Father Kills Newborn Son, Gets out of Prison, Assaults Newborn Daughter

“A man released from prison two years ago after abusing his newborn boy who later died has now been charged with abusing his newborn daughter.

David Curtis Patton, 32, was arrested on May 29 and charged with felony child abuse, accused of “causing or permitting serious injury to the life or health” of a child “by a willful act, omission or refusal to provide necessary care.”

He faces between two and 10 years in prison if convicted.”

So he can get out in two years to procreate another victim, or marry a woman with kids, who is looking for a man and willing to hook up with anyone at all………so he can then kill or assault another child.

“The baby girl is in stable condition, Hampton police spokeswoman Cpl. Mary Shackelford said on Wednesday. But the extent of the baby’s brain injuries, and her prognosis in recovering from them, wasn’t clear from the arrest records.

On June 7, Patton, who works in construction, was denied bond by Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Deborah Roe, and is being held at the Hampton City Jail. He faces a preliminary hearing on July 2.


Patton’s attorney, Assistant Hampton Public Defender Nanita Cornish, declined to comment on the case this week. Patton also declined an interview request made through the Hampton Sheriff’s Office.

Past incident

The Hampton incident comes nearly seven years after October 2006 case of Jared Nicholas Patton, who was born healthy but was injured in James City County while in the care of his father, David Patton, three weeks later.

Doctors determined the boy suffered from bleeding in his brain, bruises and other injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome or blunt force trauma, or both.

In October 2007 — two years before Jared succumbed to his injuries — David Patton was convicted in Williamsburg-James City County Circuit Court of felony child abuse. He was sentenced to seven years, with five to serve and two suspended.

Jared’s fight to overcome obstacles was featured in several stories in the Daily Press. Though he could move his arms and legs, he could not walk or grasp a toy. His grandparents said he taught many people about unconditional love.

After more than three years of fighting for his life, Jared died in November 2009. State medical examiners determined he died of the results of “inflicted brain injury.”

Patton, who was not charged with any additional crimes after Jared died, was released from prison in August 2011.

Earlier this year, a girlfriend whom David Patton met after his release from prison gave birth to the couple’s new baby daughter, Jared’s grandparents said this week.”

The mother ought to be charged with child endangerment and reckless stupidity for having sex with this man.

“At 5:30 p.m. on May 28, according to court documents, Hampton police received a call from Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, saying that the baby was receiving treatment at the Norfolk hospital for “acute and chronic subdural hematomas on the brain” — essentially, severe bruising on the brain.

A criminal complaint filed with an arrest warrant in Hampton Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court said that Patton, now 32, was at his home on Morgan Drive, off Woodland Road, on May 22 with the baby and a 120-pound dog.

“The accused advised that he stepped outside to smoke and left the 3-month-old in a bouncer,” said the complaint, filed by Hampton Police Detective John Baer. “The (dog) was on the couch. The accused advised that the K-9 alerted to something outside and jumped off the couch, landing and flipping the 3-month-old in the bouncer.”

But according to Baer’s complaint, police aren’t buying that story: “The treating medical personnel at CHKD indicate that the series of events told by the accused is inconsistent with the injuries that the 3-month-old is suffering,” the complaint said.

It was not clear from the court record how the injuries were inconsistent or how soon after the May 22 incident that the infant was taken to the hospital.

‘Another chance’

In an interview this week, Kathy Stowe, Jared’s maternal grandmother, said that after the new baby girl was born, her husband, Steve Stowe, decided to let go of his pent up emotions.

“It had been on me like a 50-pound weight for six years,” Steve Stowe explained Thursday. “I had to let it go and kind of move on. … It’s a terrible feeling to be hating someone all the time. You get up hating them, and go to bed hating them …. It’s a hell of a way to live.”

So in March, just weeks after the new baby was born, Steve Stowe went to David Patton’s home and left him a picture of newborn Jared in 2006, being held by his then-2-year-old brother. He also left one of Jared’s blue-and-pink blankets.

Though Patton wasn’t home at the time, he called Stowe the next day.

“I said, ‘I forgive you for what you did or didn’t do,'” Stowe said. “I said, ‘I’m not trying to judge you, I’m just trying to live my life.'”

According to Stowe, Patton replied: “That’s what I’m trying to do, and thank you for taking care of Jared the way you did.”

Stowe said he then replied: “Take care of your baby girl. You got another chance.”

Forgiveness does not mean to bless another victim to be abused or killed by wishing the perpetrator all the best, and by giving them a “another chance” to kill again with good wishes to the killer.



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4 Responses to Father Kills Newborn Son, Gets out of Prison, Assaults Newborn Daughter

  1. Chris and Judy says:

    You are dead right about forgiveness. I have forgiven my mom but flatly draw the line at letting her re-abuse me.

  2. little nel says:

    Convicted violent offenders are often released and put into work programs that allow them access to new victims, without warning other people of the violent nature of the offender that they are in close contact with.

    When a previously convicted person re-offends in the same violent manner, the legal process begins again and does not allow the previous conviction to be admissible in court as evidence.

    Only during the sentencing phase is the previous conviction allowed to be considered as evidence of a pattern of violence.

    My violent brother had at least eight orders of protection in force for assaulting female family members and had been jailed at least 3 times for violating those protective orders, that I was aware of, and still was able to avoid criminal conviction because he understood how to avoid criminal prosecution, the same way that my father did, because they knew how to manipulate their victims and the legal system.

    “DARVO” is their defense of choice. Deny, Accuse, and Reverse Victim Order is a very effective way to stop the legal consequences that victims can exercise, who are already hurt and intimidated by the attacker that is free to attack them again.

    So what chance does a child have? None.

  3. cengiz says:

    why on earth was he released?
    he should done alot more then for 2 years

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