Mom Leaves Two Toddlers in Hot SUV, Both Die

A mother’s preoccupation with a man leads to the death of her children…

“A mother whose two young sons died in Colorado after she allegedly left them in her SUV with the engine running for 90 minutes has been arrested.

Heather Jensen called 911 on Nov. 27 when she discovered that her sons Tyler, 4, and William, 2, were unconscious in the overheated Toyota 4Runner that idled near Powderhorn Mountain Resort.

William was dead on the scene. His brother was airlifted to a children’s hospital, succumbing a week later, CBS Denver reported.

A Mesa County coroner ruled that the boys died accidentally from hyperthermia, station KJCT reported. But their 24-year-old mother was charged with two counts of child abuse resulting in death, two counts of criminally negligent homicide, and one count of false reporting to authorities, according to the sheriff’s office.

Jensen initially told deputies that she left her sons in the car for 10 minutes when a friend who drove by stopped to talk, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported. She later allegedly admitted that her children were unattended for 90 minutes after she climbed into the truck of a male friend.

The arrest Wednesday happened in North Fort Myers, Fla., where Jensen was staying with family members.

Her bond is set at $150,000.”


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  1. Andre' says:

    almost everyone I know comes from a broken home on some level with abuse.

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