Blind to Betrayal

After receiving an email response to my letter to “the mother,” I realized how blind she is to her betrayal of others. But the soul knows the truth, and on Friday I wrote a four-page response letter to her soul. The letter was worth five therapy sessions for me. I cried, purged emotions, edited out the cuss words, took a deep breath, and mailed it.

I will post my letter tonight or tomorrow.

“Professor Jennifer Freyd has a new book with Pamela Birrell called Blind to Betrayal. The book, officially published today, explores various case studies involving betrayal, its effects and how victims come to grips with it. Most relevant to the Recovered Memory Project is the chapter about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and how Pamela and Peter Freyd invaded Prof. Freyd’s privacy and tried to sabotage her career. That chapter also contains excerpts from a letter that Pamela Birrell wrote to Advisory Board Members of the organization in 1992 about the fallacies of the FMSF. The authors report that only two members of the board responded and neither was willing to engage in dialogue.”

“This is an important book for understanding the problem of betrayal trauma and for adding to the historical record about the early and indefensible actions of Pamela and Peter Freyd.” –The Recovered Memory Project


The Recovered Memory Project

Blind to Betrayal at Amazon

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2 Responses to Blind to Betrayal

  1. little nel says:

    Good post, Alethea.
    I’m always aware that men who betray other men face sometimes deadly consequences, but when men betray women, it’s not something that they fear the same way that they fear men.
    Women seem to accept betrayal more readily than men because we are less powerful.

    My abusers had no problem feeling more powerful than me, so betrayal was easy for them.

  2. tifed3 says:

    Thank you Alethea!

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