Our Endangered Species: A Hard Look At How We Treat Children

This is an old article, but still very relevant…

by Andrew Vachss

“A classic illustration of devolution is our laws against incest. What is the difference between sex with a child of another and a child of one’s own? We all know—and the data prove—the truth. When a male (note: I do not say a “man”) has sex with a neighbor’s child, prison is a likely possibility. But should such a creature have sex with his own child, we euphemistically deem it “family dysfunction” and call in the therapists.

Girl Child Abuse

Incest laws were enacted to prevent the birth of biogenetic defectives. But why do such laws apply to children? Children do not have the biological capacity to reproduce. Laws prohibiting sex or marriage between closely related adults protect the species. But incest prohibition as to children has no such value.

Simply put, we as a nation consider children to be the property of their parents. And we provide a special immunity to sex offenders who grow their own victims. Which is more destructive to our species: the random sexual assault of a child or the sexual assault of a child by the very individual whom all laws command to protect that child? What is the moral, social or ethical justification from distinguishing sexual assault by blood relationship of the victim to the perpetrator? We can come to but one conclusion: The laws against incest exist not to protect children but to protect predators.

Yes, our human race remains the only one that tolerates nonprotective parents and same-species predators. The incest laws make that point, written in the blood of innocents. This is the question about incest laws for every legislator in the land: Explain it or change it. And unless we, as a society, start asking that question, we will continue our “evolution” until we have lost our humanity.”

“Our Endangered Species – A Hard Look At How We Treat Children”
Originally published in Parade Magazine, March 29, 1998
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6 Responses to Our Endangered Species: A Hard Look At How We Treat Children

  1. Mark kent says:

    would like to thank you very much for your blog on sex abuse, i was very abused myself

    by 2,men and 2,ladies. I HAVE M.E. BECAUSE I WAS ABUSED.feel very alone most days . if you

    would like to e.mail me please do..mkentdad12@outlook.com.

    mark________________________________ > Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2013 02:29:09 +0000 > To: mkentdad12@outlook.com >

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Mark,

      I am SO sorry you feel so alone.

      Sometimes it ‘appears’ as if everyone else in the world is happy, prosperous, and living the good life. But know that most everyone I know is going through something very heavy right now. This includes myself and my husband. People I know often look at my life through a lense of judgement because they see my photos on Facebook, or on my photography Blog. Or maybe they see me driving around town with my dog in the car, but those are merely moments in time. Those are moments when I take a photo, or when my dog needs to go for a walk or to go swimming for her health. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Most EVERYONE puts on a happy face when they go out into the world. Most people do not disclose their health problems, marriage problems, money problems, children issues, etc etc. to ANYONE except close friends. By God’s Grace I have the therapy I do, because if not, I would have been a mess and divorced. My therapist is helping me and my husband both. We are working towards freedom and total health, but right now we have a little more work to do.

      Every soul has work to do. If you ever want her number, she can heal you of myalgic encephalomyelitis. She healed me of it! Let me know if you want her number.

  2. Mother1234 says:

    The state if California is charging the father of our children with numerous felony charges with a life sentence. They have protected us since day one. How are they protecting him? I have divorced him and the situation has been tragic and disorienting but irony understand your defense.

  3. DJuanan Flowers says:

    Alethea, I wasn’t sure if we could email you directly. I have just discovered a “problem” with one of my children. It is very serious. I need some advice .. At this time I am shut down, to the best of my ability. Just need to know what to do next, so I can function. Will you please email me ?

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