Heath Stocks: A Story of a Life Destroyed, a Life Deserved

At the end of this article, please click on the link to petition for a reduced sentence for Heath Stocks. No child rape victim should be in prison for doing something as a direct result of being raped and mentally controlled by the rapist.

Heath, at the age his abuser began to violate him

Heath, at the age his abuser began to violate him

Many years ago, when I first read about Heath Stocks, I was immediately struck by his story.

I saw a young boy who was manipulated by a child rapist, Jack Walls, who abused his way into Heath’s psyche and took advantage of Heath’s need for love from a male authority figure.

Heath Stocks was under a serious form of mind-control by Jack walls –death threats. Jack Walls used threats of death to keep his secret. Threats of death can become imbedded in the victim, and can be used by the child rapist to get his victim to murder for him.

“I do not have to believe Heath Stocks’ testimony that you told him to kill his family to know that he was your finest creation, and perhaps most vulnerable victim, and to know that he became what you taught him to be. I only know that, in the very least, you are indirectly responsible for the deaths of Joe, Barbara and Heather Stocks.”-Walls’ sentencing judge, Lance L. Hanshaw

A Story of a Life Destroyed, a Life Deserved

“Thank you for your interest in Heath Stocks and for taking the time to learn more about him. On this web site you will find information about how you can help Heath along with information about child abuse and it’s long term effects on the lives it touches. Your support is greatly appreciated and needed.

Heath Stocks is a victim of child abuse seeking to share his tragic story to prevent the abuse of other young children. No story of child abuse is simple. Statistics show that 1 in 6 children are sexually abused by a family member or trusted family friend. Heath’s abuse finally ended when his father, mother and sister were murdered in an effort to protect the man abusing him.

Heath’s story is sad and will break your heart, especially if you have known someone abused as a child. Heath is speaking out through the media, the internet and any other way he can to make us all aware of the prevalence of child abuse in our society. If only one child is spared the pain that Heath has experienced, his efforts will not be in vain.

Heath is presently in an Arkansas prison, sentenced to life without parole for the murders of his family. Heath’s abuser, a trusted Boy Scout Leader and “pillar of the community”, Charles “Jack” Walls III, had an enormous amount of power and control in the small Arkansas community of Lonoke. The power this abuser had over his victims kept even the mention of Heath’s abuse from coming up at his sentencing. It wasn’t until a year after Heath was sent to prison that the story of Jack’s abuse was made public.

Charles “Jack” Walls, III was convicted on 6 counts of RAPE and is now serving one life and a 40 year sentence in the Arkansas Department of Corrections, with possibility of parole. Hopefully, this man will never be granted parole and never be able to touch another young boy.

Every little boy deserves a chance to live his life. Heath’s life as a child and an adult was stolen by a sexual predator that was suppose to be a trusted family friend. Don’t let that mistake happen to your child or any child you know!”

To watch “The Scoutmaster’s Secret” click here

“We have every indication that he (Walls) told him (Heath) to do it and that he was there to see that it was done, if not participate in it. If we could have asked for the death penalty for Jack Walls we would have, but that was not an option.” ~Betty Dickey, former Chief Justice and Special Prosecutor for Walls’ trial

Petition for Sentence Reduction

To read all vital information on the case, click here.

The fact that heath killed his parents and sister do not disturb me in the way that it might bother other people. This is because I fully understand what years of sexual abuse and death threats can do to the mind of the victim.

Without deep therapy, the victim can be triggered, or manipulated, into losing their conscious rational mind and do something that appears horrific to the outside world, but is actually very understandable to the child victim.

I do not condone what Heath did, but I understand it. I understand it more than many people might. I do not judge what he did and I do not think he should be in prison for one more day, especially since his abuser told him to kill his family…

To read my first article on the case, click here: Boy Scout Rapist

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6 Responses to Heath Stocks: A Story of a Life Destroyed, a Life Deserved

  1. Kathie Stocks says:

    Thank you very much Alethea, I certainly appreciate your time! I’m often asked what can be done to help Heath and one of the things I ask for a letter to be written to the Governor. Unfortunately he denied mercy for Heath in 2007, stating that the 10 years of abuse preceding his crime was “without merit,” and has also indicated that he will not grant Heath clemency in the future for fear it would complicate his political aspirations. This is unacceptable, and regardless we push on and write everyone we can think of to help. There is a way, and we’ll find it! In 2 years Heath will have spent half on his entire life in prison and it makes my determination burn even deeper. If you or anyone else would like to write the Gov on Heath’s behalf the address is:

    Governor Mike Beebe
    State Capitol Room 250
    Little Rock, AR 72201

    Thank you again for your time and suggestions!


    • Alethea says:

      Dear Kathie,

      We are living in times of action-reaction, cause and effect, “karma,” or ‘separating the wheat form the chaff.’

      If the Governor has refused to help Heath in order to enhance his career, or keep his job, then he will have to deal with his choice. There is a higher hand of God.

      Life is unpredictable. Maybe someone with higher principles will reside in the office of the Governor in the near future. So don’t give up. Be patient and keep up the good work.

      Thank you for the address. I will write him..

  2. Kathie Stocks says:

    Hi there, my name is Kathie Stocks and I am Heath’s wife. We very much appreciate the effort you’ve put forth to share Heath’s story, and we thank you for investing the time! Our goal for many years has been to help others reach an understanding of how this tragedy occurred, and how it is that one man could gain such immense control of not only Heath but an entire community.The deaths of his father, mother, and sister will forever serve as an important reminder as to the cost of the sexual and psychological abuse Walls inflicted upon boys in Lonoke, AR for over 30 years. Our hopes are strong that someday the powers to be in Arkansas will choose to acknowledge the mitigating factors and give Heath a chance to truly live free of both his childhood and adult prisons.

    • Alethea says:

      Dearest Kathie,

      What a beautiful person you are to give your heart, time, and support to Heath. I wrote the governor many years ago in defense of Heath, and heard nothing back of course. How about another letter-writing campaign? Petitions are great, but maybe not as personal, and thus, not as effective.

      My life is complicated with many things right now, so I could not help in such an undertaking, but if you wanted to do a campaign like that, send me the info. and I will write another letter, and post all the information on my Blog for others to write to the Governor. I see you have 175 or so Facebook followers too. That could mean 175 letters….could be powerful.

      Anyway, keep up the good fight. Stacey Lannert got out of prison, and she was serving life. The little King boys got changes in their favor too when many people like me wrote letters to the judge in the King case.

      Keep us posted.

      All my best,

  3. Spector says:

    Thank you so very much for posting this, Alethea.

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