Who is “Normal” and Who is Truly “Nuts?”

If you have not seen the film, “Nuts” starring Barbara Streisand and Richard Dryfus, I highly recommend this film to anyone and everyone.

The film was made in 1987, and was misunderstood, denied, or neglected by both audiences and critics when it was first released. But this film is so timely for our current day.


Forget that it is extremely well-written, funny, and greatly acted. This film speaks the truth about our judgements of others, our judgements of “right and wrong” and about the way society puts too much power in the hands of people with degrees on their wall, and makes them out to be “normal” while we judge those with less than honorable jobs as ‘lower than’ or “nuts.”

But more to the point, this film speaks the truth and shows the real American situation, not the apple pie version. The reality in America is that upstanding well-dressed men and their ‘well-behaved’ wives are often not what they appear to be, and that people who do things that are considered “low-life” to some, are actually people who do what they do because they were conditioned that way by their ‘upstanding’ parents.

The film also shows how abused people re-create their abuse. I absolutely love that this film gets people to question “what is normal?” because, in my opinion, much of mainstream America is abnormal, neurotic and dysfunctional…while those who are considered “abnormal,” “different,” or “unsuccessful” are usually the sane ones that I want to be around.

This film was based on a play, and some people say on a real life story, but I cannot confirm that. Nevertheless, Barbara Streisand deserved an Oscar for her performance, and even if it is not a true story, it is a very true story that countless abused women (and some men) have lived.

If you have not seen it, rent it. If you have seen it, watch it again.

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10 Responses to Who is “Normal” and Who is Truly “Nuts?”

  1. little nel says:

    I am reminded that what is considered “normal” may be beneficial until it is proven to be harmful.

    I have not viewed this film, Alethea, but I will act on your suggestion and watch it as I value your insight and integrity.

  2. Why Not? says:

    I remember this film, because I avoided it like horror flicks and films with sexual violence. I was simply afraid of it – for many reasons.

    After reading your review and perspective, I’m looking for it and can’t wait to watch it.


  3. JoeSchmo says:

    Really Alethea? A movie made about 25 years ago, called “Nuts?” And with Barbara Streisand, the leftist, liberal, socialist pig herself as one of its stars?

    WADR Madame, don’t you think that YOU’RE nuts for even posting this particular thread and recommending such a movie for your readers to see? Sheeeeesh!!! Get real, will ya?

    • Alethea says:

      Joe Schmo, Maybe it is YOU who is nuts, ever think of that? Just because I have a different opinion/belief system/etc than yourself, it doesn’t make me the whacko. Better check yourself out, because you could be the nutter….

      Anyhoo, There were many films made decades ago that are well worth re-watching, and some films do not have their time until society is more ready to handle them.

      I don’t watch or recommend films based on the star’s political/religious views. I do boycott films made by, or anyone starring in, that is a known child sexual abuser.

      I personally don’t care much for Streisand because I used to live near her and have personally encountered her. But I do know a good film when I see one, and I would be a bias, off-balanced, angry person to not recommend a good film just because I don’t like the star’s political views.

      Have a beautiful day….

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will do that. Probably a good thing to be reminded that literally no one gets by with out getting screwed, or screwing up. So to speak.

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