Convicted Sex Offender Rapes 6 Year-Old Daughter, Now Awarded Sole Custody of His Other 6 Year-Old Daughter

The judge must be a child sexual abuser. There is simply no other explanation. What can be done?

If you live in this jurisdiction, please try to take action to have the judge removed and the case overturned.

OKLAHOMA CITY — “In California, just six years ago, Nicholas Elizondo was convicted for raping his then six-year-old daughter. He took a deal and served six years in jail. During that time his ex-wife, Lisa Knight, has been raising their daughter Sarah in Norman.

After six years of little contact with Sarah, he started fighting for sole custody. Yesterday, he won.

Little Sarah’s family is shocked by the Oklahoma County judge’s decision.

“Then he comes out with this solemn face and ‘Oh this is a really hard one for me’,” said Sarah’s cousin, Jodi Coomer. “And I`m thinking hard?”

They thought it was a no-brainer. Both Sarah’s mother and cousin think there is more to Judge Howard Haralson’s decision than what was presented in the courtroom.

“His attorney was in the chambers with the judge while he was deliberating his decision,” said Coomer. “There was laughter coming from the room. We waited for what seemed like hours but it was just minutes.”

She thinks the judge questioned her parenting when she couldn’t name all of Sarah’s doctors off of the top of her head. Born with a cleft lip and palette, Sarah has lots of specialists.

“There is no threat to her whatsoever here. Nothing`s happened to her. She`s made all of her appointments,” said Coomer. “Because mom can`t remember the doctor`s names then she`s a bad mom? I don`t think so.”

Now Sarah has to leave for California tonight to live with a father her family says she only knows as someone who brings gifts and leaves.

“I don`t understand how a sex offender can just walk in the courtroom and just take her after I’ve had her for six years,” said Sarah’s mother Lisa Knight.

Right now, the family is frantic and wondering how to come up with the money to keep fighting for Sarah. They are hoping publicity may shine some light on what they consider an outrageous judicial decision.

Little Sarah came home from a trip, to see her father in California, with a story that, she says, she wasn’t supposed to tell.

“While she was in the bathtub she said ‘Something really bad happened,’” said Coomer.

It took weeks for her to tell her mother and cousin that her half brother had touched her inappropriately. With Sarah’s accusations incomplete she is headed to live with him too. Sarah’s mother says her father hasn’t had much interest in seeing Sarah until recently. She doesn’t want to think about why he suddenly changed his mind.

“I just know that his victim was six-years-old at the time and Sarah is six-years-old right now,” said Knight.

She says she is at a loss and has no idea how to get Sarah back.

“I’ve been fighting him and I just don`t have any more money to fight him at all,” said Coomer.

Sarah’s cousin Coomer says with a registered sexual predator as a father her childhood may not be much of a childhood.

“He can`t take her to Chuck E. Cheese. He can`t take her to a park,” said Coomer. “He can`t go to her school. He`s not allowed in school.”

With only hours left with Sarah they are both trying to keep a brave face. They say her father’s past will haunt her future.

“When she`s old enough to Google it, that`s just going to be a sad day,” said Coomer.

Sarah’s mother and cousin are still fighting to keep her half brother away from her while she is in California. After talking to Elizondo’s attorney, he thinks Judge Haralson did what was in the best interest of Sarah.”


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30 Responses to Convicted Sex Offender Rapes 6 Year-Old Daughter, Now Awarded Sole Custody of His Other 6 Year-Old Daughter

  1. Beverly says:

    Hi, I thought sex offender are not allow the be within a 1,000 feet of children, even father should be supervise. talk about double standard and the world today. selected rules. wow

  2. EL Janes says:

    Thank God for Nancy Grace. If she wasn’t on TV advocating for this little girl, she would be another lost child.

    • Alethea says:

      I am sorry I missed Nancy Grace’s show. I don’t watch her anymore so I did not know she did this case. I am so happy she did.

      Thanks for letting us all know.


  3. EL Janes says:

    I agree that this judge should be disbarred. He is a joke to the justice system. Unfortunately, we have too many judges who don’t care about the welfare of the child and only go by the “letter of the law”. Maybe one day he’ll see what it feels like to be helpless and raped while he’s lying in a nursing home bed like that little girl is likely to be. I pray for that little girl’s protection, because the law surely did no protect her. The “father’s” lawyer could care less either — it’s all about money to them.

  4. Alethea says:

    Reblogged this on Evil Sits at the Dinner Table and commented:

    Information on how to complain about the dangerous decision made by this judge. Remember, silence is approval. Let’s all write or call to request the proper form! Let’s let this little girl know people care about her.
    Oklahoma Judge Complaints
    Contact the Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints. To file a complaint about a judge in Oklahoma, you must first call or mail them requesting the proper form, which you can then send in to the following address.
    Oklahoma Judicial Complaint Mailing Address
    Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints
    1901 North Lincoln Boulevard
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105


  5. Kithri says:

    Oklahoma Judge Complaints
    Contact the Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints. To file a complaint about a judge in Oklahoma, you must first call or mail them requesting the proper form, which you can then send in to the following address.

    Oklahoma Judicial Complaint Mailing Address
    Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints
    1901 North Lincoln Boulevard
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105


    I guess they don’t want too many complaints, eh?

    Anyway, I have written the “judge” a letter and have requested the proper form.

  6. The sad truth is this sort of thing goes on all the time, usually with child molesting fathers either making a plea or returning from prison and taking up residence in their home with their wife and children. The man that held that 11 yo girl in his backyard for 13 years or was it 13 yo girl who he held for 11 years. Anyway, he had his biological children with his wife in the household, while he abducted this little girl and was on the sex offender list.

    The police did not account for the children in the house at all and neighbors had already reported they thought someone was living in his backyard. We have a problem or conflict with parental rights and the human rights of the parent and marriage rights to cohabitate with the offender in the home.

    So besides this man who is now able to raise his daughter unsupervised at his own mercy, we still have the problem of convicted child molesters returning to a home with their biological children.

    • Alethea says:

      Yep, this happens all the time Kristina. I don’t know how this can be stopped with deviant judges on the bench, and a confused religious society that says, “forgive and forget.”

  7. This world is totally insane and I want to get off…have the entire world turned upside down and is run by sexual predetors or did I dye and go to hell for not doing all my homework?

    • jill says:

      it is not run by them, but there is a huge amount of them. HUGE! They are all sick and girls need to be aware and safe. college is the most dangerous place for a girl.

  8. Shameful. I say we bug the judge until he overturns his ruling.

    Oklahoma County Courthouse
    Judge Howard R. Haralson
    321 Park Avenue, Rm. 123
    Oklahoma City, OK 73102
    Telephone: (405) 713-1451

    Sending lots of love to the little girl. May she be protected from any harm… ((( ❤ )))

  9. Zhu Zhu says:

    Why don’t you tell the entire story instead of just bits and pieces? This mother is unfit and if she cared about her daughter at all she would never hand her over. She would live on-the-run with her no matter the consequences to herself.

    • Alethea says:

      I don’t have any idea what kind of mother she is. The POINT is that a rapist father should not have the child…no matter what kind of mother she is. Someone else should have custody if the mother is unfit, but certainly not the child-rapist father.

      Why don’t you enlighten us on the “entire story?”

    • Yes, please tell us the full story… if this Mother spent all of her savings to fight for her and has nothing left to fight with please explain how she can support her and her daughter while she is a felon on the run??? And if she does get caught & they lock her up, then they HAVE their reason for treating her like a crook and she’s just where they want her! And please please tell us what good she is to her little girl behind bars??? I’m sure if she had the means to do that she would! I hope you can think about this rationally & realize how ignorant your comment is. You call HER unfit for NOT breaking the law in this CRAZY case where a pedophile judge basically steals this woman’s little girl? He gave her to a registered sex offender!! Father or not he is a convicted pedophile! He has proven that he is sexually attracted to his own little girl and at the same age! If he had not been the PERVERT that he IS in the first place then this innocent child would still be with her Mom living a much better life & with more money! They are victims in this! I am so shocked at your backward way of thinking!

  10. Alethea says:

    I love all the comments that show the spirit of the soul to take action, to stop injustice. I am snowed under with many things in my life right now, so if anyone with a little free time can get the email addresses or phone numbers for Nancy Grace, Bill O’Reilly, and anyone else with a big voice and post them for everyone to write or call about this case, that would be great.

    • I was discussing this case at work today with my boss & she suggested the ACLU! This statement is from their website:

      “The ACLU is our nation’s guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country… if the rights of society’s most vulnerable members are denied, everybody’s rights are imperiled.

      Maybe you could advocate on your blog that we all try to contact them.. here is a link to the area concerning protection of Children’s Rights:

      • Alethea says:

        I so much appreciate your thinking about it, discussing it, and most importantly…..looking for solutions.

        However, I believe the ACLU to be an evil organization founded for ill intent, and one which contributes to the death of millions of innocent unborn children, who have no voice, no choice, and who are murdered in the most brutal way by their own mothers.

        Sorry, but involving the ACLU is, to me, like asking Satan to help me.

        I know we probably disagree, and that is our right as humans, and I respect your right to disagree.


      • Alethea says:

        That’s the difference between us Serieve. You are willing to waive your beliefs.

        I will not break my principles.

        ……and it is not just abortion that the ACLU contributes to.

      • Serieve, I understand what you are saying… & I agree totally. My opinion is that, I too see that she has to be rescued & time isn’t allowing us to pick & choose who we would like her to be rescued by. Personally if this were me & my situation I would gladly accept help from whomever was willing and able to give it to me.

        Alethia, I know you have certain beliefs that you would not waiver from, which is ok by me as well. I just appreciate that you brought this story here for your readers because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise!!! And you chose to post my comment with their contact information for anyone else to contact them if they so choose to. That speaks volumes to me… & although we may not agree on everything, it’s obvious we are all outraged

        Anyway, thanks for letting us share our opinions & ideas and most of all for your time & dedication, Alethia.

        • Alethea says:

          I agree. No matter our beliefs, I posted the information for those who agree with you. I believe in free will. Thanks for being here, and for your desire to help, and to stop abuse and injustice.

          Enjoy your day



  11. cengiz says:

    this is just plain wrong
    what the hell is the judge on. Bribes maybe

  12. Karen says:

    This obsession with SIN will not go on forever. God will return. One sign that Jesus is coming soon is:
    Increased wickedness & loss of love:
    “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12) Today, more and more people are living primarily for themselves and their own happiness. The idea of denying themselves, taking up their crosses daily and following Jesus (Luke 9:23) is a foreign concept. What TV and movies show as ‘normal’ has affected the values of those who indulge in them. At the same time, couples are divorcing, and children are growing up with deep unmet needs as a result. Many couples are not even marrying but living together in fornication (any form of sex not sanctioned by God). The result has been the blood sacrifice (murder) of hundreds of millions of innocent, helpless children through abortion and the birthing of even more children who lack a healthy home where they can receive love and training from their own father and mother.

  13. This is UNACCEPTABLE! I think everyone here should send this story out to all types of media. I know Bill O’reilly has brought up situations like this on Fox news. I am going to email everyone involved with this case. This can not be the least bit legal….He should be disbarred and we should help speed the process along. This girl needs help….some of us were in her shoes once.

  14. Tornad0sRul says:

    We must start holding those adults around sex offenders responsible for helping them, and that includes judges. This judge is absolutely a pedophile. A normal judge would not make this decision. There are most definitely pedophile judges out there and I think that we found one of them right here.

  15. little nel says:

    This decision is a punch in the stomach to the mother who chose her children over her abusive husband.
    Is this the new trend? Rip children from the home of safety and give them to sex offenders?
    This judge has just given permission to an adult male to rape a six year old girl. God help us.

  16. Anyone with half a brain knows this is an extremely reckless decision! I truly believe that there are networks of very powerful people in our society who offend and protect other offenders (I.e. Johnny Gosch, Boystown, Bohemian Grove, etc.) So yes, I’m with you on this one… the only explanation is that this Judge empathized with him! Wow it makes me want to vomit! This poor child is being tossed to the wolves. I want to write to someone & express my disgust! This Judge must be investigated immediately!!! NO WAY CAN THIS HAPPEN!!!!

  17. mich says:

    This Judge is a sick and twisted POS!

  18. Alethea says:

    This judge should be disbarred for indecent treatment of a child, for child abuse, and for reckless endangerment. He is essentially saying to the father, “Go ahead and rape your daughter.”

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