Recovered Memory Project: Documented Cases and Factual Information on Repressed Memory

This was an interesting case, and one indicative of how the pro-FMS people operate.

When psychology Professor at the University of Oregon, and author, Jennifer Freyd first remembered that her father sexually abused her for years, she privately accused her father of the incest. It was her mother and father who went public against their daughter, and who made a futile attempt to discredit their daughter as a Professor.

Jennifer’s parents then joined with admitted pedophile, Ralph Underwager, to form the now out of gas “False Memory Syndrome Foundation.”

Ross Cheit has written a note on Elizabeth Loftus, who was sued for invasion of privacy in a case where Loftus hired a private investigator to find the mother of a woman who accused her of childhood sexual abuse. The daughter had accused her mother in an evaluation when the woman was 6 years old.

Cheit writes:

What makes the underlying case so important is that the girl forgot the details, which had been videotaped at the time, and recalled them spontaneously at age 17. Here is the article that documents those events, which occurred under the supervision of the doctor who conducted the original interview. (She had sought him out because she wanted to know what happened to her as a child.)

Please visit Ross Cheit’s Recovered Memory page because it has so much important information on the topic of repression –including documented cases, abuser confessions, and court convictions.

Cheit himself, a professor at Brown University, had repressed his own childhood sexual abuse by a male camp counselor, until he remembered the assaults when he was an adult.

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