Natural Rejuvenation DVD: Stress Relief and Age Control

There is a fantastic DVD which prompts your brain to signal every single cell to activate its internal repair mechanism. This stimulates your body to help you heal naturally, and to regenerate every cell of your body.

This DVD was created by my therapist many years ago, but now, the latest biotech research has authenticated and endorsed this type of rejuvenation.

My therapist knew about this form of healing long before these new scientific findings, because it is based on Hermetic science, which used the ancient principle of Mentalism ‘All is Mind. The All is Mind’  for healing.

Ysatis DVD Front

About twenty years ago, a senior research scientist from a major medical firm formed an independent association with other top scientists and researchers from around the world to pursue radical anti-aging approaches. By mapping the human genome to stem cell tissue re-growth to genetically customized medicines, they came to this discovery.  This is incredible news for me and for you, for after decades, they hit the jackpot!  They have scientifically uncovered the on/off switch to human aging I had been using for years, but without the modern science’s backing. ~Ysatis De Saint Simone

Regardless of what medical doctors and the U.S. mainstream media put forth, genetic and biologic science have recently converged into one the most exciting areas in health today.  THE MIND and how it affects our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  The science of the brain and how can it communicate with every single cell of our body is here to stay and to grow with.

One of the most important of these recent discoveries – which are as ancient as the Hermetic sciences practiced in early Egypt –  is that EVERY CELL HAS AN INTERNAL REPAIR MECHANISM.

Depending on a person’s mental attitude, environment, information received and accepted, and stress level, the Natural Rejuvenation DVD has the ability to signal every cell in your body to give a boost to and enhance its internal damage repair.  In addition to preventing and alleviating disease, when your mind signals your cells to increase their repair of internal damage, this simultaneously slows down the rate at which those cells age and in some cases even reverses the aging effects!

~Ysatis De Saint Simone

In addition, this DVD stimulates your immune system, and slows down the aging process.  It can also speed up your metabolism, improve perceptual and cognitive abilities, concentration, memory and intelligence, and spark creativity.

Experiments have been done on groups of individuals practicing this natural, easy to do exercise over long periods of time and shown a general decrease in diseases, and illness, and a definite increase in well-being.  Those practicing this simple exercise technique consistently showed a marked improvement in health and a measurably lower death rate than even those groups that received medications designed to activate their endocrine system and enhance their health and longevity.

What is most important is to realize that this is not a Pollyanna song, but s serious breakthrough of the latest scientific research. One of the reasons this simple exercise is so powerful is because it actually causes both your body, and your Mind, to signal to stimulate your endocrine system, and simultaneously, your Immune System.  This increases the production of infection fighting white blood cells and T cells, as well as also increases your production of youth-rejuvenating hormones, and turns up your internal repair mechanisms at the cellular level.

~Ysatis De Saint Simone

You can order the DVD by clicking here:

Or by calling: 866-921-3470

There is also an audio C/D you can order which has the capability to train you to disconnect yourself from your emotions, your thoughts, and your body. It is a relaxation C/D that can enable you to not over-react to negative influences in the outside world. You can order the audio C/D by calling the 866 number above.

I feel it is important to note that my therapist has not asked me to recommend these tapes. I asked her if I could post this information because I have suffered so much and for so many years. I know how many people out there are suffering terribly from the after-effects of child sexual abuse (This DVD and C/D can also help anyone who has not been abused but who need a way to relieve stress). I just want to offer what has helped me to control (and sometimes alleviate) tension, pain, anger, frustration, or a physical symptom. I get no financial compensation from the promotion of the DVD or the C/D.

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4 Responses to Natural Rejuvenation DVD: Stress Relief and Age Control

  1. little nel says:

    Hi Alethea,
    I have been feeling tired, blah, groggy, and slow to wake up in the morning this last week, so I watched the rejuvenation DVD when I felt bad and needed to rest. I would start to feel better after watching the DVD, then get back to work repairing and repainting my home. This went on for a week until I realized that I had the flu that’s going around.

    This has been the quickest recovery I’ve had from the flu that I can remember. I have “snapped back” into feeling healthy again.

    When I first got the DVD, I had to pressure my husband to watch it with me. Now, he is the one who puts it on the big screen and “invites” me to watch it with him because it works so well. We have more energy and we are getting more accomplished because of it.

    • Alethea says:

      Many times I have felt low and needed a boost, or to rid myself of frustration etc. and when I sit down to to the DVD I am re-energized. I am so glad it works for you too!

  2. little nel says:

    I purchased this DVD.

    I have noticed that I have an increase in energy and feel more motivated to work on projects around the house.

    My husband and I were not looking forward to repainting the tired walls in our home. We watched the DVD and our energy returned, so we tackled the new paint project with ease.

    We both noticed how we “dreaded” the work ahead of us until we watched the DVD. We got “on a roll” as our energy seemed to renew it’s self as we worked. We are amazed.

    • Alethea says:

      Thanks for the great testimony LIttle Nel. I don’t know how many times I have used it to renew energy and to rid myself of anger, frustration, or tension….all with success. I put the DVD on as background when I work on the computer too. It works, even if you don’t physically sit in front of the screen. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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