Sandusky Victim “Number One” Brings Truth To Light

Aaron Fisher, also known as “victim number one,” writes in his new book, Silent No More, that “Sarge” (Dottie Sandusky’s nickname), “never went down to the basement.”

The basement is where Sandusky raped and sexually abused Fisher and many other boys who were there for “sleepovers.”

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“Fisher, who was known publicly for a year only as Victim 1, put aside anonymity Friday to speak about his ordeal as a child, telling ABC’s “20/20” he had contemplated suicide because authorities took so long to prosecute Sandusky, nearly three years after he and his mother first alerted school officials.

The Associated Press bought an early copy of Fisher’s book, which is being published next week.

Fisher wrote that in an early warning sign, while swimming together he felt Sandusky’s hand on his crotch a “little too long.” During car rides, he said, Sandusky had him sit up front and would put his hand on the boy’s thigh.

Fisher said he began spending nights at the Sandusky home in State College, about 30 miles from his own home in Lock Haven, when he was 11. He said kissing and back rubbing during those overnight visits progressed to oral sex. He said he tried to distance himself from Sandusky, to no avail.”

In 2008, at age 15, after years of molestation and oral rape, Aaron finally broke down and told his school principle that Jerry was sexually abusing him. His mother was called to the principle’s office, and when she was told about the accusations, she said, “we need to call the police.  The school principle told Aaron’s mother to “go home and think about it.”

Aaron’s mother said, “Go home and think about what?”

According to ABC News, the principle and other staff members told her, “Jerry has a heart of gold, he wouldn’t do those kind of things.”

Getting no help from the school, Aaron’s mother went to Child Youth Services, and they believed Aaron. They called the school principle and asked her to keep Sandusky away from kids, but the school made it clear to CYS that they were trying to get his mother to drop the allegations. Jerry Sandusky had been given the benefit of the doubt.

Eventually, because of CYS, the state police was notified, but prosecutors never arrested Sandusky, who painted Aaron as a troubled kid and the case was dropped. The prosecutors didn’t want to put one child up against Sandusky, who was known as a “saint.” Prosecutors felt they needed more victims in order to arrest Sandusky.

Needed more victims? One is not enough? Aaron’s suffering is not enough for them?

Well, I guess they got the rest of their victims didn’t they? Isn’t it just tragic irony that by letting the case be dropped, the victims they “needed” were subsequently produced by their lack of action?

When no arrest was made, Aaron contemplated suicide.

“I thought maybe it would be easier to take myself out of the equation,” he told ABC. “Let somebody else deal with it.”

The principle who ignored and denied Aaron’s accusation, is still the principle at the school.

“In the book, Fisher describes the moment when he told the principal and a guidance counselor Sandusky had molested him: “All the color when out of their faces. I wouldn’t give them any details, because it was so embarrassing to tell that kind of stuff to women.”

I hate to write this because Aaron’s mother took action when she found out her son was being sexually abused by Sandusky…but Aaron’s mom says that when Jerry Sandusky began to take Aaron to his home for sleepovers, her mothering instincts made her skeptical about it, but she was a single mom, and Sandusky convinced her that it would relieve her of some of her stress.

How many times do mothers ignore their instincts because they are over-worked, stressed-out and need a break?

Mothers, never ignore your instincts when an adult wants to spend a lot of time with your children –even if it is someone you think you know, and someone who appears outwardly “good.”

Evil can wear the face of a “saint.”


ABC. 20/20, Oct 19, 2012

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16 Responses to Sandusky Victim “Number One” Brings Truth To Light

  1. manuela says:

    I love Aaron’s mother despite the fact that she ignored her instincts – maybe she just thought that the boy needs a paternal figure in his life, since there was no father around. Maybe I would have done the same thinking that the inner voice is somehow a masked feeling of “possession”, feeling that does no good for both parties (mom and child).
    She is Don Quijote to me.
    Don’t get me wrong, but after all the examples that you post regarding the “mothers” who allows sexual abuse, this woman is a breath of fresh air – there is still hope.

  2. grace says:

    So sad and tragic makes you wonder if the whole lot of them were in it. A defenseless child as ks for help it took alot of courage to report it and YOU do nothing about it?? This is just the tip of the iceberg I wouldnt be suprised if he was also procuring these children for some of his like minded friends SHAME

  3. shanakd9 says:

    He had his hand on his crotch, “a little too long?” Excuse me at all is too long. I saw him on 20 20 and was infuriated at how Aaron was treated, they wonder why kids don’t tell. Thank God he has a mother that stood by him, or he would have committed suicide for sure. I have to wonder too where the nickname Sarge came from for Dorothy? She should be sitting right along side Sandusky in prison.

    The school principle should be fired and serve time too for hiding this crime. God this all pisses me off so much! Thank God that Aaron told! I hope and pray that he can continue to recover what he and so many have been through is an abomination.

    • little nel says:

      Hi Shana,

      You said exactly what I was thinking. Victim #1 and his mother are courageous souls who deserve a big paycheck for all the abuses and lack of action from all the ones who didn’t back them.

    • Alethea says:

      I agree Shana, 20/20 did not do a good interview with Aaron. The editing seemed calculated to make Aaron out to be something he is not.

  4. little nel says:

    Off topic but noteworthy,

    Dateline had a program on the cheerleader turned teacher who seduced her 17 year-old student, who was 8 years younger than her.

    When she talked all I could think of was what “Jerry the saint” said, “In my heart I know that I did nothing wrong.”

    She had the same mindset and attitude. She believed that even though she knew what she was doing was illegal, immoral, and unethical that she was justified by her love for this student and her emotional investment in this young man.

    She got five years probation and she could never teach school again.

    Dateline did follow up and interviewed her and her student lover who was now going on to college. He was so smitten with her and she was so focused on herself.

    She abused a position of trust and it wasn’t a big deal to her because she got the boy of her high school dreams. He was “the man on campus” and she had his undivided love and attention.

  5. mary says:

    He contemplated suicide. All his sexual abuse victims mustve contemplated suicide seeing their rapist have freedom while they suffered in the prisons of their trauma even after having contacted the police. What makes me sad is, how many of the unreported victims actually committed suicide as a result of sandusky’s abuse. His victims from his second mile charity had most likely suffered enough prior abuse only to again, from an organization that was supposed to help them, be put through more abuse. The scope of how evil that is…. and how people could ignore it. It’s unbelievable. I don’t understand how whole schools and communities can ignore what was happening and still go on functioning the way they do like everything was fine and dandy.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks for the comment Mary.

      “I don’t understand how whole schools and communities can ignore what was happening and still go on functioning the way they do like everything was fine and dandy.”

      The same way so many mothers ignore what is happening in their own home, and still go on functioning as if everything is fine and dandy.

      • little nel says:

        Who wants to believe a “troubled” child when a man like Jerry Sandusky is so cunning, manipulative, and secret on the inside and so “saintly” in his public persona?

        Jerry picked his victims with great care. Single mothers are vulnerable because their need to be relieved from stress is so great and their responsibilities are so demanding. “Jerry the saint” offered a much needed respite. Who could argue with that?

        How ineffective this mother must have felt when she tried to get help for her son and so many people rallied around Jerry and protected him choosing to believe that her son was a liar.

        I’m surprised that this mother wasn’t suicidal along with her son.

        The school principle who was told of the abuse should face charges of child endangerment and obstruction of justice. A person like that has no business being in charge of a school full of children.

      • mary says:

        I bet Sandusky paid off some school officials and authorities to stay quiet. The harsh reality is that a lot of people are indifferent to the corruption around them so long as the cash is flowing. A lot of women are like that. There should be a degrogatory term out there for the kind of women who stand by these men who molest their children because they are more attached to the men and the financial security they provide.

        • Alethea says:

          “There should be a degrogatory term out there for the kind of women who stand by these men who molest their children because they are more attached to the men and the financial security they provide.”

          Ooh, I love this Mary. I would like to come up with something good. Any suggestions anyone?

          • mary says:

            I can’t really think of anything. But if the worst kind of woman you can be is a “slut”, I really think that term should be used for women who would stoop so low as to offer their children instead of refering to promiscuous women because I believe the kind of female that allows their children to be sexually abused for either a man’s money or love are far worse . A real woman would die for her children. A real mother would suffer before allowing her children to suffer. Isn’t it funny how feminists will attempt to reclaim the word “slut” when it really is a terrible thing to be.

            • Alethea says:

              Hi Mary. I understand what you are feeling. But I don’t personally feel that prostitutes and “sluts” are anyone to consider bad or as lower than others. They are only hurting themselves and the vast majority of them were sexually abused as a children.

              I think the mothers who allow their children to be raped and abused are pimps. Pimp mothers.

              • mary says:

                That’s why I’m saying a promiscuous woman really shouldn’t be referred to with a word as ugly as “slut”. I really hate how the word “pimp” has a positive connotation in popular culture. Why is it that those who get used have the uglier word. While the ones who profit off the suffering of others get glamorized. They’re nothing but sharks. Shark mothers.

          • little nel says:

            Women who exploit and offer up their children in exchange for money, a home, and job security are mercenaries.

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