Sex Offender and Victim’s Mother Arrested

Story after story…..mothers allowing their children to be sexually abused.

The purpose of posting this article is to keep people aware that some mothers don’t care if their child is raped.

“COPAKE, N.Y. – The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says a sex offender has been arrested for sexually touching a child, and the child’s mother has also arrested for letting the child visit knowing he was a sex offender.

The Sheriff’s Office says Level 2 Sex Offender 47-year-old Kevin Hawver, of Viewmont Road in Copake, was arrested the night of Sept. 28th after a report to the NYS Child Abuse Hotline initiated an investigation by Child Protective Services and the Sheriff.

Officers found during the months of August and September 2012 Hawver touched the private area of a 5-year-old male relative who had been visiting him. He has been charged with Sexual Abuse 1st-degree, Forcible Touching and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

The sex offender registry shows Hawver was arrested in 1998 for sodomizing a 16-year-old boy.

The young boy’s mother, whose identity will not be released to protect the identity of the child, was also arrested. The Sheriff’s Office says the boy told his mother what happened and she continued to let him go back and visit Hawver’s residence.

The mother was arrested on Sept. 28th for Endangering the Welfare of a Child and remanded to the Columbia County Jail in lieu of $3,500 cash or $7,000 bail bond.

Hawver was remanded to the county jail without bail.”




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4 Responses to Sex Offender and Victim’s Mother Arrested

  1. Miracle says:

    I sit here and as I read your blog (religiously) I hear my 2 year old daughter and my 10 year old son playing and laughing and wanting snacks and wanting this and that and I am so happy that they belong to me! As a child I had a very traumatic experience that I have written about once before on your site, and it makes my stomach turn and my head hurt to try and think of how a mother could put there very own child on the same path that leads to a child molestor as well as a rapist (the 16 year old male that he was charged with sodomizing was rape in my opinion) and then ignore his/her pleas for help. These women are equally responsible for the terror that their own children are suffering during and after the violations of their minds and bodies. It also makes me think that it will never stop. I read the other day a comment that a very sick male made and because I do not know the full story I will not name names but this man said; Over 8 is to late! I am sure that everyone can read this and understand the depravity. Will it ever stop or will it become the norm to have an 11 year old on your arm? These takers of innocence (men and women) and givers of nightmares and emptiness have to be stopped. What can I do to help, I protect my own two children with iron will power but what about the other ones who have no one, how can I help them? I would like to say that I believe that you Alethea are making a difference and I do not enjoy reading what is happening to the innocent of our world but I do know that someone needs to say it and put it out there for others to start acknowledging the sickness that is all around us. I know a few people myself who would rather just pretend that adults do not rape children, well, THEY DO!

    • Alethea says:

      Well written comment Miracle. Thank you, are you a writer?

      “These women are equally responsible for the terror that their own children are suffering during and after the violations of their minds and bodies.”

      Amen to that.

      “I will not name names but this man said; Over 8 is to late!”

      That wasn’t on my Blog was it?

      • little nel says:

        The chant of an organization in the seventies that I remember was, “Sex before eight or it’s too late.”

        They were an organization that touted the benefits of male/male child lovers.

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