Teacher Accused of Sexual Abuse, Marries Alleged Victim and His Mother Approves

Have you heard this one?

A former teacher in North Carolina, who (allegedly) sexually abused her 15 year-old male student, won’t be standing trial because she has married her alleged (rolling eyes) victim….all with the full permission of his mother.

The 42-year-old former teacher, Leah Gayle Shipman, divorced her husband of 19 years,  and married her former student Johnnie Ray Ison, six days later. Johnnie’s mother signed the papers, giving the minor permission to marry his perpetrator (alleged haha).

CNN was reporting last night that Shipman and the mans she divorced have three children, and that some of them are near the age of her former student when she first abused him at age 15.

Shipman’s marriage, to the now 17 year-old, prevents him from testifying against her because, under North Carolina law, a spouse cannot be made to testify against the defendant.

Shipman was arrested in January 2009 on the charge of a sexual offense with a student, statutory rape, and taking indecent liberties with a student.

Any fifteen year-old boy who becomes emotionally and sexually involved with his 40 year-old teacher obviously had issues with the female parental figure in his life (and who knows where his father is). The boy was probably needing love and attention from his mother, and found it in his teacher. So what happens? Instead of his real mother embracing him when she finds out his teacher seduced and abused him, she signs the papers allowing her son to marry a child sex predator who is 25 years older than him.

My best guess is the boy’s mother can now have the freedom she was looking for, and her son is now in someone else’s charge. Unless of course, the mother has decided to take the two of them into her home and support them (highly doubtful). It appears the mother has found a quick fix to a need for financial and parental freedom.

To me, this boy’s mother is just as bad as the teacher. She has told all the female sexual predators out there, “go ahead, seduce and molest kids, because some parents will support it, and will even turn your victim right over to you!”

When Shipman is 62, and her victim is 37, do you really think he is going to want to have sex with her, instead of someone closer to his age? Hell no!

This child sex predator has robbed this boy of his youth, his natural interaction with girls his own age, a natural marriage, and took away his right to a normal healthy sex life when he gets older. The sad thing is, he won’t even know he was robbed, or fully feel the affects, until he is warped even further by this sex predator.

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