Baby Gabriel’s Mother: The Human Face of Evil

In case you are unaware of this story, Elizabeth Johnson is standing trial in the disappearance of her infant son, Gabriel, who was taken by Elizabeth to get back at Gabriel’s father for his interest in other women.

The couple’s relationship was rocky when Elizabeth decided the way to get back at her boyfriend would be to take his boy out of state and threaten the child’s life. Gabriel’s 3rd birthday was in April.

Elizabeth is standing trial on charges of kidnapping, custodial interference, and conspiracy to commit custodial inference. The case might go to the jury today.

“She wants to get back at Logan, and she is upset, and she uses the one thing that would hurt Logan more than anything,”

Elizabeth Johnson Trial

Johnson, 26, plead not guilty to the charges. She faces up to 27 years in prison if convicted.

I am blown away that Elizabeth Johnson was not charged with child neglect, child endangerment, and aggravated child abuse.

Johnson told the boy’s father, Logan McQueary, that she killed Gabriel and put his body in a garbage dump. She then told authorities that she gave the boy to some unknown strangers in a park in some back alley type of child adoption scheme.

Baby Gabriel has not been found or seen since, and the mystery couple has never been identified, nor has Johnson disclosed any information to the police that would help find Gabriel.

If she did not kill her child, then she heartlessley gave him to some strangers in a park who could very well be sexually abusing the child, or who sold him to child sex traffickers. The people who took Gabriel could have taken him off to a foreign country where he is being physically abused, starved or worse.

I am totally perplexed over why prosecutors chose not to charge her with child abuse and child endangerment.

The face of this woman is why I call this Blog “Evil Sits at the Dinner Table.”


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20 Responses to Baby Gabriel’s Mother: The Human Face of Evil

  1. mary says:

    What I’ve noticed about the body language in photos of baby gabriel and elizabeth johnson and casey anthony with little caylee is the disconnection between mother and child in the photo. They’re smiling for the camera but something doesn’t look right. It’s like the child is merely a prop in a photo to these women. Can’t sense a feeling of genuine motherly love and warmth in the photos.

    • Alethea says:

      Right on Mary! You hit it. I have always felt the same way, a prop. I just never knew how to express my suspicions in words.

      Good observation.

      • little nel says:

        Hi Mary,

        I took a good look at some of the photos and you are right. The baby is just a prop like a box of soap or a TV dinner in a commercial. The “mothers” are the stars who want to shine.

  2. Shana Dines says:

    Kind of like Casey Anthony. If they would have been ugly and fat maybe they wouldn’t have gotten off. Just a thought. Pretty people have it a lot easier getting away with shit.

  3. Shana Dines says:

    Horrible, I don’t understand it either. Maybe they think that she is too “pretty?” Makes me crazy.

    • Alethea says:

      You might be right Shana. Remember the blond woman, Debra Lefave? Her attorney said she was too pretty to go to prison.

  4. little nel says:

    Elizabeth has proven by her words and deeds that she is manipulative, selfish, vindictive, and deadly. This is a woman that cannot be trusted with a baby ever because she has no normal maternal instincts to protect her child.

    She will stop at nothing to get her point across to a man, even if it means killing her baby after numerous threats and lies.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Two things you never do with a sociopath – Never marry one and never have a child with one. I failed on the second one, now my son gets mentally abused so as to keep my son away from the right to be with his father.

  6. Casey says:

    You would think the guy would have made sure NOT to get this crazy woman pregnant.

    I hope this child is alive, somewhere safe. Perhaps living with a loving family on some farm in middle America. Playing in the field, catching frogs, and just having a great life. I know this isn’t true deep down inside, but, for my sanity, I imagine that is his life.

    • Where does all of the information come from ? I have heard tales spun by men who threatened the mothers of their children, they are always trying to defend their abusive nature by blaming it on the CRAZY mother… I do not know EITHER PERSON, but, I know a lot of men LIE about the way they treat women, especially if they run around with more than one, they do whatever it takes to keep their “freedom” even after they father a child. It is more likely he THREATENED to take her child if she didn’t do, or STOP doing something… and that is why she took the extreme action that she did… I am with you… this child is growing up with a loving family member somewhere away from the threats and abuse, and the mother is the protector who put him there… that is my prayer, for all of them, and IF I AM RIGHT, we should find out someday, if we are wrong, we will know the truth sooner, or later…

      • Alethea says:

        This case is 3 years old. There are ample amounts of news reports on the entire history. There is a tremendous amount of evidence against Elizabeth, including her own words and actions. There is a conviction against the woman who was trying to take baby Gabriel from his father, with the help of Elizabeth. There was zero evidence in that trial of any bad actions on Logan’s part….

        Research the case for yourself if you want.

    • Alethea says:

      Casey, it is quite possible that she behaved somewhat normally when they began to date. Why are you blaming the man? And ultimately, it’s the woman who has to be in charge of the birth control. A woman can lie her ass off about being on birth control. I personally feel that a stable marriage, and people knowing one another for a long time, should proceed procreation….but no person is certain to be free of craziness.

      I’m sorry, but based on the evidence in the case, your fantasy world can’t be true.

      • Casey says:

        Wasn’t trying to blame the father. :-/

        I realize my “fantasy” isn’t true. It’s my way of not having to think about that poor child rotting somewhere. I’m sorry if I’d rather imagine him somewhere happy and healthy.

        • Alethea says:

          Don’t be sorry for feeling the way you do. It’s your right to feel any way you like. I just prefer to live life in reality rather than fantasy. I feel our world would be much better off if human beings did not try to escape so much. Sorry if I seemed perturbed earlier. I was having a sort of bad evening. Peace.

          • Casey says:

            It’s not a problem. It’s just how I have always dealt with things. If I looked at everything with a constant realistic look, I would drive myself bonkers. It’s bad enough I was bullied to the point I take it out on myself through OCD, that is something that made me start to fantasize about happier places for myself. I’d have killed myself otherwise. Having to imagine what these poor children have gone through by the hands of their own family, especially their mothers, is too hard. So I think of a nice place they’re at, that’s far, far away from their monster parents.

            I’m crazy, but at least it’s a good crazy.

      • Casey says:

        As for me blaming the father, which I wasn’t trying to do, there’d have to have been some kind of signs she was unstable. But, when you’re in love, you tend to ignore people’s faults. Yes, she should have used birth control, but there’s also a condom. Had he not intended to have a child with her, he could have been extra protective. It wouldn’t be the first time a woman got pregnant in an attempt to keep the man from leaving them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am thinking because there is no evidence with baby missing and they have no evidence of what she did.

  8. danajoward says:

    This is a sad sad story that sounds like it won’t end well. Thank you for sharing 😉

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