Mother Violently Shakes Her Infant To Death, Then Uses Facebook To Get Money for Funeral

“A 21-year-old mother who shook her six-month-old baby to death has caused outrage after making a Facebook appeal for donations to pay for his funeral just four days later.

Brittany Arnett, from Inverness, Florida, was arrested for murder on Monday after inflicting fatal injuries on her son Hadley when he would not stop crying.

Son One

Investigators said over a period of several hours she slammed Hadley’s face into a swing and shook him violently at a home in Inverness on January 27th.

Four days after her son’s death, the mother then took to her Facebook page to ask for donations for his funeral and also spoke emotionally about losing her newborn son.

She failed to mention his catalogue of injuries, but instead wrote: “This little boy is my world,”

“He is the reason I wake up every morning. And now that God took him to be with him my heart is broken and empty. I will never be the same.  I ask myself repeatedly, “Why did this happen to me? Why did it have to be my precious little boy?'”

The post goes on to ask for prayers as well as donations for his funeral.

Another posting, which has now been removed, and published the day after her son was taken to a funeral home reads: “Coming to the realization that my son isn’t going to come back.  I won’t hear his cries… But most of all, I won’t feel his grip on my arm when holding him up,” the post reads.

Sone Two

The post goes on to say the ‘funeral home is going to make Hadley beautiful.’

It is thought many friends responded to the appeal on January 30th – until four days later when police charged her with murder.

An autopsy showed the boy died from a separated spine, brain hemorrhaging, broken ribs, and lacerations in his mouth.

Medical staff fought for over an hour to keep the baby alive after he was taken to hospital by Miss Arnett and her boyfriend.

According to an arrest affidavit, Arnett admitted to investigators that her boyfriend was away when she “became frustrated and angry that she was left alone with the infant”.

She placed the child in his swing and admitted to slamming his face into the tray of the swing over the next few hours.

She also said she grabbed the baby around the rib cage and yanked him from the swing, causing his head to move in a back-and-forth motion without support.

She believed the back of his head hit the tray, according to the statement.

When Arnett’s boyfriend, who is not the boy’s biological father, returned home, the child was “acting abnormal.”

The arrest report said the infant had difficulty focusing, was sensitive to touch and had blood in his mouth.

Arnett, according to authorities, said she was afraid to tell her boyfriend what happened for fear of getting into trouble.

Arnett and her boyfriend eventually took the child to Citrus Memorial Hospital more than 12 hours after the injuries were allegedly inflicted.”

Below is a photo of a seemingly loving mother with her child. To her own admission, this mother beat her child to death because she was angry that she was left alone with him. She was probably angry that she was not out having fun with her man.

She then prolonged getting medical help for her gravely injured child in order to protect herself.

Photos of mothers smiling with their children never reveal how that mother truly feels inside about her child, nor does the photo show what she is capable of.

Son Three



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30 Responses to Mother Violently Shakes Her Infant To Death, Then Uses Facebook To Get Money for Funeral

  1. lisaparmeter says:

    What a very sick person!

  2. lisaparmeter says:

    I didn’t know her but new of her she road my kids bus back in 2008 and the beginning of 2009 in centeria wisconsin. I didn’t hear of the chicken pox thing. This just makes me sick to my stomach!

    • lisaparmeter says:

      She should of gotten more then twelve years for intencenally killing her son and the pain he has suffered!

  3. mia says:

    Andre….. I am from the same town and I know her. Poor Hadley did not die from vaccines. This girl claimed her baby died from chocken pox to her friends and family. Just days after the death of her baby she is posting on her facebook how excited she is to start college… she rid herself of the responsibility of a child. She had no remorse. The family did not even know what happened until Brittany was arrested at her babies funeral. She is a sick sick person and this I can assure you is NOT a case of bad vaccines…. she beat Hadley and left him to suffer from 10pm to 5 am the next morning when he passed. The family didnt know because when the boyfriend got home from work he took the baby to the hospital where they pronounced him dead. So she got away with her chicken pox story for a few days. It is so sad and the family is so devastated…. that is the truth for you. Nothing to do with vaccines.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Mia. I did not read that she tried to blame it on Chicken Pox. I wonder if that is where Andre’ got the notion it was some massive vaccine cover-up.

      “Just days after the death of her baby she is posting on her facebook how excited she is to start college”

      If true, this reminds me of another mother who, immediately after her child was murdered, she was excited about getting out to do Hot Body contests, watch videos with her boyfriend, and shopping.

      Thanks for letting us know.


  4. Miracle says:

    Lord, have mercy for they know not what they do.

  5. Grace says:

    Reading this story makes me more angry than I have felt in weeks. I am disgusted by this woman – she is just poison to our human race. Unfortunately, her innocent child was too pure to be in this realm…he is safe and better now, and she is going to rot in her own hell. I am trying to understand the intricacies of post-partum depression (which did come to mind), but this does not seem to be a case of that. Usually parents or their partners are aware of their unusual mood before the child hits the 6 month mark. This woman went onto FACEBOOK to mourn? WTF? Asking for money for the baby’s funeral? What trash.

    That angel baby has a gorgeous face. What a precious child…may he be in peace.

    As always, thank you for posting, Alethea!

  6. little nel says:

    This is awful. She kills her baby because she felt separation anxiety from her lover, then attempts to gain financially for her deadly deed.

    I wonder if her lover talked her into putting up those pics to get people to send money to them?

    I’ll bet they laughed when they did it because they liked the thought of getting money from sympathetic people.

    • Alethea says:

      You could be right Little Nel. If police reports are all accurate, she could be sociopathic –devoid of empathy, and enjoys deceiving others for self-gain.

  7. Why Not? says:

    Oh God… how that child must have suffered.

    “Ordinary Evil.”

  8. Andre' says:

    I wonder if her baby was just vaccinated. Many times the vaccine will kill the baby and the parent will pick up the baby to ‘”shake it alive” then the parent is charged with murder, not even knowing that the vaccine is what killed the baby

    • Andre' says:

      Vaccine induced illness will make the baby scream all night, because they poisoned the baby with the injection

    • Alethea says:

      Huh? What? Are you making excuses for this woman? Do you not believe that a woman who takes a photo smiling with her baby is not also capable of inflicting injury so badly that the baby has a separated spine, brain hemorrhaging, broken ribs, and lacerations in his mouth?

      Where on earth do you get this from?

      “According to an arrest affidavit, Arnett admitted to investigators that her boyfriend was away when she “became frustrated and angry that she was left alone with the infant”.

      She then waited half a day to get the child help!

      Why are you making up this vaccine story?

      • Andre' says:

        I get my information from a Dr Rebecca Carley, a Dr from NY. Im not saying that what happened above didnt happen, I wasnt there, and I never trust any news source, until I can verify for myself. BUT parents have been arrested for murder when it was the vaccine induced illness (another form of child abuse) that was administered. Sometimes a baby is up all night screaming their heads off with a fever because of vaccines they received earlier in the day. Why would I trust what a cop would say ? Why would I trust what main stream media would say ? Its another angle to explore.

      • Why Not? says:

        I’ll say it again – Oh, God, how that child must have suffered –

        …during his “mother’s” assault – AND FOR 12 HOURS MORE WITH THE PAIN OF THE INJURIES she had inflicted on him – before taking him to a hospital.

        God help me, but I hope she gets the “Vaccine” called the death penalty, by injection – so this “mother” gene will be permanently removed from the gene pool, altogether.

        • Alethea says:

          I don’t believe in the death penalty for 98% of cases, but when things like this happen, it’s hard not to feel as though she deserves it (if it happened as police and her statements say).

          • Andre' says:

            My experience with the media, is they lie all the time to make a story for political purposes. Ive seen this done over and over. I dont trust cops or the media. I would need to see the evidence, not just hear her their story which very well maybe true; she exploited and killed her baby. Id like to to know more about every ones back round . Who are these people ?

            • Alethea says:

              Yes, the media has been wrong and cops have given misinformation when it comes to certain cases. Yes, the media is a big lie with regards to our world in general, but this particular case is not indicative of anything other than pretty accurate reporting. This is a case of a mother, among countless other mothers, who probably did and said just what they are reporting. You have always seemed to have it in your head that women are all innocent creatures, victims of men, victims of vaccines, victims of domestic violence and not responsible for their actions.

              • Andre' says:

                I think women are just as idiotic as men, nobody gets a free pass with me, I just want to see the evidence before I form an informed opinion and spend all this emotional energy over something I have no control over, like everybody else does. .

              • Alethea says:

                When people, including me, make comments on this Blog, it is not always that we are spending emotional energy. Oftentimes, it is just about in-the-moment self-expression.

                I think you are mistaking personal expression and getting something off our mind…. with people who are overly emotional. But I certainly prefer people who get upset over injustice to people who disbelieve what’s going on in the world and think everything is media manipulation.

                And when you speak about not getting upset over something you have no control over, you sound like the rest of America, who waves bad news away like a fly and says, “there’s no use getting all uptight about something we have no control over.” and then they go about their day, go to their football games, go to the mall, and ignore the ills of this world.

                Bottom line, you immediately attributed a case of a woman who probably beat her child to death out of selfishness, to a vaccine.

              • Anonymous says:

                Not to digress, but its the same with this Sandy Hook nonsense, everything points to that this was staged event. No bodies, no blood, no ambulances, BS testimony from an ME who was clearly out of his mind, forgets the lines he was to read from the script. YET everyone is so emotionally distraught over a manufactured event JUST BECAUSE IT WAS ON TV. Instead of using critical thinking. If you want to end a form of child abuse, end vaccine induced illness.

              • Alethea says:

                The mass mind control media will definitely play along with stories like mass shootings in order to carry out their plans. But individual cases where mothers shake their babies to death out of frustration and anger, are common and are usually not used for the mass mind control propaganda machine. And if you call every situation in the news a media/govt. cover-up, then you will lost ground in trying to educate others about the govt. control/mind control/staged events that REALLY do take place in the world. Find a balance. Not everything is a staged cover-up!

              • Andre' says:

                I do believe that most crap on TV is a staged event in some manner. From 911 to Sandy Hook and beyond, because they know that 99.9999 of Americans will never fact check or ask questions. Some parents have been arrested for trying to shake a baby awake because the baby was killed by vaccines. Ill try to dig out the radio show on mp3, if I can find it. Any parent who vaccinates their child, IS committing child abuse. That’s my opinion.

              • Alethea says:

                “most crap on TV” is not where I got the article from, and local Florida Internet news is reporting the same thing about the case.

                You are trying to turn this case into a “massive vaccine-related death conspiracy cover-up” when it is most likely just one more case of hundreds of thousands of women who don’t really want kids in the first place, and when they have them, they become selfish and angry about their sudden loss of time and having fun, and a case of one of those women, among thousands, who shake and beat their baby out of anger and frustration.

                You make legitimate claims of cover-ups and conspiracies out to be a big joke when you lump it all into one box…. and you deny cases like this one to the detriment of children who are abused and killed by their mothers.

              • Andre' says:

                I agree with your assessment, but even local papers/sources can change a story to suit their interests. Im just saying its an angle to check. Im pretty good at lumping it all together, because the media is one big lie.

          • Why Not? says:

            I am deeply conflicted about the use of the death penalty, as well, Alethea. I’m not GOD. This case – like others like it – just so enrages me. I cannot get my head around a mother – any person – viciously attacking a defenseless child – especially an infant… but, then to allow that child to suffer like that, in her presence, then attempt to profit from the agonizing death that she inflicted on that child?

            • Why Not? says:

              On government-media propaganda – of course it exists. However, how sad that we are so accustom to violence, we think that the “Public’s Right to Know” – to be provided “evidence” of a massacre of children – trumps everything else – including the pain and shock of already traumatized parents of those children, teachers and survivors and the community that must heal, yet will never be the same.

              It could be “propaganda” for gun-control, which would just as sick – if it is a real event – as using it as a form of “entertainment,” masquerading as “eye-witness news,” for an already, far too desensitized, paranoid and violent-prone culture.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I have 6 beautiful children ranging in age from 23 years old to 5 months old. My fifth child, passed away from kidney problems when he was a baby. I know the pain a Mother experiences and continues to bear when she loses a child. I read stories like this and I just can’t fathom how a Mother or Father can take the life of their own child. Our whole world is wrapped around our children. Other than when I am at work, I am always with my children. This story makes me numb.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear anonymous,

      Your children are very lucky, and believe it or not, many people do not put their children first.

      Because you do put yours first and love them so much, you probably have been unaware of all the women (and men) who kill their own children for selfish reasons. Please take this as a way to enlighten yourself to such acts because the more people are aware of them, the less in denial society will be. Please don’t be dumb. Be aware, educate, talk about it, and continue to be a loving example to others.

      I am so very sorry about your loss. I cannot fathom the pain of losing a child.


  10. mich says:

    Disgusting. And the support she’s getting is disgusting. I am speechless.

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