Wade Robson: He Needs to Be Honest With Himself for the Sake of Victims and Justice

First of all, Wade will have to deal with the fact that he created a lot of pain in the boys who accused Jackson in the molestation trial, and who were called liars. Wade will have to face that he contributed to years of the prolonged negative effects in those boys for having been degraded and humiliated by Jackson fans, and by Jackson’s attorneys.

Wade was somewhat unconvincing to me in the Today Show interview; that is until he told Matt Lauer how he began to deal with it.

Wade deliberately says his case was not one of repressed memory, and that he never forgot what Michael Jackson did to him.

Wade says that the trauma returned when he was looking at his young son and began to imagine someone having sexually abused the boy.

Wade says he then began having an emotional breakdown. This is when I realized that he is probably telling the truth. This is a natural, and common, way for sexual abuse to come to the surface in the emotional body.

A person can repress sexual abuse, without mentally repressing it.

Hundreds of thousands of people, go on with their lives with memories of childhood sexual abuse, but they do not break down or truly deal with it until much later in life when something triggers the repressed emotional pain.

I believe Wade because he is going up against the power of the Jacksons, and that’s pretty telling, especially after saying repeatedly under oath that nothing happened. This guy knows what he is in for.

When the Jackson molestation trial took place many years ago, I stood outside the courthouse, with a sign, in defense of the victims. I was terrified of the Jackson family and the fans. I had good right to be. They are scary people. Three fans physically held me down against a trash can outside the courthouse.

When the not-guilty verdict came down, I wrote an article to my local paper in Los Angeles California, and when they published it, I went through a lot of fear. I was terrified that the Jackson family would come and attack me. This fear was based in the death threats instilled in me by my parents, but also based in the fact that I was well aware of the financial, social, and physical power the Jackson family has. I have since conquered that fear, but the fact that Wade is proceeding with these accusations, and lawsuit against the Jackson Estate, tells me that he is NOT lying.

But I do not like Wade’s attitude so far. He lied on the stand and let the other victims take the hard fall of betrayal. He then selfishly went on with his life until his love of his son triggered his desire to be truthful.

No where in his intervew with Lauer, did Wade apologize to the victims he allowed to be thrown to the wolves. He did not mention them at all. It is possible that anything along those lines was edited out of the interview, but as it stands, Wade appears very selfish to me. He spoke of getting his life back, but nothing about helping the lives of those he helped to ruin by allowing a child sexual abuser to get away with his crimes. Wade owes a huge apology to the boys he allowed to stand alone, and to be ridiculed and called liars. In addition, Wade had better apologize to any victims subsequently abused after the acquittal.


“Michael Jackson was a “monster” who molested a now-famous choreographer for seven years when the dance pro was a child, a lawyer claimed Wednesday.

The lawyer for alleged victim Wade Robson issued his blockbuster statement after going to court last week on Robson’s behalf to seek a late claim against the dead singer’s estate related to “childhood sexual assault.”

The legal claim surfaced Tuesday and grabbed immediate headlines because Robson — who went on to work with Britney Spears, ‘N Sync and Demi Lovato — was a regular sleepover guest at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and denied any sexual abuse during the pop icon’s 2005 molestation trial in Santa Barbara County.

“Michael Jackson was a monster, and in their hearts every normal person knows it,” lawyer Henry Gradstein said in a statement to the Daily News.

Gradstein described Robson as a “gentle” and introspective young father who repressed his memories of the alleged abuse until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child,” Gradstein said. “He lived with the brain-washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him.”

According to Gradstein, Jackson had threatened Robson over exposure of the alleged molestation.

“If anyone ever finds out about what we did, we will go to jail for the rest of our lives,” Jackson told Robson, the lawyer claimed. “Our lives will be ruined forever.”

Gradstein said his client was too young and impressionable to clearly process what happened.

“This kind of intimidation of a child by a sexual predator is tragically characteristic and effective, keeping them quiet about the abuse — often for a lifetime,” Gradstein said.

Robson, now 30, was a regular companion of the “Thriller” singer in the late 80s and early 90s after their meeting in Australia when he was just 5 years old.

He testified at the infamous 2005 molestation trial that he shared the pop star’s bed a few times as a boy but was “never” sexually abused.

“Giving uneasy testimony on the witness stand in Santa Barbara County, he denied an ex-maid’s claim that she caught Jackson showering naked with him. The maid, Blanca Francia, recalled seeing Robson’s tiny “green-neon” underwear on the bathroom floor next to Jackson’s white cotton briefs and hearing the duo “laughing and playing around.”

She said she could make out the figures of Jackson and a “little kid” but couldn’t confirm they were touching due to the “cloudy” haze of steam.

She said it happened in 1989 or 1990, when Robson was about 8 years old.

“It never happened,” Robson testified in 2005.

Jackson, who died of an accidental drug overdose in 2009, was acquitted of molestation by a jury.

“Mr. Robson’s claim is outrageous and pathetic,” Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for Jackson’s estate, said Wednesday in reaction to Robson’s reversal.

“This is a young man who has testified at least twice under oath over the past 20 years and said in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him. Now, nearly four years after Michael has passed,this sad and less than credible claim has been made,” he said.

“We are confident that the court will see this for what it is,” Weitzman said

Gradstein said Robson had not designated a dollar figure in his court paperwork filed May 1.

“There are significant legal issues involved in this case that have the potential to impact lives beyond just our client. But the Jackson money machine, in which everyone is indeed financially motivated, is at it once again to keep the truth from coming out. This time it won’t work,” Gradstein said.

A lawyer for Jackson’s beloved mom also was critical of the new claim late Tuesday.

“This is really absurd,” lawyer Perry Sanders told the News.

Sources tell us after the breakdown, Robson went to a psychotherapist for several weeks … and that’s all it took for the floodgates to open. Robson then told his family Michael Jackson had molested him from ages 7 to 14.

Our sources say shortly after Robson revealed his secret … he told friends and family he planned to file a lawsuit against the MJ Estate.

As for his motivation … Robson family sources tell TMZ … although he’s not making any money, he has “substantial savings.”

The lawyer for famed choreographer Wade Robson tells TMZ, Michael Jackson was a “monster” who sexually abused Wade for seven years as a child … and threatened him if he ever went public.

Robson’s lawyer, Henry Gradstein, tells TMZ, “Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he [Wade] collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child.” Robson spent many weekends with Jackson at Neverland Ranch and his other homes in L.A. and Vegas between ages 7 and 14.

Gradstein goes on … “He [Wade] lived with the brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him.” Gradstein says Michael would tell Wade, “If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives” and “our lives will be ruined forever.”   Gradstein tells us the threats worked, and Wade kept his mouth shut, adding, “This kind of intimidation of a child by a sexual predator is tragically characteristic and effective, keeping them quiet about the abuse – often for a lifetime.”

Wade was steadfast for years that MJ did NOT molest him and indeed became Jackson’s star witness at his 2005 molestation trial, adamantly denying any untoward conduct. The lawyer says, “Michael Jackson was a monster and in their hearts every normal person knows it.”


My notes….Yes, every normal person knows it. But even the jury denied their own intelligence and let Jackson go free. The jury instructions specifically said that Jackson did not have to touch the boys he slept with –only that he slept next to them for sexual gratification. That alone should have brought a guilty verdict.

Any person with morals knows that an adult male, who likes to sleep in bed with little male children, is doing it for purposes of sexual gratification.

Wade says this is about “his truth” but what about the truth of those boys he allowed to stand alone? What about the truth of exposing a child sexual abuser for what he was? What about the truth for sake of justice?

I don’t know that I necessarily believe Wade did not repress the sexual abuse. In at least one article, it says he did.

Did Wade’s attorney instruct him to say there was no repressed memory so they have a better case against the Jackson Estate? Is this a case where the person was truly sexually abused, but also a case where the adult wants to also gain financially?

These are merely questions I am posing. Only Wade knows the truth inside himself, but when an adult comes forward and accuses someone of child sexual abuse, after having lied on the stand while other victims were called liars and demeaned, then I am going to be vocal about my questions because children need to be believed. Adults who might be giving half truths, or who have not shown a good character when making public accusations, had better come clean and had better apologize for having lied before.

Do any of my readers have any information about Wade apologizing to the other boys?

Wade needs to understand that he is not alone if he kept silent during the abuse, and if he lied on the stand in order to avoid feeling and expressing ugly truths that the public, nor the victim themselves want to deal with.

I want Wade to know that it’s okay if he enjoyed sleeping with MJ, and that it’s okay if he took pleasure in having oral sex (Wade is claiming oral sex took place) with MJ. I know very well the deep humiliation and embarrassment this can cause a person.  I want Wade to know that it is a normal, natural, reaction for a child to have when they are being sexually stimulated by an adult -even an adult of the same sex. There can be a romantic type of bond between the child and their perpetrator that many people do not understand.

I want Wade to know that I do understand. I lived it.

I want Wade to know he is okay, and that there is nothing wrong with him as a human being if he felt enjoyment or pleasure in the abuse, or if he did not want it to end.

It is still sexual abuse if the victim feels this way, it is still a heinous crime and the adult is 100% at fault. Some of the most painful and debilitating physical and emotional problems that I used to suffer from, were rooted in my having enjoyed being with my father, and in having been sexually stimulated by my own mother. The sexual confusion alone in same-sex child sexual abuse is overwhelming and traumatic.

But I want children to be believed and rescued, so let’s understand that children often lie by saying they are not being abused when they are, or don’t want to tell anyone, because they like the attention, the closeness with someone they love, or they enjoy being showered with gifts and favoritism.

If this is why Wade Robson lied and defended Michael Jackson, then I understand it, but Wade is now an adult and he is now beginning to heal. Wade can use his celebrity status to speak honestly with the media. If he lied because of a sexual bond with Michael, and not just because of threats, then he ought to express that one day and explain to the other victims why shame caused him to lie under oath. Those other boys deserve truth, no matter what it is, and they deserve an apology from Wade.

If Wade did not experience any pleasure or emotional bonding with Michael Jackson, and only experienced trauma, abuse, and anger….. then he still needs to apologize to the other boys.


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18 Responses to Wade Robson: He Needs to Be Honest With Himself for the Sake of Victims and Justice

  1. nancyphillips says:

    Wade Robson does not owe anybody an apology because he was NOT the reason for Michael Jackson’s acquittal. What people fail to realize is that the case was not about Wade, nor was it about Jordan Chandler, James Safechuck, or any other allege victim. The only child that was listed on the grand jury indictment was Gavin Arvizo. The prosecution had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jackson molested this particular child. That he had kidnapped him and his family, plied him with wine among other heinous acts. That is what he was arrested for and that is what he was being charged with. Apparently the jury, according to their own statements, did not find this young man or his family credible. They felt that the timeline was very questionable and were troubled by how the accuser and his family’s stories constantly changed and contradicted each other, which is why they voted “not guilty” on all counts. So yeah, Jackson would have been acquitted regardless of how many accusers came forward and testified against him.

    • Alethea says:

      If Wade originally lied about the molestation, and now, has filed a lawsuit against the Jackson Estate, he does indeed owe an apology, or at least an explanation to the boys he denied truth to.

      in addition, I read the jury instructions. All they had to do was to believe that Jackson slept in the same bed with the boys for sexual gratification in order to convict him. If they do not believe a 44 year-old man was sleeping in bed with little boys for sexual gratification, then they were as stupid as the Casey Anthony jurors.

      But Jackson jury members did come out later and say they thought he was guilty, but were “bullied” by other jurors into voting “not guilty.”

      • Alethea says:

        In addition, the entire jury deliberations were tainted because the jurors COULD HEAR THE JACKSON FANS CHANTING “NOT GUILTY” OUTSIDE THEIR DELIBERATION ROOM.

        What a gross injustice.

        • nancyphillips says:

          The jurors who claimed to have been “bullied” into voting not guilty were the same jurors who were given book deals. Their comments in interviews shortly after the verdict were totally contradictory to what they were claiming later on.

      • nancyphillips says:

        Well, in fairness, sleeping in the same bed with children is not illegal. Inappropriate yes, but not illegal. Now if it was something like showering with kids (Jerry Sandusky) then yes, it would be illegal because an adult is naked with children. And I disagree at the notion that the jury did not take their jobs seriously. These jurors took their jobs very seriously and here’s the proof:

        On June 6th, the jury requested that they be given the ENTIRE evidence log so that they could quickly determine where an exhibit is whenever the need to see a piece of evidence came up:


        On June 10th, the jury requested a review of the verbiage of Count 4 of the Grand Jury Indictment (Lewd Act Upon A Child), and received a corrected verdict from Judge Melville. They also requested to know which child was referred to in Count 6 of the Grand Jury Indictment (Attempt To Commit A Lewd Act Upon A Child), and Judge Melville confirmed that the only child who is alleged to have been abused by Jackson in Counts 2 through 10 was Gavin Arvizo:



        On June 10th, the jury also requested that Gavin’s testimony be read back to them, and Judge Melville ordered the court reporter to read it back to them. He also ordered the jurors to not converse with the court reporter about the case:


        On June 13th, the day that they reached their verdicts, they initially could not agree on the lesser counts of Seven and Eight (Administering An Intoxicating Agent To Assist In Commission Of A Felony for both counts). They had the option of convicting Jackson on misdemeanor charges if they felt that Jackson indeed plied Gavin with alcohol but did not abuse him. Less than an hour later, they asked Judge Melville to disregard their request for Counts 7 and 8:



        Finally, after they reached their verdict, they released the following statement, proclaiming to the world that they meticulously studied all of the evidence and felt confident in their decision:


        This should forever end the notion that the jurors didn’t take their duties seriously. So yeah, like I said, Jackson would have been acquitted regardless of how many accusers testified against him.

        • Alethea says:

          You are incorrect. It is ILLEGAL if the adult is sleeping in the same bed as the child for SEXUAL GRATIFICATION -meaning: it only had to be IN HIS MIND.

          If you do not believe Jackson was sleeping in the same bed with little boys for sexual gratification you are as sick as Jackson was.

          There is something wrong with you. Please take your discussion elsewhere.

          • nancyphillips says:

            So because I am giving an objective opinion based on facts, that makes me sick?

            • Alethea says:

              I have given you facts, and you have considered a grown man sleeping in bed with little boys -unrelated to him- to be non-sexual.

              THAT means there is something wrong with you.

              • nancyphillips says:

                I said a grown man sleeping in the same bed or bedroom with children is not illegal. That’s what I said. It is only illegal if there is criminal activity involved.

              • Alethea says:

                1. You are wrong. The criminal act ONLY HAD TO BE HIS THOUGHTS –HIS SEXUAL AROUSAL, INTENTION, OR OTHER SEXUAL SATISFACTION –IN HIS OWN MIND for it to have been a crime.
                2. You have not once said that MJ sleeping in bed with little boys was for sexual gratification, and that it was a form of sexual abuse of the child (even if MJ never touched the boys), and you have not condemned it as degenerate.

  2. mary says:

    Great post. MJ’s other victims certainly deserve an apology.

  3. little nel says:

    I believe him.

    My memories of severe abuse were triggered when my twin daughters reached the age of nine. Age nine was when I was sexually abused.
    I would look at them and think to myself how could anyone hurt a sweet little girl like that. I would start crying and I could not stop. I had no control over the crying spells, the night terrors, or the feelings of hopelessness. I could not function throughout my day because of a lack of energy.

    I believed that my abusers would kill me so I kept silent, even in adulthood. I believed that I had caused the abuse and shared the blame.

    • Alethea says:

      I believe him too. The maid testified that she saw him with Jackson in the shower together. What I find sketchy is the repressed memory issue, his seemingly lack of remorse for having lied in the first place, and his ego-self seems to have taken over him. He needs to check that out.

      • little nel says:

        I remember that Jerry Sandusky’s son also claimed that he had not been abused by Jerry, then when he saw the pain of the other victims he confessed.

        I know that I denied that I was affected by the abuse, but I could not stand to watch my abuser hurt other children the same way that she hurt me.

        The denial was my only defense against what happened to me in childhood. If I admitted that I had been affected, then I had to acknowledge my fear of causing the abuse. My frail self-esteem could not let me take responsibility in any way for all that pain and shame from outside sources. My denial kept me safe but it also kept me imprisoned.

        I had no remorse for my lies or denials because it was my only place of safety for a long time.

        • Alethea says:

          “My denial kept me safe but it also kept me imprisoned.”

          Boy, isn’t that the truth!

  4. cengiz says:

    this guy can’t be trusted
    after 20 years of denying he now changes his story right in the middle of aeg’s trial against michael’s family. Too much of a coincidence. He was also changed his story and can’t stick to one. He originally said it was a repressed memory that came out when he saw professional help. He now claims there never was repressed memory and that he knew it all along and he didn’t know it was wrong until he had a kid of his own. Sorry but that is just constantly lieing.
    and with his kid being 2 and a half and him claiming last year was when he realised it was wrong, sounds like lie after lie.
    Even jordy chandler admitted he lied, divorced his parents and said he would never speak to his parents again because of what they made him say
    I have known abuse victims and he doesn’t have those behaviours.
    so either way wade is a liar. He was either lieing before or he is lieing now.

    • John says:

      LOL. You still believing that bogus story about Jordan Chandler admitting he lied. He did not such thing! That was fabricated by a Michael Jackson fan. Jordan emancipated from his parents so he could access money from the settlement before he turned 18 years old. It was his mother whom he chose to never speak to again, because she “pimped” him out to Michael Jackson. He maintained a relationship with his father up until a domestic dispute between them in 2006.

      • Alethea says:

        “Jordan emancipated from his parents so he could access money from the settlement before he turned 18 years old. It was his mother whom he chose to never speak to again, because she “pimped” him out to Michael Jackson.

        Yep, that’s what I heard on a documentary. Makes perfect sense to me!

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