Support For A Child Molester

There was an update from another Blogger regarding yesterday’s article.

The article was removed at the other site yesterday.

The Neal Erickson case is not about the Constitutional right to free speech. These teachers have shown a total ignorance for the safety of children, they physically took action with letters to support a child rapist who assaulted one of their students, and they took action to reduce his sentence….thus, an action that could place more children at risk.

Firing these teachers is like firing employees of PETA (People for the Protection of Animals) for getting caught trying to enact the slaughter of dolphins. PETA would have every right to fire their employees, just as this school has every right to fire these teachers.

Blogger, Mike McDaniel, made excellent points in his article that Neal Erickson most likely raped other boys. Studies show that male perpetrators of child sex crimes, who abuse male children, often have over 100 victims before they are ever caught –if at all.

Mike McDaniel’s Blog included an update to the case, including a portion of a letter written by one of the teachers who supported the child rapist:

“Dear community: Criminal sexual conduct is a serious crime that we do not condone. The safety of our students is our foremost concern. Our letters were never intended to cause any harm. We know the young man’s family is suffering, and we empathize with their pain. It is our sincerest hope that the community will move forward for the sake of the students.”

This letter is a lie. They did indeed condone child rape. The teachers minimized the crime by saying it was “an isolated incident.” They rallied in support of the rapist to have his sentence reduced,  and to keep him in the county jail, instead of prison. They sat behind the perpetrator in court, and someone in their camp attacked the home of the victim. They called the act of raping a child, a “mistake,” and one teacher cosidered the relationship a “mutual” friendship, instead of what it was –a child being groomed for eventual rape by a sex predator.

“Move forward” is like community members coming upon a major violent car crash in which the victim is mangled and needs massive surgery. The community members find that a drunk driver has caused the crash. The community then tells the victim to move on with his life, while they take care of the psychologically ill drunk driver, and get the drunk driver help so he can get his life back.

The child sexual abuse victim is left to lay in the street, bloody, with gaping wounds, and no help from anyone except his family, who are harassed, threatened, and vilified for having done nothing more than daring to want to see people support and defend their innocent child, and for the child rapist to pay for his crime.

If these teachers are going to keep their jobs, their sentence for their stupidity ought to be for them to have to spend their free time finding every pornographic image of the boy that was recorded or photographed by his rapist, so authorities can have it removed from the Internet.

Maybe, during their work to find these images, these teachers will be horrified enough by seeing all the acts of children being brutalized, raped, molested, and tortured that they will finally understand the severity of their ignorance.


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6 Responses to Support For A Child Molester

  1. Marjie says:

    As a teacher my job is to protect the children first and foremost. Adults can look after themselves. As a teacher I understand how horrific it is to realize that on of “your own” has done something so vile. Yet, a few years ago I had to step up to get one of my staff fired. She had not, as yet, done anything specific (that I was). But she had all of my defences as a sexual abuse survivor screaming. With the help of other staff we documented the actions that made us uncomfortable and it was determined by our director that she would be let go. It was not easy and our director was not exactly supportive but we got her away from the children. Our director was upset that parents had mentioned her behavior as well!! Good! This woman was targeting two year olds! They could not have said what she did even if we asked them! Glad and grateful she is gone! I’d do it again!

    • mary says:

      What is an example of things she was doing that were raising red flags? I’d like to know just so I can use that knowledge to protect my kids and young nieces and nephews when they enter preschool and school.

  2. Little Nel says:

    “I feel the most enraged by the people who support these pigs more than I feel for the crime itself”

    I can understand these feelings of rage. It validates the perp and excludes the innocent victim, who’s only fault was his status as a student in a school where a teacher had access to him.

  3. Little Nel says:

    “The community will move forward for the sake of the students.”

    What a line of BS! Wasn’t the victim a student? I would never allow my child to attend a school that protects the offenders! This “community” of teachers is morally corrupt and uncaring about the wounds that this boy will have to bear for a long time, not to mention the all the “punishment” that the family endured for telling the truth.

  4. mich says:

    I can’t tell you why it pisses me off so much, but I feel the most enraged by people who support these pigs more than I feel for the crime itself. I can’t comprehend their thinking. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident where people have access to the facts and remain supportive to the pedophile. May they all go to hell together.

    • Alethea says:

      Mich, you are feeling righteous anger. Those who behave like these teachers and pastor did, are the people in society who perpetuate and facilitate child sexual abuse.

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