Casey Anthony Will Be Forced To Answer Questions About Caylee’s Death

“Casey Anthony will be forced to answer questions about what happened to her daughter Caylee, more than two years after being acquitted in her murder.

The questions will come in a deposition scheduled in Tampa on October 9. It’s related the ongoing civil case regarding Zenaida Gonzalez.

Gonzalez is suing Casey Anthony for defamation, saying her life was ruined when Casey told detectives her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, was kidnapped by a nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez in 2008. Anthony later admitted to lying, and there was no such nanny.

This deposition will be the first time Anthony will be under oath, which means she cannot plead the fifth or remain silent as she has in past depositions.

“There is no option, when you are being deposed your attorney can make an objection but you have to talk, there’s no option to stay silent or plead the Fifth in this particular set of circumstances,” said Matt Morgan from Morgan and Morgan Law Firm.

Morgan is representing Gonzalez in the defamation case. They are hoping to get answers as to how Gonzalez got dragged into the investigation.

This deposition will go to a judge who will decide whether Gonzalez’s case is dis-chargeable, which her attorneys have said it is.

“We believe that it’s not because it was an intentional act and the judge will make a final decision,” said Morgan. “We hope it’s going to reveal the truth of what happened and how Zenaida got drug into the circus in the first place.”

Anything revealed in the deposition will be public and could eventually be heard in court.

Legal Analyst Mark NeJame of Mark NeJame law said any and every relevant question about Caylee’s death will be asked in the deposition. He hopes what he believes is the truth will come out.

“I’ve always believed this is pre-meditated, first-degree murder,” said NeJame. “How she weaved the set of facts into Zenaida Gonzalez being the nanny is relevant because all of that would be a part of the parcel of the apparent lie that was told.”

Still NeJame thinks this will be a difficult case for Gonzalez to win, and that this will probably be the first of many depositions for Anthony.

“She is between a rock and hard spot at this time, she needs and will be required to answer the questions, and if she doesn’t she’s going to have hell to pay,” said NeJame.

Being under oath Anthony faces perjury charges if she lies, a crime she’s been charged with before.

We reached out to Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene and he had no comment as of Thursday afternoon.

Caylee Anthony was found dead six months after she was last seen alive. Casey Anthony was acquitted of her daughter’s murder in 2011, but she faces ongoing civil cases against several parties, including Gonzalez and the search group Texas EquuSearch.


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8 Responses to Casey Anthony Will Be Forced To Answer Questions About Caylee’s Death

  1. Frida says:

    I agree the pressure should be kept up. George Anthony should be tried for Sexual Abuse and abuse of a dead body if in fact this was an accident and he disposed of the body, then she will have to prove it on record. Casey will have to appear as a witness in that case as well and won’t be able to plead the 5th again. If she is forced to answer more questions, then maybe the REAL truth will come out. I have absolutely NO empathy for this family or faith in the Florida judicial system. There is no way that we can just let this go and move on, it is ethically, morally, and legally wrong. Never give up on finding the truth.

  2. Little Nel says:

    If Casey wants to remain silent, then she will have to settle this lawsuit out of court.

    At this time in her life, she may open up a pandora’s box of other offenses that she can be prosecuted for and held accountable, like child neglect/abuse and wrongful death.

    Casey has hurt and used so many decent people by lying to them or lying about them. It maybe time to “pay the piper” for all the times she entertained herself by lying and having contempt for her daughter Caylee, LE, the searchers, her neighbors, her parents, and the justice system.

    She deserves more lawsuits and more public exposure to her vile deeds before and after Caylee’s death. Keep dragging her into court and keep up the pressure so she doesn’t have time to gloat about her “victory” in the murder trial of Caylee Anthony.

  3. L.Day says:

    This deposition will be the first time Anthony will be under oath, which means she cannot plead the fifth or remain silent as she has in past depositions.
    ^^^^^^^^^^Casey Anthony remained silent in past depositions for good reasons. I, on the other hand, could not stop talking if my precious baby girl was murdered. It is obvious that she is guilty of “some” wrongdoing. The four quotes below prove it!
    She is clueless regarding how much her silence is saying… to everyone. Her silence says a WHOLE LOT! ! ! You can’t hide elephants in mouse holes meaning that some issues/problems/challenges cannot be hidden/concealed BUT have to be faced and dealt with.
    I AM SO glad that Casey Anthony is being forced to face what she has been trying to hide/conceal by being SILENT.
    1. “Your silence will not protect you.”
    ― Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches

    2. “Silence is so freaking loud”
    ― Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

    3. “When truth is replaced by silence,the silence is a lie.”
    ― Yevgeny Yevtushenko

    4. “Sometimes I ask myself, “Do I have the courage to do the right thing when it matters most?” And that answer, I’m afraid, is silence.”
    ― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not for Sale

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