Testimonials On How To Free Yourself From Depression, Addictions, Illness and Fear

The video below was taken many years ago, but it was just uploaded to YouTube, and thankfully so.  The testimonials in the video offer proof that my therapist has helped many more people than just myself to heal from serious issues. These are only a few of the individuals who have had their lives transformed, and medical conditions healed, by Ysatis De Saint-Simone, my therapist.

Most of the people in the video began the therapy because they were afraid all the time, were “traumatized” people, had no self-worth or goals, or they were “sick and didn’t care if they died.” Several of them speak of how they stopped smoking and lost weight through the therapy.

As one client put it, he knew something was wrong with him inside, but did not know what it was until he began the therapy and realized that he had blocked out significant parts of his childhood, due to an alcoholic mother.

Another young male describes how he was sexually impotent when he began the therapy, and had no desire for sex at all. He talks about how he overcame this problem within one month of the therapy.  Meanwhile, many men are having surgery or taking dangerous prescription drugs for impotency.

A female client describes how she began the therapy because she was looking for peace of mind. She was “drained by life,” and had no goals except to make money and she didn’t care if she died.

As one man puts it in the video, he was “afraid to experience life and to be free.” He talks about how the therapy liberates people from neurosis and fear.

Another man talks about how he used to sleep all the time in order to “check out” from life. Now he is full of energy and doesn’t need much sleep.

Each client talks about how they didn’t want to face life and were full of fear and low self-worth when they began the therapy. They talk of pretending to be fine to the outside world, while suffering inside and not wanting to go on. Each of them speaks of the tremendous changes in their life from the benefits of the therapy, and how their co-workers noticed their changes and how those changes made them better at their career.

Each of the people discuss how safe, gentle, and natural the therapy is, without the use of drugs, and that the therapy caused dramatic improvement within the first few sessions. One woman even mentioned how clear her skin became with having the therapy.

As one of the male clients explains about drug addiction, “no one ever deals with what is being escaped from…they just say ‘drugs are bad,’ or ‘don’t use drugs,’ but this therapy gets to the root of drug addiction.”

The testimonials in the video show that this therapy is a self-liberating process that is nothing like mainstream psychiatric practices.

As one man put it, he was afraid to look into his past, but he knew something was wrong with him. Most people do not want to look into their past, if it means facing hidden pain, but doing so can liberate a person.

See for yourself:

In the future, I am going to make a video testimonial about my own experience with this therapy. I need to find someone with a video camera and some time on their hands who doesn’t mind helping me.

I do not post this information for self-gain. My therapist does not even ask me to do this. I do it because I suffered so much and want to help other people to stop suffering and to experience life. I use my Blog to give out her information because there is so much suffering and addiction out there, but no real help. Drugs, surgery, “move on with your life,” “let it go,” and mainstream psychologists do not help anyone to truly liberate themselves, or to heal illness and disease.

More information about Ysatis and the therapy process can be found at these links:



Please contact me for her telephone number:  sanjuanangel7@yahoo.com

Remember that the therapy can be done over the telephone, and most clients prefer it that way.


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3 Responses to Testimonials On How To Free Yourself From Depression, Addictions, Illness and Fear

  1. Susan says:

    I inquired about Dr. De Saint-Simone and you were kind enough to send contact information. I just want to let you (and your readers) know the reason I have not yet contacted her. I decided to first try using EMDR with my current therapist. Though that technique had already helped me to process the abuse memories that are somewhat less severe, I did not think I had enough detail with which to make progress using EMDR on the memories that were more deeply repressed. However, the EMDR revealed an amazing level of detail. I encourage survivors who are seeking clarity on their memories but are hesitant to try hypnosis to find a counselor who is trained in EMDR. You stay fully alert during the process, so trust issues are less likely to be a problem. I still may contact Dr. De Saint-Simone in the future, but wanted to share my beneficial experience with EMDR. Thanks for hosting this blog. It is greatly helpful on many levels.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Susan,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Although very effective for *some* people, the therapy that Dr. De Saint-Simone uses can help *all* people with the exception of those with schizophrenia, and a few other things.

      EMDR really only treats trauma, and anything that treats trauma quickly is suspicious to me, because until the original sensitizing event is recalled by the person, the symptoms will always return. The original event is usually not consciously recalled by the patient, and unless the EMDR brings the original yet-unrecalled trauma out during a session, the person will always suffer in some way from that original event.

      EMDR also does not treat medical problems like Dr. De Saint-Simone does. She has healed people with asthma, lung infections, kidney stones, a breast lump, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, gout, and a whole host of other medical problems over 35 years in practice.

      Also, she does not practice hypnosis. She practices hypnoanalysis, which is quite different. And the patient with Dr. De Saint-Simone is fully alert. They are not “under” or asleep in the state of hypnoanalysis therapy.

      Best wishes,

  2. little nel says:

    Hi Alethea,

    I have been in therapy for about 3 months now with Dr. de Saint-Simone.

    I had no idea how much childhood trauma I had “saved and stored” in my mind and body until it was brought out in therapy. What a relief it has been to be able to discard all that craziness and put it back on the people who did the evil deeds and realize the truth revealed about them and me in our relationship.

    The pain and anger had distorted my perspective and now things are becoming clearer in my mind about the events that caused that distortion and my lifelong depression coupled with intense nightmares. The smug mocking, the violence, the exploitation, and the cold indifference to my pain, have all been exposed, examined, and given back to the ones who initiated all that destruction on my little girl’s soul and body with their “bully” mentality.

    I consider myself a fortunate one these days because a solution has been forthcoming that was custom made for me and fitted for my needs like a breath of fresh air.

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