labeling these women with silly terms invented merely for the purpose of excusing all of humanity from their own willed deviations against children.

I especially reject the so-called “diagnosis” which removes the blame from the woman and slaps it on the man.

“Kraushaar, who was hired by defense lawyers Brent Labovitz and Kevin Whiteley, described Vanvlerah as “a passive offender.” She said Vanvlerah was so afraid of being rejected by others that she also allowed Kyle to choke, burn and urinate on her.”

People-pleasers fear being rejected by others. It is a sadomasochist who enjoys being choked, burned, and urinated on. In addition, it is women who get off on child sexual abuse -in order to please their man- who end up sexually abusing children…not someone who is afraid of rejection by others!

Yes, I know, she was probably sexually abused herself as a child. I don’t care! When you choose to rape your own daughter, all bets are off.

“But assistant prosecutor Kathi Alizadeh disputed the diagnosis, pointing out that Vanvlerah exercised free will in electronic communications with another man. Vanvlerah carved her nickname for the man, “Lord Nikon,” into her skin at his request, the prosecutor said, but drew the line at one of his suggestions involving bestiality.

Alizadeh said police learned that Vanvlerah and another man, from Avon, Mo., exchanged child porn and discussed plans for him to come to St. Louis to have sex with the infant, but it was never acted upon.”


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5 Responses to Two Life Terms For “Mother” Guilty of Raping Her Infant Daughter

  1. peter nile says:

    The trouble is that woman have a way of being more cunning and people dont think that mother’s will do such a evil act on there daughter ,the is 69 per-cent of female have sexual act’s with there own child and other’s of friend’s .and people do not suspect a thing ,now if it was a male hanging around with a little girl ,people would be talking and making allegations ,but because its a woman ,it seems to be ok for people not to think there is anything going on with the mother and daughter ,and this is what am putting this point across ,that it’s not always the man that is the monster as the public put it ,, in U.S.A alone there is 69 per-cent of female;s abusing children more than man or male

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Peter,

      “69 per-cent of female have sexual act’s with there own child and other’s of friend’s”

      Any chance you have a reference for that 69 percent? I fully believe it, but would need a reference to be taken seriously if I quote it.

  2. Anna says:

    I have nothing helpful to add. This woman IS absolutely responsible for what SHE did, and what she allowed to be done, to her defenceless baby. I’m sure she is personality disordered, but that does not IN ANY WAY reduce her responsibility. The sentence is fitting.

  3. little nel says:

    This is a woman who would abuse her infant daughter and allow another man to do the same, but said, “No” to sex acts involving animals. She is not passive or afraid of rejection because she used the “N-word,” NO, when given the option of including animals in their trysts. She has preferences.

    She is cruel and evil to do that to her own baby. She has earned the right to be locked up and never have the opportunity to have another baby and torture it like that again.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  4. psychospiritualfun says:

    Thanks for this blog…people need to at least know that these things are going on.

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