Elizabeth Johnson Will Walk Free, Just Like Casey Anthony

We are living in an age where good-looking young women can get away with child abuse and child murder because jurors seem to identify with these kind of women. Or the jury felt that because Elizabeth Johnson (like Casey Anthony) is so attractive, it means she ‘couldn’t possibly’ have murdered or otherwise harmed her child.

Or maybe these jurors live in a fantasy la la land, where they only want to consider Baby Gabriel as frolicking in the backyard of some loving couple’s home in middle America.

“The jury has found Elizabeth Johnson guilty of conspiracy to commit custodial interference, custodial interference and unlawful imprisonment in the disappearance of her son Gabriel.

Jurors couldn’t reach a verdict on the most serious charge, kidnapping.

They deliberated for about a day and a half.

Elizabeth Johnson is the Valley mother who ran off to San Antonio, TX, with her 8-month-old son Gabriel Johnson in December 2009. He has not been seen since.

Attorneys wrapped up their closing arguments on Tuesday and the jury began deliberation on Wednesday morning.

Prosecutors told jurors that Elizabeth Johnson was angry and determined to “get back” at the child’s father, Logan McQueary. The couple had recently broken up and McQueary was granted joint custody.

Prosecutors said that Elizabeth Johnson wanted to give the child up for adoption, but when McQueary refused, Elizabeth Johnson took the child to Texas without McQueary’s permission.

“She wants to get back at Logan, and she is upset, and she uses the one thing that would hurt Logan more than anything,” prosecutor Angela Andrews said.”

Because there is little jail time for these convictions, Elizabeth will probably walk free with time-served, just like Casey Anthony.



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11 Responses to Elizabeth Johnson Will Walk Free, Just Like Casey Anthony

  1. Your New Leader says:

    Beautiful to whom? That’s the fucking media calling them that because I don’t see any of these women beautiful. Im a man and I just guess its me. Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder so keep holding. America is brainwashed!

  2. little nel says:

    We still don’t know where baby Gabriel is, do we?

    This trial is about Elizabeth not Gabriel. Beautiful, young, and thin with her whole life ahead of her is the overriding theme here.

    Logan and Gabriel were the stresses that sent her over the edge is what the focus is, not Gabriel’s final fate or Elizabeth’s motives.

    Revenge is the motive and if I had the chance to justify my motive and be validated by a jury, and get probation, like Casey Anthony did, then I would take the ticket to ride on the gravy train and feel that justice was served, just like the Anthony’s did and not dispute the ethics or call into question the decision.

    • Alethea says:

      No one knows where he is. But if good, loving people had him in this country, they would have given him back to his father. I fear that she really did kill him, or that she handed him off to people who took him across the boarder into Mexico, or beyond, where God knows what is happening to him now.

      • little nel says:

        I would think that a baby boy like Gabriel would bring a lot of happiness to a loving couple and that they would pay any price for him, but I too fear that she killed him for revenge.

        • Alethea says:

          But Little Nel, a “loving” couple would have done the loving thing by now and given Gabriel back to his biological father.

          • Alethea says:

            Or better yet, anyone who is an upright and moral person would not have done an illegal adoption. Logan did not sign the rights over to anyone, nor did he want to. A loving and ethical couple would have wondered why it had to be an illegal adoption and investigated where the father is.

            • little nel says:

              If Elizabeth lied to an agency or couple about Gabriel’s real identity and she came across as credible with a believable story such as an incest and fear for her life, she could have pulled it off like Casey Anthony did. Lying is a powerful tactic when you enjoy the benefits of lying to get your own way.

              Revenge is a powerful motive.

  3. Sue Morel says:

    This is why people cannot be arrested until there is NO DOUBT that there will be a conviction. People often wonder what is taking the police so long to arrest someone, but they don’ understand that they want to be SURE they can get the person found guilty. You can’t be charged twice for the same crime. God Bless the child.

    • Alethea says:

      Sue, I think there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Casey Anthony would be convicted, but she wasn’t. I think the problem is the jury system.

      • Alethea says:

        The jury pool has changed over the past few decades. There used to be people with a higher code of ethics, and better morals than there is now. The jury pool now consists of selfish people, and people who have been made stupid by TV shows and the mainstream news media. It consists of more degenerate people, and people who have decided that it’s not okay to “judge” anyone. The pool often has uneducated people and criminals, or people who have family members that are criminals. Professional jurors might be the only solution at this point in time.

        • little nel says:

          What I see in the jury pool is plainly “jury tampering” by the lawyers. A jury of your peers is a thing of the past because people today can’t look at the facts and make a reasonable decision about the guilt or innocence of a defendant because of all the distortion of the facts and the intentional ambiguity of the evidence as it is presented in court.

          Confusing the jury seems to be the goal these days of most defense lawyers and it works for them.

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