Childhood Trauma Changes the Brain and the Mind Can Change It Back

“Painful experiences early in life can alter the brain in lasting ways.

A difficult reality for psychiatrists and counselors of child abuse is that young victims are at high risk of becoming offenders themselves one day, although it’s unclear why. But now a team of behavioral geneticists in Switzerland report a possible reason: early psychological trauma may actually cause lasting changes in the brain that promote aggressive behavior in adulthood.”

Writing this week Translational Psychiatry, the researchers describe a series or experiments conducted in rats that led them to that conclusion. Animals placed in traumatic, fear-inducing situations around the time of puberty show high and sustained levels of aggression later in life. And while rats cannot substitute for humans, the scared rats also showed changes in hormone levels, brain activity, and genetic expression that appear very similar to traits observed among troubled and unusually violent people.”

As long as human beings continue down the path they are on, and conduct cruel and inhuman experiments on animals, and experiment with deadly drugs on human beings and animals, then we are all on the path to our own self-destruction.

The basic Hermetic Principle, ‘The Mind is All’ is what is needed in this era, not more drugs, and more experiments.

Scientists do not need to torture animals or create more dangerous drugs to solve the problems and illnesses of the world.

Of course early psychological trauma causes lasting changes in the brain that can promote aggressive behavior in adulthood. Yes, hormones brain activity, chemicals in the brain, and genetic expression can be severely affected by child sexual abuse and trauma…but the human mind has the intrinsic ability to heal all of these problems.

“Modern” medicine, “modern” psychiatry, and scientists had better get their act together, and human beings had better stop supporting the torture and pain of animal testing all in order to find “cures” and “treatments” for illness, disease, mental health problems, and the ills of our society…because what has been used to treat these problems IS NOT WORKING. There is another way, and if we humans do not raise our consciousness to higher levels, and work towards altruism, and towards rescuing animals and Mother Earth, and if people do not use their God-given will to rise above their own ego-self then we are not going to last much longer as a species.

“The main implication of the research, says study co-author Carmen Sandi, is that it links two previously observed phenomena: the higher rate of aggression among those experiencing early-life stress, and the blunted activation of a brain region known as the orbitofrontal cortex among people with pathological aggression. Social learning, it seems, may not be the only thing that makes abused kids more likely to grow up aggressive.

“This is a key finding which highlights the importance of not only developing social programs and politics, but also of reinforcing research that could offer valid [medical] treatments for individuals that have been victimized early in life,” says Sandi, the director of the Brain Mind Institute at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in an email discussing the study. “We need to understand the neurobiological mechanisms to offer better solutions to break ‘the cycle of violence.’”

Pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, tubes, inserts, transplants, medical devices being inserted into the human body, and experimentation on innocent creatures is not going to break the cycle of abuse or heal the symptoms.

“In the study, Sandi and colleagues tested the rats for changes in specific regions of the brain following long periods of fear, and then tested a potential treatment to determine if it was possible to undo those brain changes.

They began by exposing about 40 pubescent male rats for a few minutes at a time over several days, to severe stress — which, for the rats was either the scent of a fox or being stranded on a brightly lit platform. Those rats immediately showed higher levels of stress hormones and later puberty onset than similar animals not exposed to those experiences.

As adults, the stressed rats showed greater aggression toward other males they met — even ones that were clearly not a threat because they were much smaller or even anesthetized. And the once-stressed animals also showed more signs of depression and anxiety, including a reduced interest in food, lower sociability, and a tendency to give up quickly when faced with a challenge.”

This is sub-human behavior. Every answer, every healing tool, every path to health and well-being is inside every human being. For those who consider themselves Christian, it is the same principle as Jesus taught us — “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.”

“Those behavioral changes were accompanied by neurobiological changes in the brain as well. Compared to normal rats, the once-fearful ones had higher levels of the hormone testosterone, which is linked to aggression. They also showed more activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for emotions such as fear and anxiety, and altered connectivity between the amygdala and a region of the brain involved in decision-making. These brain alterations were also correlated with enhanced expression of the gene for an enzyme known as monoamine oxidase A, or MAOA, providing the scientists with a potential way to reverse the effects of the early traumas. Indeed, treating the rats with an MAOA inhibitor helped to restore normal social behavior and reduce aggression in the formerly stressed animals.”

That we should all become like robots and all become numb zombies.

“It turns out that the MAOA gene is also related to aggressive behavior in people, and certain inherited variants of the gene have also been linked to aggressive tendencies. Because the new study showed that MAOA inhibitors were effective in treating pathological aggression in rats, Sandi says the findings might suggest a similar drug treatment for humans, too, to complement behavioral therapy.”

Behavioral therapy does not work until the trauma and abuse is dealt with at the subconscious level. Drugs and behavioral modification will never truly heal, will never bring a person peace, and will certainly never heal our world.

“Why would early traumatic experiences crave permanent changes in the brain?”

These changes ARE NOT PERMANENT. They can be healed at the subconscious level and restored.

Humanity can also be restored if human beings stop their selfish gene from taking over, and instead, nurture their higher self –their inherent Divine Nature.

If there is anyone reading this who wants to change their life…who wants to rid themselves of disease, illness, fear, anxiety, trauma, and feelings of worthlesses and desperation….if anyone out there wants to truly know themselves, to know who they truly are, and recuperate their Divine Nature…. –To recuperate your True Identity and become who You truly Are – an Unlimited Being with Unlimited Potentials of Being – and thereafter manifesting your chosen reality from that place of consciousness. …then contact me for my therapist’s phone number.

Anyone who has a will to change their life can do the therapy over the phone.

Benefits of this form of therapy:

  • Optimal Health
  • Freedom from Stress
  • Inner Peace, harmony and balance in spite of environmental pressures
  • Awareness of your love nature
  • Recuperating your inner child’s joy for life
  • Becoming the observer of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations –directing them towards your well-being, rather than letting those processes drive you to undesirable actions
  • Freedom from drugs or alcohol dependency
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Freedom from destructive habits
  • Being Your Self, rather than a ‘people pleaser persona’ whose perspective of things gets lost in seeking acceptance from others
  • Personal relationships improvement
  • Freedom from anger, frustration and repression blocks
  • Courage to be yourself and to design your life
  • Self-confidence
  • Experiencing the Unlimited possibilities life offers
  • Finding  new heights of joy in life

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If you sense a slight desperation in my words, it is because every day of my life I see, hear, or personally witness so much selfishness, cruelty, ego-driven actions, unawareness, ignorance, abuse, and vulgarity in this world that I do not know what road we are soon approaching.


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2 Responses to Childhood Trauma Changes the Brain and the Mind Can Change It Back

  1. little nel says:

    Alethea, your last paragraph is something that the rest of us can relate to also.
    I think that what you are seeing soon approaching our society, myself included, is the road to destruction as opposed to the road to peace.

    Your list of benefits from hypno-therapy leads to inner peace, growth, happiness, and better health for individuals who want those things.

    “The child inside wants to heal and will even re-crate trauma to get our attention.”
    I am grateful that the child inside of me does not have to re-create trauma anymore and can now spend her time creating good things in her life while attending to her own needs with the help of a loving God and the friendship of others who know these things also.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Alethea says:

      Me too Little Nel. This therapy is so wonderful that we don’t have to re-create trauma, we instead allow the therapy sessions to allow the natural process of gently dealing with the trauma.

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