“My Cries for Help Were Ignored”

“A Caroline County man accused of molesting three young girls that were in his mother’s care more than 15 years ago was convicted of three counts of object sexual penetration Wednesday.

Vivian C. Jeter, 37, of Bowling Green was sentenced to 60 years in prison with all but 20 years suspended per a plea agreement in Caroline County Circuit Court.

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Diane M. Abato said a plea deal was made so that the victims wouldn’t have to go through a trial.

According to a summary of events read in court, Jeter’s mother was running a baby-sitting service in her home where the children would stay overnight.

Accusations first surfaced a few years ago from a young man who said Jeter sexually molested him when he would stay at the home.

After he came forward, two sisters and another woman told authorities the same thing happened to them when they were around the ages of 6 and 7 years old, according to court records.

The first boy has since died, but 30 charges were filed based on the girls’ accusations. All but three were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea on the three charges.

The molestation was said to have occurred between June 1990 and 1996.

One of the victims, now 31, said the damage to her genital area was so severe that she had to have two reconstructive surgeries.

“What you did to me was wrong,” she said in a victim impact statement to Jeter. “I was an innocent happy little girl and you took that away from me. Something I can not get back.”

A second victim, now 30, said Jeter stole her virginity from her at 7 years old.

“I hate when I have to cut the lights off at night because I think about the things he did to me,” she said. “I feel less of a woman because I think I can’t have kids and in my heart, Vivian Jeter took that away from me.”

Before Judge Joseph J. Ellis announced the sentence, he said a few words to Jeter.

“There is a special place in hell” for people like you, said Ellis, who suggested that Jeter spend the next 20 years on his knees asking God for forgiveness.

Jeter’s mother, 69-year-old Barbara Ann Jeter of Bowling Green, also is facing charges.

The victims stated that they told her about the sexual abuse by her son and she did nothing about it.

“My cries for help were ignored,” one of the victims said.

Her trial is scheduled for May 20 on three counts each of child abuse and child cruelty.

One of the victims encouraged other rape victims to come forward no matter how hard it may be.

“For those that are scared to speak up, don’t be. Someone is listening,” she said. “Don’t let that creep get away with it.”



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  1. little nel says:

    What a horrible child care provider! She allowed her son to rape her clients’ children without a thought about the welfare of the children. The children were just there because she needed income.
    I’m glad that the courts in Bowling Green have prosecuted them both as they were both guilty of crimes!

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