There is Something Wrong With Elizabeth Smart

Due to time restraints, and the fact that the Ohio kidnapping/rape/torture case is so horrific, I have not been able to post any articles about it, but I intend to!

In the interim, a fellow soul on the journey of recovery from child rape, death threats, confinement, and long-term sexual abuse, has sent me a link to Elizabeth Smart’s “advice” to the Ohio victims. Once again, the audacity of Elizabeth Smart blows me away….

WASHINGTON (AP) – “Famous kidnapping survivors Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart have words of wisdom for the three women found this week in Cleveland years after their disappearance.

Dugard was abducted from a California bus stop in 1991 at age 11 and held captive for 18 years in a backyard, where she gave birth to two children conceived by rape. She made an oblique reference Tuesday to the Cleveland case as she accepted an award in Washington from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“What an amazing time to be talking about hope, with everything that’s happening,” she said in her brief remarks. She urged the hundreds of people at the annual awards gala not to give up on missing children. “Just urge yourself to care,” she said.

In a statement released earlier through her publicist, Dugard said the women need a chance to heal and reconnect with the world. She said that the human spirit is resilient, and that the case reaffirms that people should never give up hope.

Dugard’s mother, Terry Probyn, said in Washington that she understood what the relatives of the Cleveland victims were going through.

“I feel the same relief and the same joy that I felt when Jaycee was returned to me safely after 18 hellish years,” she said. “I never doubted for one minute that I would someday be reunited with my daughter.”

John Ryan, CEO of the center, praised the vigilance of investigators in Cleveland, saying they followed up on tips and never forgot about the missing women.

“There are other missing children out there that are only a phone call away from getting away from their predators,” Ryan said. “I have every hope and confidence that this will lead to future recoveries.”

Ryan said the three women would likely be honored by his group in the future. “I think they’re going to be at the top of the list,” he said.

“In comments Tuesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Smart said she was overjoyed to hear about the happy ending for the Cleveland women, who escaped Monday after being missing a decade. She said the ordeal highlights the importance of the public staying alert and vigilant. She advised the women to focus on moving forward and let go of the past.”…

There was no “happy ending.” This mentality is indicative of what I have written about Elizabeth Smart all along. She either lives in a fantasy world where one day her kidnapping, death threats, confinement, and 1,000 rapes are going to come back to haunt her, and she will then have to deal with it….or she was not so much a victim and she planned, and went along with her “captors,” in order to escape a strict Mormon home, nutty restrictive parents, and harp lessons.

Someone ought to pull Elizabeth Smart out of victim’s advocate groups. I am surprised that, by now, no mental health expert has come forward to admonish her and to demand that she stop trying to “council” child rape, torture, and kidnapping victims. “Let it go,” “move on with your life,” is what the perpetrators tell their victims, and what family members who knew about abuse, and did nothing to stop it, tell the victim.

In my experience, the only people who tell victims to “move on and let it go” are people who were not victims.

“Smart says it’s also important for others to respect the privacy of those women as they recover from the decade-long ordeal.”…

Elizabeth Smart needs to respect the right of victims to react normally after their ordeal. These victims are going to go through hell trying to heal from this. There was no “happy ending.” The day the victims were rescued, was the beginning of a long road of recovery.


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10 Responses to There is Something Wrong With Elizabeth Smart

  1. dsouzrr says:

    Hey. I just moved to SLC and live really close to where this whole thing happened. I started researching (I do research professionally) out of pure interest to a weird case that happened so close to where I am now. I found A LOT of weird and downright shady stuff. (deleted files, legislative loop-holes, contradictions, sadomasochism) You are on to something. This story is not what it appears. E-mail me if you get the chance!

  2. Alethea says:

    Boy life is sure interesting sometimes. Yesterday, I was at a town function and “coincidentally” met a woman who asked me what I do, when I told her about my work, she revealed that she was a fourth generation incest survivor in the Mormon Church. She said even her grandsons were sexually abused. She left the Church years ago (more like escaped). Neither of us brought up Elizabeth Smart, but I did after a few minutes. I asked her if she thinks Elizabeth was being sexually abused in her family before the kidnapping, and that is why she is behaving so strangely (continued dissociation). Or, if she was tired of restraints and being the good girl, and wanted to experience life, and took off with Mitchell willingly. This woman told me she grew up around the corner from the Smart family. She agreed that Elizabeth might have been sexually abused in her family already, but she mentioned the word “set up” in regards to the “kidnapping” and then she sort of had the look on her face that maybe she had said too much, and changed the subject back to her own incest. She was very polite and outspoken with me about her incest and healing etc. but the Elizabeth Smart subject became quiet pretty quickly. I may run into her again, and maybe we will unite in our projects (she is also doing healing work and on the path of wanting to make this world better). But it was pretty serendipitous to meet her.

    • little nel says:

      Whoa! Interesting conversation with an ex-neighbor of the Smart family.
      This woman may be on to something. The idea that Elizabeth Smart may have been “set up” in regards to the “kidnapping” is not that far fetched when you consider her current “advice” to other victims and her lack of emotional trauma.

      Elizabeth knew her kidnapper has he had been employed by her father. Her sister recognized him also, as she was there, the night of the “kidnapping.” She said his name was “Emanuel.”

      Jodi Arias was another Morman woman who claimed to be a victim but didn’t have any of the usual trauma connected to victims.

  3. Alethea says:

    Thanks for commenting Serieve.

    The victims in the Ohio case will experience a period of joy and freedom after being set free from the hell, but that euphoria will only last so long. With age, life-stress, and other external influences, they will eventually experience what you have listed, so they need to seek proper mental health care as soon as they feel ready to deal with the trauma, repressed rage, repressed shame, and all the effects of having been isolated, tortured and raped for ten years….but most importantly…..these women will need serious help for the forced miscarriages….and will need serious serious help for the murder of their multiple unborn fetuses

    This was a house of horrors, filled with satanic-type of rituals. No one has the right to tell these victims to move on and let it go!

  4. melissa lee says:

    My guess would be that she was groomed by her father, well before the abduction happened, meaning Elizabeth Smart…) Melissa Lee

  5. little nel says:

    “She advised the women to focus on moving forward and let go of the past.”

    She forgot to add, “Don’t forget to take your medication.”

    Elizabeth, you must be on drugs. Only an idiot would give advise like that to three women who have been kidnapped, tortured, raped, starved, deprived of medical care,and held captive for ten years. These woman are just getting over the shock of escaping captivity. They need some time to get caught up with the culture of the living and adjusting to normalcy, not focus on “moving on.”

    What turnip truck did Elizabeth Smart fall off of? This woman needs to shut up and get real.

    • Alethea says:

      The fact that she would say this to these victims when there were forced abortions and induced miscarriages is beyond reprehensible!

      • little nel says:

        Reading about the forced abortions and induced miscarriages tore me up. The monster who raped and tortured those pregnant girls like that, is as evil as they come.

        He set out to destroy their feminine souls and bodies in a way that smacks of things that are unthinkable and unimaginable to me. My heart dropped in my chest when it was reported in the news what he did to them in that regard. I can’t bear to think about the cruel treatment those girls endured while chained and starved. It makes me cry.

        That monster does not deserve to live on this earth.

        • Alethea says:

          Me too Little Nel. Those forced abortions and induced miscarriages are Satanic. They are HORRIFIC. When one truly looks at what Elizabeth Smart told those women, TRULY examines it from this stand point….one can see that she has been programmed to behave like a robot, or has no ability to empathize…she has serious problems.

          I do not understand why Elizabeth Smart has been put on such a pedestal. Is she a willing part of the PR campaign for herself, her parents, and Mormonism, or is she being manipulated?

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