Death Threats: Taking Back My Personal Power

I have received a “death threat” from someone who calls themselves “TGF.” I did not approve the comment but this post is directed at TGF:

You say you are “going to kill me,” and I am “going to disappear and never be found.” Well let me tell you something “TGF” my father told me the same thing over and over again when I was a child and he is now six feet under in his grave because he died of cancer when I was 12. I survived his death threats and I am thriving.

I also want to thank you because you have given testimony of how powerful my therapy is. A few years ago, threats like yours would have created multiple physical and psychological problems for me.

A few years ago, your death threats would have caused me rapid heart beat, anxiety, neurological twitching, and debilitating fear. That is because my father, a police-officer, used a knife to threaten me with death, and did so repeatedly. But he is the one who died, not me.

So thank you “TGF” because your threats have shown me how much healing I have done in the last few years, and how strong I have become.  When I first read your threats this morning, I did not react AT ALL. My heart rate and neurological system stayed normal, I did not go into a state of fear, and I am in peace.

You say you you don’t believe me and that my memories have no “practical detail.” You have used personal insults to try and silence me, so you obviously don’t like what I have to say about child abuse and abusers; well too bad…..and you can read about the details of my memories in my forthcoming book.

Because you lack the Love and Grace of God, I feel compassion for you, but I take death threats very seriously. If you make any further threats, I WILL report YOU to the FBI for making them. Your email address showed up in your comment, so the FBI will have that information.

I am a strong woman “TGF,” your threats have no power over me.


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  1. little nel says:

    Alethea, thanks for pointing the way to personal freedom by telling us the truth about how we relate/react to our abusers.

    Acknowledging the abuse and seeing it for what it really is empowering. We don’t have to hide anymore. We can come out of the prison of silence and find healing.

  2. little nel says:

    “somehow my family would wake up and acknowledge the truth”

    I also had that same fantasy when “the therapy” started to allow good things in my life.

    It didn’t take me long to realize that it was a miracle that I woke up and acknowledged the truth. I wanted to rid myself of all that family misery and find a way to live in peace. I could not choose those things for other people that I loved. They had to choose for themselves.

    I found a way to live that enabled me to thrive in this world in spite of the evil that I experienced in childhood. The other members of my family weren’t so fortunate. They are still battling the outside forces instead of looking within themselves to weed out the faulty thinking. I chose a different path than my family and now it has proven to have paid big dividends.

    • Alethea says:

      Little Nel, peace and Christmas Blessings to you. I am behind as usual, but I wanted to say that healing our desire for our bio family to be anything other than what, and who, they are is very liberating. Ysatis has helped me to do this in a true and dynamic way. It is a beautiful gift to have, which I am sure you are aware of.


  3. SurvivorSunshine says:

    “It took me many years to give up the illusion that somehow my family would wake up and acknowledge the truth, and heal together. I now see that as a childhood fantasy. My very own idealism kept me stuck for such a long time.”

    This speaks volumes to me, Nancy. Especially after another holiday season NC with my very large maternal family. Thankfully, I got to spend Christmas morning with my sister and her new family. She’s in denial about our family and I suspect she married a psychopath two years ago. But I thank God He opened the door for us to reconnect after a two year estrangement. I was in denial for almost 20 years that my mother’s siblings loved me and would nurture me in the absence of my mother. They used it as opportunity to inflict severe emotional trauma and abuse on me, and I stayed around to protect my little sister and also thinking that they would finally realize what they were doing. I sympathized with them because my grandmother admitted to me they were all physically, and some sexually, abused by their psychopathic father while they were growing up. Well, that abuse created even more disordered people and narcissists/psychopaths. I’m much better off free from them and my kids are very aware of their personality disorders. They’d all like nothing better to get my own kids to abandon me and go to them. Unfortunately for them, my kids have been blessed with a spiritual gift just like their mom of heavy discernment. They adore me and want to protect me from them. The older they get, the more I see what a blessing my two angels are!

    Peace and blessings, Alethea! I sense your strength and unyielding faith that God protects you and a crazy internet troll CANNOT harm you!

    • Alethea says:

      Sunshine, how beautiful that you have come to a place of healing your need to have them be anything other than what they are. This was one of the biggest steps I had to take, and it is so liberating.

      Peace and God Bless you.

  4. Reesee says:

    Well done, dear. Death to suffering in fearful silence.

  5. Nancy says:

    FMSF= the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Maybe Alethea will do a blog post about this organization founded to obfuscate the scientific truth about trauma and memory,and to threaten abuse survivors who go public, in order to confuse the public and protect people who have been accused of abusing children, especially their own.

      • Nancy says:

        yes, now I remember, that is how I originally found your blog! I was researching the FMSF for the memoir I am writing. Finding your blog brought me in touch with great research materials. I’ve learned a lot from reading your posts. Also, I finally watched Ysatis’ you tube video on 666 the Anti-Christ. When I first found it last summer, it freaked me out and put me off. I finally watched it a few days ago. The video interview is really about the Light and Love and Christ consciousness, and how it’s been/being distorted. Evil is Live spelled backwards….. Now I realize that I was afraid to watch the video, because I was afraid that watching it would attract Evil into my life. That comes from childhood fears, and how I was programmed by my father, my principal abuser. It feels so amazing and wonderful to be free of fear in my life now. My health has improved; everything has improved! So thank you for your contribution to my evolving healing. You are a gift!

        • Alethea says:

          Ysatis won a high medal of honor in Spain for her lectures and knowledge about the era of the anti-Christ. I have her book on this subject. It is merely teaching people how to survive the era of The Self –how to overpower and conquer our ego self, so that we may embrace and utilize the Divine Love Nature that is in us all. Jesus said it Himself, “THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN.” Jesus said, “What I have done, you also can do.” But so many human beings are connected to their ego self -their anti-Christic nature. Her teachings and her book help people to survive themselves and how to survive the darkness that we live in today.

          I am honored and Blessed to know her, to have access to her wisdom, and to have her as my therapist. Her father was a French diplomat, she has had a very good education and access to all kinds of wonderful historical books. Her uncle is the famous pilot and French author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who wrote the famous book, “The Little Prince.”

          Jesus taught that we can do as He did…which is to heal others. We can also heal ourselves through His LOVE POWER, which Ysatis utilizes through her therapy. The human mind needs to be cleaned up and cleaned out in order to heal ourselves and to heal others. New age believers feel that we have the power to heal ourselves, but call it something else because of their rejection of religion and the name “Jesus.” But His power remains the same, no matter what you call it. True healing cannot be done without God, and what Ysatis does is helps people heal themselves with the mind, and with the power of love that is within each person.

          Dogmas and religion have put so much fear and ignorance into human beings about what love power Jesus is, and what the mind can do. I am grateful from every fiber of my being that I have known Ysatis and have her therapy. She saved my life and liberated me from my personal hell on earth.

          • Nancy says:

            Ysatis threw you a life ring; you grabbed onto it and rode the wave. My spirituality saved me from a very young age. I always knew my father was wrong. Still, I suffered from his abuse and underwent 20 years of therapy and healing of many sorts, including some that sound much like what Ysatis offers. New Age — to me is about embodying Christ Consciousness. It is a huge gift and a huge responsibility. Every day, it takes on new meaning, because the Truth is alive. Love is constantly being revealed, received and magnified.
            In my work, I have helped many people heal from abuse, including ritual abuse. The Akasha is the primordial substance, the Ether. I was given this responsibility many centuries ago. I am living it in the world. I have personally experienced the polarity of extreme darkness of human distortions of the Divine God Essence, and the pure essence itself. I feel truly blessed,
            Btw, my memoir is titled Bed of Roses. I have read at least 2 dozen memoirs written by survivors. Have you read, Because I remember Fear, Father, I Remember You? Very powerful. xoxx

            • Alethea says:

              I did read it, and liked it very much. But I was very disappointed with the film made out of her second book Love Sick: One Woman’s Journey Through Sexual Addiction. I did not read the book, so hopefully the book explains it, but what was vital, and left out of the film, was WHY she was sexually addicted. It was because of her father’s sexual abuse. The film not only gave no reason for her addiction, but to my memory, she was not healed from it at the end of the film. I don’t like half-truths, and the fact that childhood rape and molestation often leads to sexual addiction (especially when the perpetrator is a close relative) is very serious and very real for many people.

              I like to get to the root cause of things. I don’t like stories where the audience is left wondering if the person is ever going to heal and why they were sick in the first place.

              • Nancy says:

                I have not read her 2nd book, nor have I seen the movie. I share your frustration about stories that don’t go to the root cause. Sexual addiction, prostitution, pornography……all are tied in to sexual abuse. I know you know that!
                I get so frustrated when news analysis doesn’t go deep enough. I am so grateful for your blog.
                I have been slow to become comfortable with confrontation — because my father banged my head against the wall when I expressed anger starting at age 4. What I learned by the time I was 13 was a cold, calculating rage, which I now know is how psychopaths manipulate people.
                Fortunately, I was aware enough of my true nature as Love, that I didn’t develop the habit of acting out rage — but I did suppress it, which caused multiple health issues for me over the years.
                In high school, I contained my desire to kill my father. I had a spiritual experience–I found the box his gun was in. I saw it glowing with white light, and felt my grandmother’s presence with me, loving me, calming me, helping me see that the outcome would not be good for me. It was a good decision not to shoot him when I was in high school, but dealing appropriately with rage requires a lot of skill and help.
                Through your blog and your activism, you are teaching survivors how to recover their power and use their anger as a healing tool. To me, anger is about saying NO to an outside force, but even more deeply, it’s about saying YES to your inner Self.

              • Alethea says:

                Nancy, that Dr. Drew really gets under my skin. He labels and puts people in a box and talks about the prescription drugs they can go on, but he never talks about the root cause, the subconscious mind, or the outside influences that have created the mental disease in the person.

                I am sure you know about Stacey Lannert who killed her father.

                Stacey won my heart and I wrote letters to the Governor of her state to try and get her released. It was such a joy when she was finally let out. But she spent a long time in prison for killing her rapist father.

                “…anger is about saying NO to an outside force, but even more deeply, it’s about saying YES to your inner Self.”

                Great quote.

              • Alethea says:

                To clarify, she won my heart because her mother knew what was going on and turned her head, and Stacey’s father was about to start up with her little sister. Her mother was not going to protect Stacey, or her little sister, so Stacey took matters into her own hands. I don’t condone murder, but God sees the heart and mind of Stacey Lannert and God judges her according to her suffering and desperation, not according to society’s rules.

              • Nancy says:

                Althea, I did not know of Stacey’s case until now. I am really glad you brought her to my attention. She is a warrior! I am glad to know of her site and her work in the world. I am so grateful that her sentence was commuted and she was released, where she can be of service to so many people.

                There is a story in the Bhagavad Gita in which the prince Aruna is at war on the battlefield, and realizes that his enemies are his family: his cousins, his brothers, his parents. He prays to his god Krishna, who tells him that it is his destiny to fight his family, for the good of his people in his kingdom, and to serve justice. He is conflicted, but he must follow his destiny.

                I believe this is true for all survivors. We have to give up the idea that we can “heal” our abusers, or even help them, in order to heal ourselves. In a sense, we all have to “kill” the abuser.

                It took me many years to give up the illusion that somehow my family would wake up and acknowledge the truth, and heal together. I now see that as a childhood fantasy. My very own idealism kept me stuck for such a long time.

                BTW, who is Dr. Drew?

              • Alethea says:

                Jesus (who the Hindus worship as Lord Krishna. Krishna means Christ, the Anointed One) said and taught the same thing. Jesus said that He came to bring the Sword, not Peace, which meant The Sword of Truth. He said it would put mother against daughter, brother against sister, father against son. etc. It is an uncomfortable teaching, which many people (especially Christians) don’t like. But Jesus taught that the truth would come between blood relatives. It is a conflict for anyone who wants to live in a Christlike manner, but who loves their family, or who feels loyal to them, or who doesn’t want to be ostracized from the family. Sometimes people have to choose between being truthful with themselves and their bio family……or never healing and losing their bio family. Sometimes they must choose between putting a family member in prison….or not protecting a child.

                Dr. Drew is a well-paid therapist who has an hour spot on CNN Headline News Channel from 9:00-11:00 p.m. EST weekly. He has millions of viewers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Alethea speaks the truth.
    34 years ago I was a very young woman pregnant with my third child (my husband impegnated me while I slept when my second child was 5 months old) I woke up and saw my husband oral raping my 11 year old sister. I was a young, weak, fearful victim of a life time of every kind of abuse and so I took what I thought was the best and easiest way. I stayed and basically tried to be a prison guard. What horrors and agony I set up with that non-decision. I stayed married for 8 more crazy insane years. Everyone involved except the pervert has suffered terribly. I will live with this fact the rest of my life.
    To this day he is still supported by our children and has been given a pass. I on the other hand am still considered “crazy”. I die inside at the thought of him near my grandchildren.
    I speak here to let anyone facing this hideousness now know that this does not work.
    A clean break is the only answer. 911, then removal from society.

  7. Nancy says:

    I say, Report the fear-mongerer NOW! Why wait? He/she has already made the threat. I believe that making death threats over the internet is illegal. TGF is one sick soul! I am having a reaction: anger!#

  8. Marie Jondel says:

    I am happy you did not feel those things, but I sure did, just reading about it. You will be safe. You have helped me and I will pray for you, as will others here.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good for all of you ladies, and may God bless your efforts to educate the public and protect children. We must remember that there is more love and kindness in this world than evil, even though it is not brought to our attention nearly so well. Spread the word.

  10. Dear Alethea,

    I think its important to remember that abusers are cowards who destroy children’s lives. I suggest you reconsider and report this coward. You may be saving a child’s life.

    To this coward:

    From the ashes of children we are born; powerful and mighty creations.

    We have known pain beyond understanding.
    Yet here we congregate to share our truths.

    You cannot silence the truth.
    With it we will smite you.

    Back to the crevice whence you came, coward! Go heal…

    Here speak the brave.

  11. Marjie says:

    Good for you! Stay strong. (I must say I had the fear a fluttering heart even though it was you and not me.) Still working on that.

  12. little nel says:

    Go, Alethea!

    You are truly remarkable! I love the way you responded to this sick son of a bitch.

    I love the way you stated that your abuser is dead and you are alive and thriving!

    Those of us who have had guns pointed in our faces, knives to our skin, and our breath choked out of us, in addition to death threats, to silence us so someone could keep their evil hidden and their “status quo” reputations intact, are learning from your courageous efforts.

    Keep pulling the covers off the those things that are covered up.

  13. kristy morrill says:

    Turn this person in NOW. Don’t wait for a coward to threaten you again or worse…follow through. There seems to be a thread of evil in the air lately, what with the horrible school shootings, among other things.
    I worry that you may not be safe.

    • Alethea says:

      Hi Kristy. I have decided not to report this unless there is anything further. The comment seemed to be coming from a pedophile, or from a member of the FMSF. They are famous for threats and trying to instill fear in those who speak openly. I am very public and open with my Blog and will soon have a published book. This, no doubt, will not be the first time. I will have to learn to determine what is just a person trying to silence and insult me on my blog, and someone I need to report right away. Do not fear for me. I trust the Higher Hand. I trust that I have made the right choice. No one has the power to harm me that God does not allow. I cannot over-react every time someone writes a comment meant to hurt me or put fear in me. But there are no second chances. I will report them next time. For now, I have used their threat as a spring board for my personal power.

      • Nancy says:

        Awesome! I too, was threatened by my brother, who joined the FMSF. He’s a psychopath. His soul is dead already. Meanwhile, I am thriving, living a life of Joy, serving Spirit with my words, my work, and my amazing children who have grown up free from the family legacy of abuse, denial and evil.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! Good for you. I am thankful that you have the courage and conviction to give voice to your abuse. It empowers me!!!! I am a victim as well and because of your posts, I have also found my voice. I am currently a student and my goal is two fold. One to lift the taboos that are still out there, such as ritual abuse and same sex abuse…of which I suffered both as a child. I want to teach parenting skills to people who grew up in a home where there was inadequate, if any parenting, in the home. I am also researching same-sex abuse. I have not made comments in awhile, yet it sickens me that people threaten you and call you a lier. No one is forcing them to read your posts much less comment one them. Please continue Athea!!! Your strength is strengthening. Thank You. Debbie

    • Alethea says:

      Debbie, your comment has made me so happy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are being so strong as to fight those two taboos, which are so serious and harmful to children.

      Keep up the good work and thank you for your strength and courage.


  15. alyssawright says:

    So proud of you, and thrilled at your strength and healing!!!

    Glad you didn’t let this person’s darkness and hate affect you. That said, however, I would NOT wait until the next time to report the threats. Report everything as it happens — best to nip it in the bud before it escalates. Death threats are too serious to ignore.

    You are a VERY strong woman. Bravo to your power! 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      I agree with this. There is no reason to let him off the hook. He’s probably mentally ill; a psychopath who also threatens other people; maybe even a pedophile.

      • Why Not? says:

        Have taken some time off from the computer of late and am just catching up here.

        Woah, Alethea! I totally agree (today) with others that ‘Death Threats’ are to be taken as just that, ‘death threats’ and should not go unreported.

        Perhaps, I’m reacting responding to this news and your response after years of minimizing myself by rationalizing away what I now consider nothing less than terrorism – to both intimidate me into submission and terrorize me into silence. I could go on about this and all of the fears that I am still overcoming – but today, I am free from the fear of saying: “You have crossed the line of violating my inalienable rights and freedoms – to value MY LIFE more than you do.”

        (It has taken me 50 years to get here.)

        Alethea, someone threatening YOUR life because you are SPEAKING THE TRUTH is not only a threat to YOUR LIFE, but a threat to us all.

        I’ll respect your decision, but please consider the threat, itself, as pretty extreme behavior from someone, obviously, already out of control and seriously not well.


        • Why Not? says:

          P.S. And, having said all of that… On the other hand, on a spiritual-soul level, the empowerment I feel from your empowered stance is simple awesome!

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