“I Just Didn’t Care”…Mother Says About Her Nine Year-Old Daughter Being Raped

What more can I say? The only “good” thing about this case is the mother is serving 30 years in prison, but her child will serve a lifetime. The emotional suffering and psychosomatic symptoms that are felt by a person whose mother did not care about them being raped, is usually a lifetime sentence of hell. I know firsthand.

Thanks be to God I am no longer serving that sentence because I found help and rescued my own inner child.

“Mary Perry and her husband Christopher Scott Perry allowed a registered sex offender to live in their home, where their nine-year-old daughter lived as well. Not only did they allow this man to live under their roof but they allowed him to sleep in the same room as their child. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when the little girl began complaining about “Uncle Robert” sexually abusing her, both Mary and her hubby turned a blind eye and an uncaring ear to her pleas for help.

The mother of the victim, who was recently sentenced to 30 years for child neglect and conspiracy to sexual battery on a child, said that they never did anything to stop the abuse of their daughter because she “just didn’t care.” Yes, you read that right—she “just didn’t care.”

Robert Goeing Young, a registered sex offender, slept in the same bed as their nine-year-old daughter and “repeatedly sexually assaulted her,” according to documents. The child even alleges that she was even locked in the room with the man at one point, with her parents locking her bedroom door from the outside.

This seems like it was beyond “just not caring” about the repeated sexual assault of a child. It reeks of more than just complacency. The details of this story look as though the parents encouraged it and forced the child to endure it.”



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5 Responses to “I Just Didn’t Care”…Mother Says About Her Nine Year-Old Daughter Being Raped

  1. little nel says:

    Hi Dana,

    I am so sorry about the suffering that you endured as a child.

    My first thought when I read about this child’s abuse, was the parents were paid to do what they did.

  2. danajoward says:

    It makes you wonder if the parents took money to allow him to do this to her daughter. This is what happened to me, except is was a family member who paid them to have me for himself. Well written post.

  3. Miracle says:

    How horrible can a mother be? If this little girl can find love from a mother figure now she may be able to get the help that she needs to not get over this but to maybe understand and move on. I do not know this child but I love her. I only hope that she knows that she is as innocent as a little lady bug and that with the right support system she can have a life and walk out of her own prison that her own mother put her in. As for mom I hope she rots in prison, and that all she hears in her head is her babies voice asking for her help.

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