Help Find Jessica’s Killer

The body of ten year-old Jessica Ridgeway, of Colorado, was found last week a few miles from her home. Jessica disappeared the week before, while walking to school.

“We’ve released the information and contacted the family to let them know this information is being released publicly,” Materasso said, seeming to refer to the revelation that the body was dismembered.”

Jessica’s parents have been excluded as suspects in the death of their child, and now police have a possible DNA match to a suspect. They also have a cross that was left as evidence.

“The Jessica Ridgeway killer appears to be trying to communicate with police knowingly or unconsciously by leaving behind a cross at one of the three sites associated with the young girl’s abduction and murder. On Monday reported that law enforcement officials are once again asking for the public’s help in finding the person who purchased, made or wore the cross depicted in the press release photos by Westminster Police.

Authorities are looking for someone who may carry or wear this type of cross, may have recently purchased one of these, or is known to have some association with one….

From a profiling standpoint, the three markings on one side could depict the killer was using the cross to keep count of something, like the number of his victims—or the number of days he had her in his control.

He could have lost the item at the scene inadvertently or purposefully left it behind. But given that police are making it clear that they think the unusual-shaped item has some significance to Jessica’s killer, then the fact that they found the cross points more to his leaving it at the site on purpose; for them.

And that indicates he is still toying with police, as they suspected he was doing when the child’s backpack was found on a sidewalk, in the opposite geographical direction of where her remains were eventually found, miles apart.”

“The cross found by police was described as being 1.5-inches tall and 1-inch wide. And it has a hole precisely drilled in the top portion, to accommodate wearing it as a necklace. Click here for photos of the cross.”

It’s a fairly unique cross, so let’s try to catch this monster.

Anyone with information is asked to come forward by contacting the Westminster Police Department at (303) 658-4436


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5 Responses to Help Find Jessica’s Killer

  1. little nel says:

    As I read about cases like this, I think, I hope they catch the monster who did this. Jessica Ridgeway did nothing to deserve what happened to her.

    My heart goes out to her parents and friends who are left asking themselves, “Why did this happen?”

    I hope that the perp who killed Jessica wasn’t another parole who was let out of jail because of “good” behavior and a false confession of belief in God.

  2. danajoward says:

    I thank you for keeping the public informed. I don’t live in Colorado, but my heart goes out to the family of that beautiful little girl. She is gone too soon. I will share this information with other sites. ❤

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