Convicted Sex Offender Rapes 6 Year-Old Daughter, Now Awarded Sole Custody of His Other 6 Year-Old Daughter

Information on how to complain about the dangerous decision made by this judge. Remember, silence is approval. Let’s all write or call to request the proper form! Let’s let this little girl know people care about her.
Oklahoma Judge Complaints
Contact the Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints. To file a complaint about a judge in Oklahoma, you must first call or mail them requesting the proper form, which you can then send in to the following address.
Oklahoma Judicial Complaint Mailing Address
Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints
1901 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105



The judge must be a child sexual abuser. There is simply no other explanation. What can be done?

If you live in this jurisdiction, please try to take action to have the judge removed and the case overturned.

OKLAHOMA CITY — “In California, just six years ago, Nicholas Elizondo was convicted for raping his then six-year-old daughter. He took a deal and served six years in jail. During that time his ex-wife, Lisa Knight, has been raising their daughter Sarah in Norman.

After six years of little contact with Sarah, he started fighting for sole custody. Yesterday, he won.

Little Sarah’s family is shocked by the Oklahoma County judge’s decision.

“Then he comes out with this solemn face and ‘Oh this is a really hard one for me’,” said Sarah’s cousin, Jodi Coomer. “And I`m thinking hard?”

They thought it was a no-brainer. Both Sarah’s mother and cousin think there…

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  1. JillScott says:

    The eyes are the window to the soul: It means that without even having any dialogue with a person, you can look into the eyes and decipher the nature of the soul. In other words, There is something amazing about looking into someones eyes, when someone look at your eyes its like they can see everything you’ve done, every lie you’ve done. I do not like what I see in this man’s eyes! My prayers are with this 6 year old girl. I would not give my dog to him.

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