Jessica Ridgeway Murder: Father of Accused Killer Releases Statement

“Jefferson County officials say his DNA ties him to the murder of Jessica Ridgeway. Jessica disappeared on her way to school Oct. 5. Part of her body was discovered Oct. 10 in a field near Pattridge Park Open Space in Arvada.

Sigg is being held without bail on suspicion of first-degree murder and kidnapping in Jessica’s case and with criminal attempt to kidnap and murder in a Memorial Day attack on a female jogger at Ketner Lake. He turned himself in Oct. 24 after his mother called police.”

Sigg’s father, Rob Sigg, released a statement:

“First, I would ask for your prayers and support for the Ridgeway family. There are no words to express the sorrow that I and my family feel for their pain they are suffering. We are devastated by the knowledge that my son, Austin Sigg, has been arrested and will be charged with the murder of their beautiful daughter Jessica. This horrible event is a tragedy for both the families, as well as the community. I ask also for your prayers and support for Austin’s mother, whose courageous act … unimaginably painful for any parent … has put this tragedy on the path to resolution. I am hopeful that as the legal process unfolds, the Ridgeway family may come to know peace.”

I don’t think it is humanly possible to truly ever have peace knowing what your child went through, allegedly, at the hands of this teenager and what he did to her body. That kind of peace only comes from Divine Knowledge, which  is usually only obtainable when one leaves the physical world. Jessica’s parents will always carry grief in the physical world.

Jessica can pet all the animals she wants now in Heaven. She is with God.



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  1. little nel says:

    This crime is beyond the realm of human understanding. I cannot fathom the depths of despair and pain that Jessica’s parents are feeling knowing that a monster devoured their little girl and got feelings of pleasure from doing the deed.

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