Children Often Raped and Molested Right in Front of Siblings

In yesterday’s comments, there was mention of a rapist father who sexually abused his daughter right in front of her step-sister. For many reasons, this situation deeply resonates with me.

This morning I read the following news item.

I want people to know that not only is child rape and incest common, but that abusers are so brazen, so arrogant, that they will rape a child right in front of the child’s siblings.

This article also shows that, once again, a mother was told by her child about being raped, and the mother did NOTHING. It took eight years, and a pregnancy, for this man to be stopped…

PROVIDENCE — “A local man is accused of impregnating a 13-year-old Providence girl, who told police he’d been raping her since she was 5.

Leon Threats, 29, of 69 Verndale St., was arrested Monday on a warrant charging him with three counts of first-degree child molestation, said Providence Police Maj. David Lapatin.

Threats was arraigned Tuesday at District Court and ordered held without bail.

A local reverend and the girl’s mother and great-grandmother brought the girl to Hasbro Children’s Hospital on July 21, where a nurse practitioner told police that the girl was six weeks pregnant, according to a police report.

The girl said that Threats had been raping her for eight years and even in front of her younger sister, according to a police report. She said she’d told her mother about the attacks, but wasn’t believed.

Sgt. Philip Hartnett and Detective Christopher Rotella investigated and, using the girl’s statement, drew a warrant for Threats, Lapatin said. Investigators are awaiting results of other tests, he said.

The girl and her three younger siblings were placed with a family guardian, under the supervision of the state Department of Children Youth and Families, Lapatin said.Kevin Aucoin, DCYF deputy director, declined comment on the girl’s pregnancy.

“The decision regarding the pregnancy is a personal decision made by the family and/or by the individual child. For privacy reasons, I am unable to confirm what, if any, decision has been made with respect to the pregnancy,” Aucoin said in an email.”


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24 Responses to Children Often Raped and Molested Right in Front of Siblings

  1. Little Nel says:

    I just read something about the story of Hannah Anderson that is interesting.

    “Uncle JIm” had told Hannah that he had a crush on her and would date her if he were her age in the presence of Hannah’s best friend. Hannah became “creeped out” by the confession, but opted to keep silent because she was afraid that she would “ruin” the long time friendship between “Uncle Jim” and her family.

    She had no idea that “Uncle Jim” was planning to “ruin” that friendship anyway by killing her mother and brother and then abducting her from cheerleading practice.

    Children are so vulnerable to perps and their covertness.

  2. PDD says:

    As a boy, my mother would engage in domination/submission sexual games with me while my sister and father were in the same room. Decades later, after my mother’s untimely death, I confronted my father about the D/s games she forced upon me, mere feet from him while he watched the evening television. My father’s response? They weren’t D/S games, it was my mother being motherly, and the fact that I could possibly interpret them as sexual only proves to him that I’m a violent, pathological, f*ck up. A mothers forcing her 11yr old son to sit at her feet and massage them, and forcing him to watch her expose and piss herself, yeah, that’s motherly alright. My father must have smelled it, but denial is pretty powerful.

    Why is it powerful? I ran across a ppt on a child advocacy legal website, discussing how to interview children in SA cases, and why children are so often not believed. One topic covered the fact that it is not uncommon for the abuse to take place in front of family members. Some excerpts:

    But what if the child’s account seems
    illogical or incredible – what if the act
    would have required the perpetrator to
    take breathtaking risks?
    * What if the mother was asleep in the next room?
    * Who would take such a chance?
    This inquiry, while logical, is naïve,
    because . . .

    Why naïve?
    First, it assumes the molestation is
    deliberate and thoughtful
    Second, that the act of molestation is risky
    (Neither assumption is likely to be true)

    Molestation is not a caring and thoughtful act; it is
    a compulsive, greedy and desperate attempt to
    exert dominance over another and fulfill sexual
    desire, and
    there is little risk of exposure when the victim is
    young, there is a pre-existing relationship, the
    perpetrator uses that relationship and the power
    dynamic to ensure secrecy, and
    the perpetrator is motivated to maintain secrecy to
    avoid the consequences of his actions and to
    ensure continued access to the child for sex

    Not risky? Why not?
    * Because pedophiles and other child
    molesters soon discover another truth that
    we simply do not want to accept, which is:
    Dependent children are helpless or
    powerless to resist or complain

    • Tornad0sRul says:

      The genders are switched but the message is the same. Your father had/has serious mental health issues or he would have never allowed that, nor would he have accepted it as “your” fault. Predators/abusers will always choose a partner who they know will allow or accept their demented behavior. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Also, child abusers cannot commit their crimes if they have a partner who they feel will constantly watch or report them, therefore they would never in a million years be with someone who would interrupt their crimes. They would find someone else who would accept the abuse and who would look away, and sometimes who would participate.

      • melissa lee says:

        I would like to add to this discussion that often women and men that have been abused come together, rarely will you find and abused women, that has a husband or boyfriend that has not been abused, most have repressed it or think they have moved on, with out any real transformation or healing in their own lives and then they repeat the same pattern over and over again with each generation..

        • Alethea says:

          Very true Melissa Lee.

        • Lull LTD says:

          rarely will you find and abused women, that has a husband or boyfriend that has not been abused, most have repressed it or think they have moved on, with out any real transformation or healing in their own lives and then they repeat the same pattern over and over again with each generation..
          =I agree totally. I have a friend that was raped in college and molested by her dad as a child. She married a man that was raped in college, when he has drunk at a party. Neither one of them have had any counseling at all. They just moved on with out any real transformation. It is too bad this pattern may repeat in other generations.

    • Tornad0sRul says:

      Also, conspiracy adds extra punishment to any crime in the real world simply because there is power in numbers. When adults work together they are more powerful than if they worked independently. So when two parents work together their children are totally and completely powerless, in every way, shape, and form. It would take an act of God, a total and complete miracle, for a young child to have the knowledge, accessibility, and ability, to overcome his own parents with truth being his/her only defense, especially when that truth has been distorted at the hands of his/her parents. I don’t understand how the courts and our legal system can see “conspiracy” as such a vile and dangerous crime when it comes to murder, extortion, embezzlement, rape, and other ADULT crimes, but when it comes to child abuse they don’t even SEE any conspiracy. They are completely blind to it. The entire Penn State organization was one big conspiracy to cover up Sandusky’s child molestation. That is why he was able to molest so many children over such a long period of time. He could not have accomplished that without the help of other adults (conspiracy.) When parents work together to silence their children about child abuse/neglect it is conspiracy. When a grandmother tells her grandson that his step-grandfather did not molest him it is conspiracy with the molester to keep the child quiet. The laws don’t consider children as important as adults for one simple reason and that is because they have no power and they have no voice. Where an adult would raise a stink about their rights being violated a child cannot say one word and must endure daily lives filled with horrific abuse and neglect. Society has no conscience, and the threat of jail time is the only thing that seems to speak to those with no conscience, therefore we must start punishing the REAL offenders, and those are the supposedly rational people who are around the abuse and who enable and help the offender by saying nothing and doing nothing to help an abused/neglected child. They are the real criminals and they are the biggest cowards.

    • Alethea says:

      “But what if the child’s account seems
      illogical or incredible – what if the act
      would have required the perpetrator to
      take breathtaking risks?
      * What if the mother was asleep in the next room?
      * Who would take such a chance?”


      You have listed the reasons that adults try to grasp and use to deny what they don’t usually want to believe in the first place.

  3. Jordanna says:

    Although my father never really molested me while others were around, he did like to talk about my body in front of others just to embarrass me. He would ask me about my bra size or what color underwear I was wearing. He always talked about how my clothes fit or matched. One time even when I was just 11 years old I think, he brought it up at the kitchen table that I was growing hair down there. I wonder why my mom didn’t see the signs?

    • Tornad0sRul says:

      Your mom saw the signs, just like most mothers of molested children see the signs. Your Mom has mental health issues herself otherwise she would not have tolerated that. Your Dad knew long before that your Mom would tolerate it. Otherwise he would not have been with her. He would have been with someone who would tolerate that sick behavior.

    • Alethea says:

      She did not want to see them.

      • Tornad0sRul says:

        That doesn’t matter. She did see them. No one “wants” to see signs of sexual abuse, but those who are healthy mentally will not look away and ignore the signs for their own selfish reasons. A mother who has empathy would take action to protect her child. It is time to stop making excuses for mothers. They have the power to protect and they choose not to. Many good mothers take action and will not ignore the signs, but the mothers who purposely, and I mean purposely, look away and ignore the signs should be punished right along with the offender. It happens every day. For every sexually abused child there is a mother/caregiver/grandmother/father/grandfather (whoever is the closest adult to the child), who ignored the signs, and some who even knew about the sexual abuse but did nothing to help their child. That is a crime, and we must not ignore the fact that mothers are getting away with murder whenever they allow their child to be sexually abused. If we start holding the adults around a sexually abused child responsible, maybe it will stop. Until then, the excuses made for those adults is nothing but that, excuses.

        • Alethea says:

          Great comment Tornado.

          I always get confused over the lack of reason used by society about these mothers….. “she was a victim as a child”…”she has mental health problems”…..”etc. etc” Why does society not use those same excuses for the man who sexually abuses the child? ONE WORD….gender.

          Nearly every man who has ever sexually abused a child has every single one of those same excuses.

          • Tornad0sRul says:

            It does appear to me that the women or mother offenders are pampered, babied, protected, and coddled whereas the men are blamed, but both genders are equally guilty of the same crimes. I just cannot believe that Dottie Sandusky walked away without a mark on her, free from any responsibility whatsoever, just like so many other mothers who commit heinous crimes against their own children by purposely allowing them to be abused/neglected. Dottie Sandusky accurately represents how society treats criminals like her, who are even more responsible for child abuse/neglect than the actual offenders, and who are the people who have the power to silence the child victims, which is even worse in my opinion. I think it is far worse for a parent to allow someone to harm their child than it is for the actual offender to harm them because the offender doesn’t care about the child, but the parents/caretakers SHOULD care about the child, and that is why their crimes are worse than the offender. I guess that wouldn’t apply to incest, where the offender is the actual parent, but I’m just trying to get my point out that there are serious criminal offenses that are severely being overlooked and ignored by society and the courts in sexual abuse cases. Those serious criminals, the ones who are purposely looking away, engaging in, or allowing sexual abuse to children, are the people who walk away every single time from being held responsible in any way, and that is a crime in itself, and that is what is keeping sexual abuse alive and thriving.

            • Alethea says:

              I have always felt that in one way, the women who cover-up/willfully deny child sexual abuse, are worse than the child abuser himself. The child abuser is driven by psychological/sexual urges. The woman is often driven by selfish needs for money, love, and to not make herself look bad.

              • Tornad0sRul says:

                Yes, from the cases that I have seen, the mother will allow the sexual abuse because of money, comfort, companionship, and sometimes even drugs. It is extremely selfish to allow someone to abuse your children. Many of the mothers claim that they were “scared” or that they were manipulated themselves, but those are just excuses, and I don’t accept those excuses, and neither should our legal system. Our courts would never allow a murder accomplice to go unpunished simply because they said “I had a suspicion that my boyfriend was killing people but I wasn’t sure and I was scared.” Therefore they should not accept a mother saying “I was scared of my boyfriend, and I suspected that he was abusing my child, but I didn’t see it, so I should be free from responsibility.” The courts need to accept the FACT that there are a million clear signs when a child is being abused/neglected, and if an adult chooses to ignore those signs, then they should not only be totally ashamed of themselves, they should be severely punished.

              • Lull LTD says:

                The child abuser is driven by psychological/sexual urges.
                +Another way of saying the same thing: The child abuser is driven by uncontrollable lust!

        • Little Nel says:

          “If we start holding the adults around a sexually abused child responsible, maybe it will stop.”

          As dedicated as child abusers are to their desires for sex with children, I fear that they will just become more deadly and cunning and their female adult accomplices will go right along with the program, if they can’t give up the “thrill of it all.”

          I believe that my father would have killed me or hurt me badly, if my aunt had not intervened and protected me. He would have figured out a way to shut me up permanently because he was so evil.

          • Tornad0sRul says:

            I saved my nephews from sexual abuse too and I took the world on my shoulders while doing so. If aunts can protect and save a child from sexual abuse then the mothers/caregivers can as well. I lost family, friends, and many loved ones for simply standing up to the pedophile (unfortunately society usually sides with the offender, especially when the offender spends years grooming entire families and communities prior to molesting). I often wonder about pedophiles killing the people or children who are trying to expose them because they have so much to lose by going to prison for it. I am still very scared for my life and I take extra precautions simply because the pedophile knows that I will never stop telling people what he did to my nephews and he will go to prison if the statute of limitations were to be changed. I am most especially scared because the pedophile in my case was educated at West Point, has money, a nice house, nice car, and travels around the world. He has the resources to do some major damage to this world, and to many children. He manipulates people into thinking that he is “Mr. High Society” and he is very intelligent and cunning. It is impossible to stand up to someone who has made themselves a “Pillar of the Community”, especially if you are the child victim. Child victims are very easy to scare and to silence, and mentally ill adults are easy to find (1 in 6 adults has some form of diagnosable mental illness) for use in their successful plot to continue to abuse children. I still feel that if the MANY adults surrounding sexual abuse were held legally and civilly responsible for helping, allowing, looking away, and ignoring the signs/suspicions, more people would put their foot down against those bully child abusers because they themselves could go to jail for NOT saying anything. I have found that if not for the many “helpers”, a pedophile would never succeed at molesting children. The “helpers” are very crucial to the success of the crime. In fact, the adult helpers/enablers are necessary, therefore they need to be eliminated by placing direct responsibility on them.

            • Little Nel says:

              “If aunts can protect and save a child from sexual abuse then the mothers/caregivers can as well”

              Yes, Tornado, you are correct. In the absence of the mother or with the reckless indifferent attitude of the mother/caretaker, aunts are irreplaceable and important to a child. Thank you for what you did, in the face of a dangerous situation, to protect your nephews. It took a lot of courage.

              “l lost family, friends, and many loved ones for simply standing up to the pedophile.”

              This seems to happen all to many times.

              The child victims and their protectors are cast aside, so that the pedophile can resume his/her activities without interference and the family can keep enabling them as if nothing has happened.

              • Tornad0sRul says:

                Society makes it very difficult if not impossible to expose a pedophile, and that is a travesty, and that is exactly why child victims, and even adults, do not speak up and are silent. The power of the pedophile is due to the reckless, irresponsible, and selfish actions or inactions of the many adults around the pedophile and without those reckless adults the pedophile would not succeed. Their role is so important to the success of child sexual abuse that it shocks me that some experts do not even see the importance of making laws that hold the real criminals responsible and accountable. The actual offender is never the only criminal involved in sexual abuse and without the help of other adults the actual offender would not have the ability to continue sexually assaulting children. Those who watch, ignore, enable, and silence the victim, are criminals as well, and should be treated as such. Until those people face possible jail time or any type of punishment, what do they have to lose by being silent and allowing it to happen? They have nothing to lose if they are silent, but if they speak up they are persecuted by society, friends, family, the courts, social services, etc. It is just plain wrong, and backwards.

  4. Tornad0sRul says:

    Many offenders enjoy molesting in front of someone and they do it purposely. I had a teacher who once enjoyed sitting his 5th grade girl student on his lap while he read the entire class a book and he would fondle her breasts in front of the whole class. I have read about offenders who will purposely touch children when there is a room full of relatives because it is part of the thrill. So actually this is common for real pedophiles.

  5. Little Nel says:

    Here is a mother who lost her life because she stood between her daughter and her would be rapist.
    I hope that “Uncle Jim” doesn’t turn out to be the live-in lover of Hanna’s mother.

  6. Little Nel says:

    Has anyone read about the abduction of 16 year-old Hanna Anderson?

    “Uncle Jim” who was 40 and depressed and bankrupt, decided that Hanna could ease his emotional distress by having a “relationship” with him because he was “attracted” to her.

    So he killed her mother, who stood in his way and abducted Hanna.

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