79 Year-Old Man Molests His Great Granddaughter, Friends Blame His Wife’s Cancer

KINGMAN, Ariz. – “An 80-year-old Mohave Valley man convicted of molesting his 6-year-old great-granddaughter in the presence of the girl’s same-age playmate was sentenced to life in prison Thursday.

Mohave County Superior Court Judge Steve Conn told Charles Knight that under Arizona’s harsh mandatory sex offense sentencing guidelines, he would have to live to the age of 134 before being eligible for parole.

Prosecutor Greg McPhillips said Knight engaged in sexual activity with his great granddaughter in the garage of his home and asked her witnessing friend if she wanted to participate in September 2011. He said Knight committed additional crimes with the family member on another occasion.

Friends of the defendant told the Court that Knight was a respectable and popular man who changed for the worse after his wife’s terminal cancer diagnosis in the months preceding the sex offenses.”

The human denial system never ceases to amaze and confound me! Oh, no, this “respectable, well-liked” man could not possibly have sexual deviancy problems. It must be because of his wife’s cancer!

Do these people really think this was the first time he ever sexually molested a child in his entire life?



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9 Responses to 79 Year-Old Man Molests His Great Granddaughter, Friends Blame His Wife’s Cancer

  1. little nel says:

    “No one deserves that- not even him.”

    This man has secreted away little girls at age 6 for sexual purposes when the mood hits him.

    He has earned his right to be closely associated with men like himself who recklessly devour each other in jail.

    Remember, he had a choice, unlike his little victims, who did not get all the protections under the law like his cellmates did.

  2. cybergal55 says:

    Please do not publish my email address. For sometime – over 16 years I have been tormented by what happened to my daughters back in the 90’s by my own father. Not only did I have to confront him after he exposed himself to my 16 year old daughter but found out at the same time he did the same to my eldest daughter 5 years earlier, which she had repressed it and after my 16 year old daughters incident she remembered. No one in my family supported me. My eldest sister told me I made it up. For years and even until this day it is not discussed, swept under the rug. My family somehow looks down on me. My mother begged me not to tell anyone in the group of people we all know in the home town. At the time I asked my father to leave. All he could say was, I suppose you blame me. And ‘you aren’t going to tell your mother, are you’? I took my daughter to a psychologist and to this day she refuses to discuss it. When my father died 5 years later I refused to go to his funeral. Another, incident my family looked down on me for. In 1998 while my parents lived in Florida it turns out he was kicked out of the state for exposing himself in front of his window to women walking by. To this day my mother and siblings want to believe he was senile and that was causing his behavior. I disagree. He knew exactly what he was doing. I just don’t know for how long. What I resent is his robbing my trust and my granddaughters trust. Robbing us also of any good memories.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Cyber Gal,

      Your story is the same for millions of people. Family members turning on the person who dares to speak about a crime against a child, and then defending the perpetrator is highly common. I know of few cases where the opposite is true. Telling you that you “made it up” is also common. It is easier for family to deny the accusations, and minimize or defend the perpetrator’s actions, than to have to deal with ugly things like facing that a loved one is a sexual pervert or even an abuser.

      Those who are uncomfortable with crimes against children will be made comfortable by exposing and dealing with truth…and those who are uncomfortable with truth and ugly subjects will be made uncomfortable by anyone speaking the truth…even when the victim does it.

      You are not alone in your confusion, feelings of betrayal, and anger.


  3. auntiebodhi says:

    If this is the first time this creep molested a little girl, then I’ll eat my effing hat. The only first here, is- he got CAUGHT this time. While I’d rather the guy get treatment to cure this deviancy, I don’t know if that’s possible, so having him off the streets for the rest of his life will have to do, I suppose. At least, he won’t be raping any more kids.

    The “cancer excuse” is freakin’ LAUGHABLE- I agree with you there. *eyeroll*

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