Incest and the Human Psyche Can Take Decades To Heal

I owe my readers a huge apology.

I have neglected my Blog for the past few weeks, and no one is sorrier about that than myself.

I have been going through a lot of transformation lately….spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and physical.

Childhood trauma from ages two and younger have been surfacing in me in the past few weeks, and so has a lot of issues regarding being punished for the sexual abuse.

I am not alone when it comes to having been punished for having been a victim of incest. You can just imagine what that does to the psyche of the child.

On a different note, some people think humans cannot remember what happened to them from infancy to age two, but the soul records everything, and damaging events can impact a person with very significant emotional and physical problems.

The other issue I am still dealing with is the sexual abuse by my mother, which impacted me profoundly.

Same-sex child sexual abuse is one of the most devastating things an adult can do to a child. Right now, I am too sensitive to write about it. The serious emotional pain my mother caused me has pushed my yet unresolved issues with women and with the women in my biological family, to the surface of my healing. Right now, I am taking time to heal this issue before writing about it, and also trying to heal the physical trauma that was inflicted on me as a very young girl.

Families of incest often have much more going on than just the sexual abuse. Family members often also inflict physical trauma on the incest victim.

Until these issues move fully through my mind and body, I will continue to read comments, and will try and post pertinent articles. Please read old articles from my archives if you want to. There is some really good information there. You can get to the archives from the lower half/far right of the main Blog Page:

Thanks for your patience with my healing journey…


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13 Responses to Incest and the Human Psyche Can Take Decades To Heal

  1. Rachel Myers says:

    I don’t know how to express it very well, but I wish to offer you support. I am so grateful for this eye-opening blog. I don’t relate well to your physical symptoms (my symptom is that I always want to sleep, especially in the morning), but I sure relate to what you are going through now. You are in good company, and you will feel better eventually ❤

  2. Kay Marks says:

    I know too well the effects of sexual abuse on the psyche of a child. And, I agree that memories ‘hide’ and it’s usually when there is a trigger they surface. I was undiagnosed dissociation with 5 parts that held memories that needed to be worked through in order to find healing. Can relate to your journey so much. Take the time out and I hope you are working through the memories with a counsellor who understands the dynamics of abuse and trauma.

  3. Jess says:

    Take care, hope things get better for you. We will be here when you’re ready to come back.

  4. melissa lee says:

    When both my parents died my healing work speed up in a way that is hard to articulate.
    My earliest memories came then, I remember it starting with diaper changes.
    I feel for you and know that you are not alone.
    If you ever want to talk please feel free to e-mail me.

    Melissa Lee

  5. max says:

    You are a wonderful part of my healing. A female youth pastor molested me starting at age 11. I am a 49 year old female who is about to began a healing journey for the first time sober. I am scared shitless.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Max,

      Apparently you aren’t as scared as you think you are, because you are willing to heal. It takes great courage and strength to face child sexual abuse, and that you have sobered up is even more testimony to your soul’s desire to be free.

      Thank you for being on the journey with me.


    • Kay Marks says:

      You may feel like it at the moment but you are courageous. It takes this to start the journey you are about to embark on.

    • Little Nel says:

      Congratulations, max!

      You have begun a journey into truth and understanding. You have become willing to attempt to give up a lot of hurt and shame. You can do this, even though you are “scared shitless” you are worth it. Without the fear factor, there is no courage required.

      “When the road is rough is reward is great”

  6. chris sample says:

    Dear Sister,

    Thank you so much for this honest, tranparent, relevant note. Have been through, and continue to go through quite a bit of this “surfacing/recovering/healing” too, after many kinds of abuse, starting at birth, from both parents. And yes, I was punished, shamed, tormented for the sexual abuse which was “my fault” because I was such a “bad boy”. May God graciously hold, heal, comfort, bless you. During this season may you been able to lay aside everything you need to, including any work on this blog, to go through more healing.

    You have been and continue to be a great help to me I know, as to many others I am sure.

    Love, prayers, Christopher in Maine

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Chris,

      I want to thank you for your prayers for me. They were sincere and beautiful…I think they worked, because the next day, I suddenly had a lifting of the mental and physical fog. I have more work to do, but I suddenly have clarity and well-being in my soul, instead of darkness. THANK YOU for being so honest and so brave to face your trauma.

      Yes, I was the “bad girl” in my family…for having done nothing but been born to parents who were child sexual abusers.

      Peace, love and gratitude to you Christopher in Maine.

  7. PDD says:

    I understand your present journey. I, too, have lately been cogitating on memories from < 1st grade, striving to re-examine them in light of adult eyes, challenging long-held child-based perspectives. It's a journey, not a destination; and the journey can be overwhelming at times. In any case, have a pleasant Thanksgiving Day.

    • Alethea says:


      One thing is for certain, the adult view of things, and the child victim’s view are quite different. Adults have an idea in their head of how children ‘should’ react to sexual abuse, and yet, the reality is often quite different.

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