Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Reality That Most Americans Don’t Want To Face

Please read with caution. There is very disturbing material in this article…

Ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse have been documented throughout history.

Both RA and SRA is the abuse, usually of children, that is long-lasting, sadistic, and extreme. It is usually practiced in a group setting and the abuse is kept secret from society at large. Both Satanic ritual abuse and ritual abuse can be performed in the name of Christianity, Satanism, Judaism, Freemasonry, and Pagan beliefs.

Any kind of person can be involved in both SRA and RA. Those who participate can be considered upstanding citizens by people in the community who are unaware of the activities. The perpetrators can be doctors, lawyers, politicians in high places, famous actors, or day laborers and they can come from any social status or income.

Victims are often tortured, force fed feces and blood, or induced with drugs. They are confined, electrically shocked, and beaten. The perpetrators sexually and emotionally abuse their victim, and often spiritually abuse them with the reversal of good and evil, and by twisting morality in the mind of the victim.

Victims of satanic ritual abuse have relayed experiences with chanting, cannibalism, animal sacrifice, mutilation, ceremonies, sexual acts, and torture. Many young girls have been forced to have babies that are used for ritual sacrifices. Ritual abuse can involve child molestation, rape, torture, severe mental torment, and physical suffering. Both forms of abuse may include the torture and killing of animals in the presence of the victim, and might include pornography, prostitution, and murder.

Perpetrators of SRA and RA often program the child to name the wrong perpetrator if the child ever tells, or remembers the abuse as an adult. This often leads to disbelief of the victims and society disregarding SRA and RA as being real.

Cases of SRA and RA have been tried in the United States (as well as other countries) and occasionally result in convictions. People in mainstream society question the truth of decapitations, the murder of babies, multiple child murders, marriages to satan, disembowelments, mutilations, the barbequing of live babies, and ritual sex with children or animals. The human mind cannot handle these kinds of atrocities.

Mainstream society MUST handle it. It is the human denial system which protects the perpetrators and allows victims to continue to be tortured and raped.

Father Malachi Martin was a prominent theologian, well-educated, and a high authority in the Roman Catholic Church. Several years ago, Father Martin warned that at least 8,000 satanic covenants exist in the United States alone and that people from all walks of life are among the members.

As discussed earlier, one of the reasons for disbelief of the victim’s memories, is the claim of remembering babies being murdered. It is possible that these new-borns are a product of incest or child rape from a person within the circle of abusers. Another probability is that the baby had been premature or a forced abortion occurred.

In 2010, forty year-old Daniel Rinehart was convicted of repeatedly raping his daughter when she was a teenager, and for the murder of one of the four children he fathered with her. Reports about the case revealed a house of horrors. The remains of two dead infants were found in two sealed coolers on the family’s property.

The mother of the victim, was sentenced to seven years for failing to protect her child. Linda Rinehart knew about the rapes, and about the children being born as a result of the incest, but she did nothing to stop it. You can read more on that compelling case by clicking here.

In some cases, there is not sra or ra taking place, but a strong likelihood that an abortion or miscarriage within an incestuous family appearing to a young child to be a satanic ritual. A three year old might witness an older sister receiving an abortion that has been forced on her by the perpetrator father along with the collaborating mother. Or the child may have been murdered at birth.

The family may have hidden the pregnancy or the teenager could have concealed the pregnancy from nearly everyone until the pregnancy became so visible that something had to be done. The younger child may see so much horror and blood that he or she dissociates from the mental trauma and might even subconsciously associate it with a satanic ritual.

Some teenage girls, raped by their fathers, give birth to a child and the child is then raised by the mother of the birth-mother (the perpetrator’s wife), as her own. To the outside world, the child is raised as the sister of the birth-mother. The lie is then perpetuated by everyone involved, including the real birth-mother, who has been conditioned and programmed with shame and fear to lie about who the child’s real mother is.

However, be it incest, sra, or ra… these horrific crimes are done in secret and there may be years to allow evidence to disappear, witnesses to forget, and family members often die with the secret.

There are compelling reasons for belief in SRA and RA, much of which stems from mental health experts. The details of the stories brought forth in ritual and satanic ritual abuse cases have been significantly comparable.

In Sundering the Wall of Denial, Bloom speaks of a sub-group of patients, that unlike her other traumatized clients, did not improve with therapy. This sub-group had a multitude of the same symptoms as patients who had been victims of atrocities in war or been tortured. The sub-group of patients had a high number of DID (dissociative identity disorder) sufferers. DID has been associated with repeated brutal or inhuman child abuse. Yet, the symptoms in the sub-group differed by being more severe, more enveloping, and the inner terror was greater.

The fear suffered by these patients was much more disabling and persistent. They had specific triggers which sent the clients into more intense flashbacks than those who were in war camps and tortured. The triggers included religious symbols, certain types of clothing, or knives.

Curiously, these patients reacted badly to group therapy; especially to the group being conducted in a circle (satanic rituals are sometimes performed with groups of people in a circle). Their artwork was particularly interesting because the patients denied that their drawings and paintings had any significance, yet the pictures were limited to disturbing images. They drew or painted pentacles, aborted fetuses, blood, the killing of animals, bodies riddled with blood on alters, crosses turned upside-down, and figures dressed in robes. What is most interesting is that these patients all depicted the same kind of artwork, even though they had no contact with one another, and ritual or satanic ritual abuse had never been discussed.

The sub-group self-mutilated more severely than other victims of childhood trauma. Sexual abuse victims and adult survivors usually concentrate on cutting their legs and arms. The patients suspected of having been victims of SRA cut themselves on their face, abdominal area, and genitals.

When Bloom and other clinicians began to be exposed to organized ritual and Satanic ritual abuse material in literature and during conferences, their system of denial kicked in immediately. They heard about horrible inter-familial child sexual abuse that included most members of the family, starvation and beatings that were beyond brutal, and children being burned. Even though many of these cases had evidence that could be corroborated, Bloom and the other clinicians still struggled with, and opposed the information. The resistance was rooted in the idea that the organized torture of children could not exist, especially among entire members of biological families.

After the clinicians had seen their patients in agony and distress, and because they had the relative clinical evidence to support their patient’s suffering, Bloom realized the greater tragedy would be to deny this type of abuse, than for clinicians to be deceived by a patient inventing untruths.

Ritual abuse and satanic ritual Abuse are both real and very hard to comprehend. I have great compassion for those who have suffered this heinous trauma. I know the quest for validation and belief among victims of SRA and RA is much harder than what I went through. My heart goes out to those who have suffered the sick cruelty and torment of this kind of abuse. I hope that something in this article will help them, or to help others to believe them, or for them to believe themselves.

Satanic and ritual abuse has recently been openly exposed, but it has always existed. Human sacrifice and the worship of Satan go back to the beginning of time. Just like incest, we may never truly know how much SRA and RA exist.

Satanic and ritualistic abuse is usually extreme and sadistic. Reports or any mention of it can cause most people to to look at the person who dares to talk about it, as if they have three heads. SRA and RA are not a fairy tale or a religious scare tactic.

Sandra Bloom says that one of the only things that will break down the wall of denial is personal experience and massive evidence. It has been my observation that even with enormous proof, the wall of denial remains intact. Bloom seems to agree. She says, “The horrors of the present are only truly known to the victims and to those who perpetrate the horror. The rest of us, the bystanders, spend most of our lives denying the reality of the irrational all around us, despite the many lessons history has to teach us.”



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6 Responses to Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Reality That Most Americans Don’t Want To Face

  1. Michael Martews says:

    Satanic ritual abuse is widespread in Australia and is highly concentated in specific regions. Victim/Survivor escapees from multigenerational Occult religious families report that their former families train compliant children and recruits to infiltrate Govt agencies, Political parties, above ground churches, Military, and of course Childcare organisations.
    These evil people live double live and can for example be a Priest or Pastor in daytime and be a Witch or Warlock at night involved in Satanic ritual rape, torture,baby sacrifice and drinking blood and cannibalism, nechrophelia, beastiallity,orgies
    Children that survive are bainwashed, married to Satan in Ritual ceremonies and forced to have sexual relation with siblings.
    Homosexuallity is compulsory in Occult families
    They have their own “Black Bible” which s written in direct opposition to the Holy Bible. They use other books such as Handbook of Torture, Book of Queens (handwritten) Book of Death (handwritten)
    They trully worship the Devil and believe that Satan the devil has conquered Christ. Although i have found when confronting these evil people that they have no real strength of belief and they are very cowardly

  2. Grace says:

    Dear Alethea,

    This article came to mind when I recently finished reading a book called “Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor. She survived many horrendous forms of RA and SRA since birth, and all this was done in a effort to create multiple personalities within her so she would be a human robot for members of show business “royalty”. If you’re interested, the PDF version of her book (300+ pages) is freely available online.

    I still can’t believe this stuff happens. It makes me want to, more and more, find Light and Love and have only these energies reign supreme in my life.

    Your friend

    • Alethea says:

      Grace, Brice Taylor says she was sexually abused by Bob Hope and many other celebrities. Just like Cathy O’Brien, who says, and documents, that she and her daughter were sexually abused by George Bush Senior, Dick Cheney, Hilary Clinton, Senator Byrd, and more. These books are not well known, but I have read Cathy O’Brien’s book, and not only is her story compelling, and not only did a CIA agent rescue her and back up her story, but she has documented proof in her book. She also took her case to Congress and they told her they could not do anything “for reasons of national security.” None of those she accuses has ever denied it.

      I have not read Brice’s book. Please provide that link if you can. I’d sure appreciate it.

      We live in a world run by Satan and his acolytes…only most people don’t know it, don’t want to hear it, and will deny it.

      • Grace says:

        Hello Alethea,

        Here is the link to Brice’s book:

        Ms. Taylor mentions meeting Cathy O’Brien and her “deprogrammer” Mike in the above book. Apparently, both Cathy and Mike initially opened up to her (Brice)…but then recanted their support by stating she had a wild imagination. I’m wondering why these two survivors have not had their paths cross since their initial meeting.

        • Alethea says:

          Hi Grace. It surprises me that Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien did this to Brice. I wonder what is going on behind the story.

          Thanks for the link, I have always wanted to read her story.


  3. Grace says:

    I noticed you tagged this article “evil”…and rightfully so…That is the only word I can think of when I hear “sacrifice” and “child” used in the same sentence. Goodness.

    Thank you, as always, for sharing information that is ugly to look at but very much part of our current society.


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