Babysitting Boyfriend Charged With Attempted Murder in Child Abuse of Infant. Mother Charged for Not Reporting the Abuse

Finally! Justice coming to the mother as well…

“A 44-year-old Midvale man has been charged with attempted aggravated murder for allegedly abusing a 6-month-old baby.

Juan Manuel Duran Jr. was charged Monday in 3rd District Court with attempted aggravated murder and aggravated sexual abuse of a child, both first-degree felonies, along with five counts of second-degree felony child abuse.

Police were called to an apartment located at 7923 S. Main Street on July 12, where Duran’s girlfriend told police that she saw the man trying to suffocate her 6-month-old son with a towel, according to court documents.

The woman told police that Duran told her earlier that he wished the child was dead, and that he should “just throw him out the f—ing window.”

When the infant was taken to a local hospital, a pediatrician assessed the child and determined that the boy had been abused for weeks, and that the abuse could have killed or disabled him. The baby had bruises to his head, bite marks around his chest, and bruises on his spine, among other injuries, according to court records.

The woman told police that Duran had been living with her at the Midvale apartment for about a month, and watched the child frequently while she was working. She told police that she was aware that Duran was abusing her child, but did not report it because she was fearful for her own well-being.

Prosecutors also charged the mother with intentional child abuse, a second-degree felony, for not reporting the alleged abuse.

No court date has been set for Duran as of Monday afternoon.”

She feared for her own well-being, but she went off to work every day, leaving her infant son in the hands of a child abuser. She feared for her own well-being, but cared nothing for the well-being of her child?

I don’t believe she feared anything, except losing a free babysitter if she reported the abuse.


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18 Responses to Babysitting Boyfriend Charged With Attempted Murder in Child Abuse of Infant. Mother Charged for Not Reporting the Abuse

  1. Lula Bell says:

    I recently reviewed a movie called Alice in Wonderland on a popular website, and I received some less than happy responses. I even debated with a few of the people. I gave the movie one star because I found it to be frightening to my inner child, to witness Alice drink a potion ( or an unmarked bottle of liquid and grow) from a stranger. I did further research and was shocked at some of the allegations against Lewis Carroll, creator of Alice In Wonderland. Feminist critics have darkly suggested that Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll’s real name) was a pedophile! I can now understand why the movie did not sit right with me; It teaches several things, indirectly, that are not good for little children to be exposed to. In addition, I now find out that an alleged pedophile is responsible for this so called masterpiece.

    Here is a link to the evidence by Katie Roiphe and a paragraph that leads me to believe The creator of Alice in Wonderland was a Pedophile:

    Dodgson’s affection for what he called his “child friends” was always mingled with a vague yearning. He wrote to one 10-year-old girl, “Extra thanks and kisses for the lock of hair. I have kissed it several times – for want of having you to kiss, you know, even hair is better than nothing.” This is typical of his correspondence. He converted whatever his feelings were into the whimsical, quasi-romantic banter that eventually made its way into the Alice books. He wrote to one mother of a potential visit with her daughter, “And would it be de rigueur that there should be a third to dinner? Tête à tête is so much the nicest.” There was a romantic intensity to the friendships that Dodgson struck up with children, a hint of hunger, of never quite getting enough. This was especially true of his relationship with Alice. There was always a sense that he wanted more of her. And yet, can we really blame him for that – as long as he didn’t act on his feelings? If he turned himself inside out, turned the world inside out with his powerful imagination, in order to avoid them?

    I was just wondering if you have heard about the claims against Lewis Carroll or what you think about the allegations. I am saddened that little children are being exposed to a movie created by an alleged pedophile. Lewis Carroll sounds a lot like Michael Jackson.

    • Lula Bell says:

      I found it to be frightening to my inner child, to witness Alice drink a potion ( or an unmarked bottle of liquid and grow) from a stranger.

      + I forgot to mention that the bottle of liquid, had a label on it that said, DRINK ME
      I find this very disturbing since it comes from the mind of a person allegedly sexually attracted to young children. The ‘Drink Me’ potion is a magic liquid in Wonderland that has an unusual effect- it makes the drinker reduce in size!

  2. melissa lee says:

    Mothers need to own what they did or do to their children….

  3. Kevin F says:

    It’s about time the legal system woke up and started prosecuting women for their role and part in assaulting children.

    • Kendra says:

      Amen. Children deserve Justice!
      From the New York Times Sunday Review

      Recent highly visible allegations of sex abuse are a reminder that victims can easily be many years into adulthood before they are ready psychologically and emotionally to talk about what was done to them. This is especially true when they are up against powerful institutions — like the Roman Catholic Church or Penn State — bent on keeping secrets buried.

      Faced with this reality, many states have liberally extended the age for filing civil lawsuits. New Jersey is now considering completely eliminating its statute of limitations on the civil side. In Pennsylvania, the age limit for filing child sex abuse cases is 30 for civil cases and 50 for criminal cases.

      In New York, Margaret Markey, a Democratic assemblywoman from Queens, has proposed a measure that would give an accuser 10 years after turning 18 to make a claim instead of the current five years. From the New York Times Sunday Review

      My only response is, Can’t they do more?
      Extending the age for filing civil lawsuits doesn’t do me any good. I was sexually assaulted 25 years ago. I did not remember anything… until two years ago. Justice postponed is justice denied. Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!” It is unfortunate that my unrecovered memories caused justice to not be handled at the present moment!

      • Alethea says:

        Kendra, some states allow for a sort of ‘knowledge gap.’ The state allows the victim to file decades later if the victim did not realize/understand/know there was sexual abuse.

        Check in your state.

    • Lula Bell says:


      the hurt of one is the hurt of all,
      the honour of one is the honour of all
      the sacred tree

  4. Little Nel says:

    The boyfriend didn’t want the baby, so instead of finding a suitable home for the baby, this mother opted to let the boyfriend dispose of the inconvenience and end the boyfriend’s complaints.

    This mother was complicit and she admitted it.

  5. Lull LTD says:

    I am a bit off subject. I am just wondering if i can work on a trauma bond, if I do not have the memories up and out yet. I am sick of feeling this attachment or bond to a rapist.
    There may be a clear answer to this, I just am too close to the situation to see the answer. Thanks for any answer you may give.

    • Alethea says:

      Lull, I am not a therapist, but I think a good therapist would have you focus on what is distressing to you in hypno-analysis regression session. If you are repeatedly bonding with men who traumatize you, then the therapist would have you focus on that behavior… would then allow your mind to take you back to an event, or events, that caused this behavior in the first place. Eventually, the memories would come up, and once they are healed, you would stop the trauma bonding behavior.

      • Lull LTD says:

        I think I understand you to be saying, once the memories of rape are healed the trauma bond stops. I am speaking of a bond to a rapist 2 decades ago. I am married now but just became aware of the sexual assault recently. Thanks

  6. Lull LTD says:

    Women who allow people to abuse and/or neglect their child(ren) are the sickest of the sick, and they should be getting double the punishment of the offender, but they are babied and coddled every single time.

    >I agree! Just because the women do not have a penis, does not mean they are innocent of Aiding and abetting!!!! These women assist or actively participate in committing a crime even though they take did not have the penis to do the actual criminal offence (rape).

    >Obviously, there are women who actually rape children that do not have a penis. I am highlighting the cases where the female did not rape the child, but the boyfriend or husband with the penis did.
    If is as if the courts are letting them off, because they don’t have the male body part that sexually assaulted the child. Thus, they are sooooo innocent. Baloney!!!

    Hope this comment makes sense…..If it does not, apologies…….

    • Lull… It makes total sense! And I agree completely they should throw the book at the one who abused the child firsthand… prosecuting to the FULLEST! Then for the parent/ caregiver who let it happen, they should get the same and much more! Any other children either monster has should be taken away immediately, also! I don’t care if they were abused or not, any siblings who witness this would be severely traumatized.

      No leniency is the way to go… this judge seems to be on to something! I just wonder how much time this mother could face for these charges?

  7. Tornad0sRul says:

    Isn’t everyone getting sick and tired of the pathetic excuses of mothers? All that a mother has to do to protect herself is to act like she didn’t know, or act like she was “scared” for herself. Women who allow people to abuse and/or neglect their child(ren) are the sickest of the sick, and they should be getting double the punishment of the offender, but they are babied and coddled every single time. It disgusts me when judges allow this. Judges are the culprits and they should be forced to remove themselves from the bench.

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