Young Woman Sexually Abused by Her Female Nanny Finishes 1,500-Mile Awareness Walk

To my interested readers…I know I have neglected to write part three of The Sacred Monster, but I am still healing that issue and I have been avoiding the subject because I was blocking it out by my conscious need to “move on” from that. But as I have written many times before, “move on” “let it go” and “what’s past is past” are the biggest lies we can tell ourselves. The conscious mind thinks it knows best, but the conscious mind doesn’t know crap.

The email from my “mother” and my response to her, have resurrected the issue of having been sexually abused by her, ignored, unloved and minimized by her. I am now purging the emotions that were still locked inside my subconscious mind (where my inner child lives) and I hope to either soon write The Sacred Monster Part Three, or maybe even write a book about The Sacred Monster.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — “Child sexual abuse survivor and victim advocate Lauren Book finished a 1,500-mile walk through Florida on Tuesday, but she still has unfinished work in the Capitol.

Book sprinted to the Old Capitol to cheers as hundreds of supporters in blue shirts walked behind her. She began her walk 35 days earlier in Key West. Gov. Rick Scott, all three Cabinet members, Senate President Don Gaetz, House Speaker Will Weatherford, many lawmakers and the secretaries for the departments of Children and Families and Juvenile Justice greeted her.

“I’m so impressed with what you’ve accomplished and the awareness you’ve raised,” Scott told Book.

Lauren Book

Lauren Book

This is the fourth year book as walked across the state, an event that was 500 miles in 2010 and later expanded to pass through more areas of the state. Book described victims she met along the way who tearfully told the stories of being raped. One was an 18-year-old woman in Perry who had a son from a rape four years earlier, she said.

“This young mother was crying. This young mother was wailing,” Book said. “She shared her story with me. I met her son. We walked. We talked about how important it was for her to not only to walk for herself, and her to not only survive for herself, but for her son. That was a special day.”

Book said she and her team were able to connect the woman to a rape crisis center in the area.

“She made an appointment. She’s getting services,” Book said. “That is why we walk.”

Book, 28, doesn’t just walk to raise awareness — each year she works to pass laws to help victims, prevent abuse and punish offenders. The first bill she and her father, lobbyist Ron Book, helped pass was when she was 17, a year after she revealed years of abuse at the hands of her nanny.

This year Book is pushing for bills that would raise from 11 to 16 the age at which out-of-court statements child victims make to investigators can be used at the trials of the people accused of sexually abusing them.

It would help child victims who might be intimated by having to testify in court, Book said.

“We’ve had several cases this year where children who are above the age of 11 just did not have the ability or capacity to testify,” Book said.

She recalled having to testify against her abuser, and how defense attorneys made sure she had a clear line of vision to the woman who raped her.

“It’s hard because you have to face the person who did the worst, the most awful, horrible things to you,” Book said. “It’s very, very difficult. It’s very scary and you feel like you’re on trial. It’s not a process that’s easy for victims so anything we can do to make it easier for victims is an important piece of the puzzle.”


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