41 Year-Old Sexual Degenerate Babysits Four Year-Old Girl: Guess What Happens?

Whomever left the child alone with this man should be indicted on charges of child endangerment, child neglect, child abuse, and reckless abandonment –especially if it was the mother who put her daughter in this man’s arms.

“MESA, Ariz. – A 41-year-old Mesa man who babysat a 4-year-old girl on several occasions has been accused of molesting her.The little girl told her mother she had a secret to tell that involved herself and her babysitter, Robert Kay. During an interview with a pediatrician, she explained that Kay has tickled her private parts and performed sex acts on her. The 4-year-old also was told to perform sex acts on him, according to court documents.

Robert Kay

At one point, Kay videotaped her performing one of these acts, police say, and the girl was shown porn videos.Kay allegedly had contact with the victim several times in April, August, and October, and the victim has stayed with him overnight on one occasion.

When confronted with these allegations, Kay said “if it did happen it would have been because he thinks he is with his girlfriend and not with the victim,” according to court paperwork. He also admitted he “has an unhealthy sex addiction problem and has never gotten help.”

Detectives served a search warrant on Kay’s Mesa home and seized an external hard drive. A video found on the drive corroborated the 4-year-old girl’s statement.

Kay was booked into jail on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor, molestation of a child, sexual conduct with a minor, and furnishing obscene material to minors. More charges are pending once all the evidence is processed.”

I am going to look into starting a petition, or contacting the prosecutor in this case. The person who put a four year-old girl in this man’s care should be prosecuted. How else is the adult world going to get the message that they cannot pawn/pimp out/abandon their children to child sexual abusers? The human race has virtually crossed over to the dark side, crossed over from the hope that they can ever raise their consciousness to a higher level. If human beings, especially mothers, aren’t going to overcome their darkness, then stronger laws, and carrying out those laws, is the only way to help send the message that adults need to guard and protect the innocent.



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  1. J9 says:

    What a clever trick of the devil, turning strong intelligent woman into wardens of child molester. Obviously done with some level of consent from us.

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