Neuroscience is Discovering the Healing Powers of the Subconscious Mind

Modern neuroscientists are now discovering what my therapist has taught for years, and what I learned through personal experience by having the psychoanalysis/hypnotherapy with her.

They are finding out that the subconscious mind controls our every waking moment. The series “Through the Wormhole” on the Science Channel, has occasionally been running programs with this very important information.

Scientists are now finding that if we could truly understand our unthinking minds (the subconscious) we could all learn to control our true mental power, and subsequently become smarter, healthier, and more creative than we ever dreamed possible.

I thought I would share a photo I took today…IMG_2682_edited

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  1. pes42 says:

    I truelly look forward to your blogs, as it is thou someone finally understands where I am.
    From what I have read so far, your story is very similar to mine.
    I made the decision, 10 years ago now, to speak out about my abuse. I took the hand amd trust of that scared locked away little girl amd told her – it will be ok, we can do this together, and we did. Slowly, that trapped, scared little girl is emerging with me. When she feels like hiding away, I slowly bring us out again.
    However, we are both stuck. It’s like we are stuck in a muddy, clingy, stifling substance – 10 years down the line and it’s ‘why are you still harping on about it, why after finally realising that stifled pain is there very little change around me
    I’ve lost my mum – a very strained relationship and because we both feel we should as mother and child, otherwise we probably could very easily walk away from each other. I’ve lost my sister – who knew about the abuse but blames me for hurting my mum. My dad – if he can be called Dad in my eyes. My extended family has been ripped apart and I’m the one who feels should stay away, so they can have some sort of normality with each other
    Yet I’m stuck. And Art and photography gives me the expressions I physically cannot let out

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Pes 42,

      Congratulations on your strength and conviction in speaking your truth, speaking out….defying those who wish to protect child rapists and child molesters.

      You can never change them, they probably will never change. They do not want to change. You can walk 100 miles or heal for ten years, and they will still be stuck in their old familiar patterns of denial and condemnation of you as being ‘the one with the problem.’

      You might still be stuck along with them because you still crave their approval, love, and to be included. Unless they truly desire to sit down and speak openly, truthfully, and with an open-mind and heart…then you will never be able to have anything other than a false interaction with them and that can make your inner child pretty angry.

      I feel you may still be stuck because you have not liberated the little one inside you from her NEED to be loved and approved by them. You probably also need to deal with the sexual abuse at the subconscious level, a place where you can truly heal those emotions and patterns of feeling stuck.

      I also use photography to bring me joy and creativity, but you need to find a way to physically release those emotions or they will forever be with you.

      When I posted this excerpt from my book yesterday, I thought I was doing great. But right after I posted it, I went through trauma-related symptoms….headache, nervous system went haywire, sensitivity to sound and light, extreme jumpiness, and had a nightmare about a serious threat still looming over my life.

      This morning I did an age-regression therapy to work on the fear. It brought me to the lingering power my father had with his police-knife, and to my mother who I think might have used my father’s gun on me as a child in order to threaten me. I thought I had dealt with all the death threats, but these issues are being stirred up in me because I am about to publish my book.

      My book:…Going public/speaking out/revealing family secrets/telling on my father…all equaled death to my inner child, and I needed to deal with that at the SC level in order to overpower it again. Healing is not just about one, two, or five years of therapy sessions. It takes much time and work to take back the power the family has over the previous victim –especially for me, because my father was a police-officer….which equates with a double authority figure.

      Stay in touch.

      • Alethea says:

        I neglected to say that those symptoms completely vanished after the therapy session this morning, and I feel wonderful.

      • pes42 says:

        Thank you – Your words are empowering.
        However , i do not know what to do next.
        Speaking out was the best thing I have eve done, my oldest friends say I’m stronger , wiser, less of a dithera and I am the best mother I can be, without having to carry around the lies, stress and worries anymore.
        You are correct in the craving of love and acceptance, and I have found that more recently in a new, rather emotional and difficult job, but I know I won’t ever get that from my family.
        My mother will not, as she has said that if she was believe any word of my story then she will have to leave him (he is my mother’s second husband – he too was policeman but voluntary), and she does not want to. My sister (younger) has made it perfectly clear she wants nothing to do with me ( she always had issues with me as a child), and and my father has never been there for me, ever. I know that whatever I do or say will change them, and I don’t want to waste my emotional efforts in trying – too much time has passed to even attempt repairs with any of them. I accept my mother, so let on the grounds she mother, I get from her what I am prepared to put in, so it’s not much, as I will not call or visit, for he is there.
        I am stumbling along, trying to work out – what next?

        • Alethea says:

          Pes 42,

          You ask “what’s next?” If I were you, I would be as altruistic a human being as you can be, and do so without ego, and do it every day of your life. I would work towards ways to evolve your consciousness to an even higher level. Move on from those who will never change, and try to help animals, the environment, or children, or even any adults who want to change.

          Look for ways to educate yourself on the human mind, and the powers of the subconscious mind, but do so with the intent of evolving…We need more altruism in this world. We are at a critical stage of human evolution, and if we humans do not raise our consciousness soon, the earth is in for some big changes that will be frightening and incomprehensible to humans.

          I think many people are feeling lost and stuck and unhappy because they do not know WHO they truly are and they keep trying to find joy in earthly things, or in human relationships…but that does not work.

  2. little nel says:

    “more creative than we ever dreamed possible.”
    I remember as a young teen in the 60’s how many people believed that they could become more creative through the use of “mind enhancing” drugs. What I saw was a lot of teens drawing designs on their bedroom walls while they were high on drugs. They believed that this was their “creative mind” at work because the drugs had caused them to be able to release their creativity.

    They all became drug dependent. Many committed suicide as a final act of “freedom” from this painful “inhibited” world of people who they saw as “trapped” in their beliefs.

    I remember thinking that there must be a better way for my peers to be able to “enhance” their cravings for creativity and creative activities. I remember thinking that freedom from emotional pain might be a place to start searching for answers.

    It was odd to me that watching them “escape” made me feel guilty because I saw the destruction that the drugs caused and I was powerless to stop it. I remember when a former boyfriend ended his life at age 18. He had called me to tell me good-by because he wanted to be “free” and knew that suicide was the answer to his deepest desire.

    • Alethea says:

      You are right LN, many people, trying to find God, their creativity, and real love often used mind-altering drugs to try and find those things. None truly succeeded, and I think the U.S. Govt. also began to circulate really bad drugs into the hippie culture to cause the hippies to become addicted and to be sickened and killed by those horrible drugs.

  3. Why Not? says:

    You have a Brilliant and Highly Evolved Mind, Alethea.

    This post was the perfect – and most kind and loving segue that you could have offered us into “The Sacred Monster.”

    I come back and read this post – before and after each re-reading of the “The Sacred Monster” (which I have been compelled to re-read, btw.) – also brilliantly revealing in the most compelling form of self-honesty that I have ever had the privilege to read.

    As for the DIVINE photograph? Thank you… and God… for sharing the perfect visual for what is possible when we dare to embrace the subconscious – as friend rather than foe.

    • Alethea says:

      Why Not, (I find your use of the screen name “why not” to be psychologically interesting. Have you ever looked deeply inside yourself to find out why you call yourself “Why Not?” Or do you already know?

      I have re-examined the photo I used in this post and I find it to be symbolic of the subconscious mind (the soul) and God’s light, penetrating the physical person. Thank you for drawing my attention to that!

      Yes, the SC is not a foe at all. But I don’t know that I would call it a friend though, –that is, in the society sense of the word, but more of a helper –our internal guide to finding our way back to God. If friends were truly what friends should be in life, they would do what our soul does for us, but most friends do not tell one another the truth, and often cater to our self-comfort.

      Our soul will always tell us the truth and does not ever cater to our self-comfort.

      • Why Not? says:

        I do know what “Why Not?” means. It simply means (for me, that is): “No one wants to talk about Incest. Why Not?” Seriously, that’s what was behind the name. You ruined it for me, thank God! Maybe I should change it now to: “Here’s How!” (we can learn to talk about Incest) – with a link to your blog. (smiling broadly here)

        I think you’re spot on about calling the SC “a friend – given the society sense of the word.”

        I like your expanded description. I think I hear you saying that the SC is our very own TRUTH-SAYER and that, when we listen and act upon its leading, we find atonement (at-one-ment, as some say it) with our Source (which I, too, choose to call “God?”)

        If I am hearing you correctly, that feels absolutely RIGHT to me – to learn to fully embrace that now – as it being the true core of my being.

        I just went through more pain for allowing myself to get talked out of my truth – again – by someone I finally realize doesn’t want to accept my truth – what I believe to be right and/or wrong for me and/or the circumstances. Sad that we could never work through that and that the damages as a result – to us both – were so great.

        Discovering the healing powers of the subconcious mind gives me great hope that many wrongs can be righted… ‘With God (I do believe that) all things are possible.’

        • Alethea says:

          Ah yes, now “Why Not” makes sense. It’s good. I was looking for a deeper meaning.

          Yes, the SC is the soul, and the soul is connected to God, but it is not God Itself. God is within every person on earth, or we would not be able to move or breathe, but our soul is not God. It draws strength and truth from God, but our soul carries darkness and pain –pain that only God can heal. True healing comes from God -our Divine source inside.

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