Celibacy Has Nothing To Do With Child Sexual Abuse

In the beginning of 2002, the news began to break. 

Within the Roman Catholic Church, hundreds of priests were being exposed, or accused, of having molested or raped children.

Every day for months, articles in newspapers and magazines, and nightly news specials ran updates on priests who had sexually abused children. Some of the abuse had taken place decades earlier, some of the molestation was only a few years earlier, and some cases involved repressed memories.

Allegations were being made across the United States, and a number of people had been paid off by the Catholic Church without a trial. A few allegations were denied.

Within months, over two hundred Catholic Priests in the United States alone were suspended or resigned.

Between January and May of 2002, the Archdiocese of Boston turned over nearly 100 names of priests who had, at some point in a forty year span, been accused of child sexual abuse. The abuse allegations rocked the country for months. More than one priest committed suicide after being accused of sexual abuse and another was shot by a victim who only wanted an apology from his tormentor but the priest would not comply.

Half of the story was the child sexual abuse, and the other half was church authorities who were covering up the abuse of children and transferring priests around instead of removing them and calling law enforcement.

The media quickly began to bring up the celibacy issue. Television journalists screamed the word “celibacy” at every turn, as if it was a ‘cure’ for child sexual abuse. Celibacy and priest abuse became a daily debate on TV talk shows, and a nightly argument on most television news programs.

Debates raged at call-in radio shows, with the argument being whether or not priests should be allowed to marry. The Los Angeles Times even printed a drawing of a man’s hand with a wedding band on his left ring finger. The caption read “exorcism of a Catholic Priest.”

Even though I am Catholic, I was extremely thankful these secrets were coming to light and that victims and survivors were being heard –at the same time– I was angry.

My anger stemmed from having been a victim of incest, and knowing that, although the public was finally beginning to speak about child sexual abuse, with a voice other than a faint whisper, and although the U.S. media was actually telling stories of child rape, America was in perpetual denial.

Each day the media printed another letter to the editor or debated that celibacy causes priests to molest children, it was like a nail in the heart of the millions of adult survivors, and child victims of incest, who were abused by their married fathers, uncles, grandfathers, coaches, teachers, and friends of the family.

The American public and naive’ Catholics needed to grab onto some explanation for the deviancy of a priest sexually violating a child, and the U.S. media (which is deliberately antagonistic to the Catholic Church) happily provided them with a solution.

And so it began –the U.S. media, and talk-show hosts and their guests, pushed the false idea that priests (most of whom take the vow of celibacy for a very beautiful reason) needed to have sex.  

‘Why else would someone molest a child? …They would have to be sexually depraved! Married men don’t molest children, let’s cure the child abuse problem by allowing priests to get married!’

If celibacy was the cause of pedophile priests, the church scandal would have involved countless priests having been caught in the scandal of affairs, having sex with prostitutes, and hoarding adult pornography. Many women are attracted to priests. Catholic Priests would have no trouble finding intimacy with an adult woman.

These priests were sexually attracted to, and stimulated by, children and teenagers.

In addition, as politically and socially “incorrect” as it is to point out….most of the cases involved priests with homosexual tendencies, who were sexually abusing young teenage and pre-teen boys. One report stated the victims were 90% male.

The suggestion that celibacy is the cause of child sexual abuse by priests is a very grave error. Lack of sex is not the issue, the cause is child sexual abusers and pedophiles, who discovered an open door policy within the modern Catholic Church –a church who, at the hands of Vatican Two, allowed a relaxed atmosphere for gays, liberals, and sexual degenerates to enter the seminaries.

Celibacy does not drive child sexual abuse, nor does it cause Church hierarchy to cover up the abuse of children. Church officials who transferred priests around, instead of stopping the abuse, are just like the many women who cover up abuse going on in their own homes and who protect their husband, or boyfriend, over their own child. It is the silence and the cover-ups, which allow abuse to breed, not the vow of celibacy.

The majority of perpetrators who molest children are married men. In actuality, the more sex a man has, the more he wants sex.

Unmarried men, with no potential to abuse a child, turn to grown adult women or adult males for their sexual urges, not to children. Any man who would molest a child out of sexual deprivation would probably also molest his own children. Yet the media continued to hammer into the minds of the American public that celibacy was “the answer” to priestly pedophilia and child sexual abuse.

The U.S. media, and people in general, rarely mentioned that most of the victims were male teens and male children. Nor would the U.S. media speak of how the leniency of seminary admissions by Vatican Two officials caused many spiritually unstable men with homosexual drives to enter the priesthood.

The media truly misled the public with their headlines and television news programs about a “pedophilia crisis” within the Church. The term ‘Pedophilia’ is only correctly used for people sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children.

Most of the cases of priests abusing children occurred between the 1960’s and the late 1980’s. This was a time when “a culture of dissent took root in American seminaries, theology faculties and church bureaucracies and in which clerical discipline broke down.” ~George Wiegel, Los Angeles Times

The core cause of child sexual abuse by priests, was not celibacy, and not homosexuality. The real root of the situation was a liberalized Vatican Two, and the Catholic authority who pampered child rapists and molesters by carefully, and secretively, guarding their criminal acts.

Contrary to what the American media wanted to push on a naïve’ American public, the abuse of innocent children and teens was caused by the relaxed screening process around the time that Vatican Two was taking over the church. The liberal (some would argue criminal) changes of Vatican Two allowed men to enter seminaries who truly had little intention of living up to their vow to God, and men who had psychological weaknesses, and men with extreme homosexual tendencies who felt the priesthood would be a fiesta for them.

After the Vatican Two Council in the 1960’s, church hierarchy became careless in how they screened applicants for the priesthood. The failure of proper screening contributed to the endless suffering of many children and teens who are now adults and cannot cope with the aftermath of being sexually violated by a priest.

In Goodbye Good Men investigative reporter Michael S. Rose documents an extremely indulgent and even perverted setting inside many seminaries after Vatican Two. Rose found the seminaries being over run by men who wanted to bring a “sexual revolution” to Catholicism under the guise of ‘tolerance and non-judgment.’ As Pope Paul VI noted, Vatican Two tried to let some fresh air into the Catholic Church but when it did, “The smoke of Satan entered through the window.”

Although too complicated and off-topic of a subject for this Blog, certain individuals have openly confessed to taking part in a deliberate infiltration of seminaries. These were devious people who wanted to harm the Catholic Church. The objective was to get men into the priesthood who cared little for tradition and Jesus Christ.

The plan was a cocktail of a desire to corrupt the Catholic Church, to make society hate Catholicism, to break down the true principles of the Church, to subvert the Sacraments, and to ultimately try and destroy the Mass.

Prior to Vatican Two, the universal law, and the common practice of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, was to deal with priests who molested a child by putting them in a civil prison or in a quarantined building. The priest paid restitution to the child’s family and was made to offer a sincere apology. Most importantly, before Vatican Two, the practiced rule was to remove the priest from being able to perform Mass, and to keep him away from children. This is quite different from the manner in which Vatican Two has handled abusive priests.

Most sexual abuse takes place within families. The priests who violated children, and church cover-ups, are only one of the symptoms of child sexual abuse, which plagues Western society.

A drawing published in the Los Angeles Times depicted a priest with a little boy who looked very scared. The priest had his arm around the child and said to him “Come with me to my private chambers my boy. It’s okay, I’m married” 

I was surprised the Los Angeles Times even printed the cartoon. The L.A Times is extremely biased against the Catholic Church, and religion in general –except towards Judaism. The Times has always leaned in favor of Judaism. I know this because I read the Times every day for over fifteen years.

A Texas lawyer, who traced priest abuse allegations within the United States, found that about two percent out of 60,000 priests in the United States had been accused of sexual abuse. The vast majority of priests do not abuse children, and most priests do not have sex of any kind.

The priests who sexually abused children are but a drop in the bucket. The real problem of child molestation is children being sexually abused in their own homes by their fathers or other married and non-married relatives. The media could do a story every day on incest victims and never even touch the vast amount of cases in the United States.

In the Catholic Church, the institution came first, just like the countless mothers who shelter their husband or boyfriend over their own child. And there are hundreds of thousands more women who have protected a child sexual abuser than there are priests who have ever molested a child.

The church and rectory walls are equal to the walls of denial within the homes of incest victims. The parishioners, who blindly stand by the priests and practically spit on victims, are equivalent to the siblings and other family members in incest cases who find it more comfortable to ignore the truth, lash out at the victim for telling, and to support the perpetrator.

People in positions of authority covering up the sexual abuse of children is not a Catholic problem, it is an American problem, and some would say, a common problem across the globe.



The term “pedophile priest” is erroneous. Most of the priests who raped and molested teenage boys were most likely preferential offenders (those who prefer post-pubescent teens). This means that most all of the priests who sexually abused children were not pedophiles. According to the Los Angeles Times, eighty-one percent of victims abused by priests were male. An attorney who represents victims of priests revealed that out of 400 victims, ninety percent were boys and as much as three-quarters were post-pubescent.


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21 Responses to Celibacy Has Nothing To Do With Child Sexual Abuse

  1. Little Nel says:

    Hi Alethea,

    I loved your responses to the false statements about the Catholic Church and your clarity about the Satanic influence of Vatican 2 and attacks that the Church is straining against.

    Satan has failed to change or alter one word that Jesus spoke in truth, so he tries to confuse us with lies. You are right, it is up to us to search out the truth about ourselves and our relationship with God. We have a choice. We can defend ourselves against evil through God’s divine plan of protection.

  2. L.Day says:

    Many people proclaim there is a link between Freemasonry and Lucifer.
    ====This is pure truth! I have studied Freemasonry in depth and it is a blend of occult, paganism, Satanism, demonology and spiritualism. It is not of God! Any association with this organization would definitely not lead to anything good!

  3. Kithri says:

    Hi, Alethea. You probably won’t find much documentation of any kind of sexual abuse of children prior to the 1960s. As Judith Herman has noted in her book, _Trauma and Recovery_, little attention was paid to such things back then.

    However, I can tell you experientially that my father was molested by a Catholic priest when he was a boy. He was born in 1928. I believe most of my uncles were as well, as their sons are the ones who molested my sister and me (and their own daughters, as well).

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Kithri,

      I am pretty sure there would be some documentation somewhere. I know a priest who has access to, and knowledge of, a lot of historical records, statistics, facts, etc about church history. He is just so busy that I hate to bug him right now.

      Keep in mind that just because Kevin was sexually abused prior to Vatican Two, and because your father was….this does not mean the numbers of victims were in the thousands, or that they exceed Vatican Two abuse records.

      I am so sorry that you were sexually abused, especially by Catholics? Right? I think this is one of the worst violations against Jesus (a Catholic molesting a child).

      • Kithri says:

        There probably is some documentation somewhere, but in the case of my father and uncles, they never went to any authorities. I think lots of people never reported the sexual crimes committed against them back then. I think not reporting was more common then, even more so than it is now.

        I don’t think that a Catholic molesting children is any worse than anyone else molesting them, or maybe that’s not what you meant? It’s all utterly horrific. But that aside, anyone who molests a child commits an egregious crime against Jesus. I would really hate to be a child molester on Judgement Day: “If anyone should cause one of these little ones to lose his faith in me, it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea.” (Matthew 18:6)

        To answer your question, I am Catholic, as were at least two of the cousins (much older than I) who molested me. I also think Vatican II was hijacked by modernists and other haters of the gospel and the Church, who twisted the council to reflect their own unchristian agendas. So I am not disagreeing with you at all, just pointing out that the statistics might be skewed because of underreporting.

        And thank you for your expression of sorrow on my behalf.

        • Alethea says:

          Dear Kithri,

          There were less people on the planet in the 2,000 years prior to Vatican Two. There was also a much higher standard of screening men for the priesthood, and the men who joined the priesthood were significantly more in touch with high spiritual knowledge and a strong desire to be a good priest by transforming their sexual energies (their lower nature) to a highly spiritual consciousness. Vatican Two has not only invited/encouraged men with a lower consciousness, but there is a dark influence that has infiltrated the church –a group of many men whose MISSION it is to get child sexual abusers into the priesthood, destroy The Mass, and to make the world hate the Church.

          As far as what I said about Catholics molesting children. I said what I meant. The quote of Jesus that you gave, solidifies exactly what I meant: “If anyone should cause one of these little ones to lose his faith in me, it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea.” (Matthew 18:6)

          When a Catholic…especially a priest…..molests a child, there is a significant potential for the child to lose all faith in Catholicism, and in God. It happened to me. My mother made me lose faith in God for 25 years because of her hypocrisy. Remember that Jesus strongly condemned hypocrites.

          Have a beautiful day 🙂

          • Jess says:

            I agree with losing faith. My family was/ is highly religious and the church we went to fully supported them by chad taxing me for being unforgiving when I spoke of things they did that upset me. I am so utterly angry and disgusted with the church and I have lost all faith in god. Because I always associate god with my parents and those churches. Hope this doesn’t offend you, it’s just how I feel. Thanks.

  4. Kevin F says:

    Yes, Alethea, I’m sure that there is truth in everything in your article. However, I was sexually assaulted by a priest in Ireland in the 1950s. And I know that thousands of boys and girls were sexually assaulted and abused long before Vatican 2 Child sexual assault was endemic and widespread in the Catholic church (and other religions) for decades and centuries before that time.
    It was deliberately denied, ignored and hidden. All that has happened in recent decades is that this assault and abuse has been made public. And because priests and religious can’t get away with it easily like before, there’s probably actually less of it in recent decades than in the past.

    • Alethea says:

      Dear Kevin,

      “I know that thousands of boys and girls were sexually assaulted and abused long before Vatican 2 Child sexual assault was endemic and widespread in the Catholic church.”

      Please provide evidence of this. Do you have a link or documentation for this statement?

      “…. there’s probably actually less of it in recent decades than in the past.”

      and evidence of this claim?


      • Kevin F says:

        Hi Alethea. Sorry I haven’t replied sooner as my ISP has been playing up and I haven’t had much internet access lately.
        You’re right. Evidence is very important in all this.

        You seem to propose that sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church all happened as the result of some kind of ‘hijack’ of the Church’s recruitment systems that happened post Vatican 2 (the 1960s and later).

        In my personal experience, the Catholic Church was into sexual and physical assault of children long before Vatican 2. I remember being sexually assaulted as a toddler by a priest (with the connivance of my parents) in the 1950s. Then as a boy in Catholic boarding schools in Ireland in the 1960s, I experienced and was told first hand of molesting and other sexual assault by religious and priests. All of the priests/brothers I remember involved were in these orders for years – none were post Vatican 2 recruits.

        I and others did report this to adults at various times. We were ignored or told to shut up and go away. Get over it. The Church was so controlling and powerful then that this was also the attitude of authority figures such as teachers, the police, government officials and, of course, so-called ‘good’ priests and religious (they didn’t molest but were quite happy to turn a blind eye and protect those who did).

        And my experience wasn’t the worst by any means. In the various childrens’ ‘institutions’ (child prisons and labour camps) run by religious orders in Ireland, brutal physical assault and sexual molesting/assault of children were daily occurrences.

        For written evidence of this, see the 5 Volumes (thousands of pages) of evidence in the report from Ireland’s Judge Ryan Commission into Child Abuse in Catholic Institutions, released in 2009. It’s downloadable from the Web, just Google the Commission name. Evidence taken by the commission refers back as far as the 1930s.

        To back up my view of child abuse being more prevalent before the 1970s, I found Table 22 in Chapter 7, Volume 3 of the Report which shows that 82% of all reported incidents of sexual assault refer to inmates who were discharged in the years prior to 1969. There are detailed witness accounts of many incidents. Sexual assault of children was well established in Ireland long before Vatican 2 ever happened.

        Sadly, this written evidence is just the top of the iceberg. For one thing, virtually no Irish religious order co-operated fully with the Commission and some orders refused to provide any of their institution inmate records. Very little information was provided or available on former inmates – many were untraceable, a lot presumed dead.

        Not surprising. Most victims of boyhood sexual assault in Ireland who, like me, were told to shut up and go away, did exactly that. They left and went to other countries (eg England, the US and Australia). They blocked out their memories and mostly medicated their pain, shame and humiliation with alcohol. I met some of them in various bars in the 1980s. A lot lived marginal lives, suffered mental illness and alcoholism, became itinerant or homeless, never married or had children. And died relatively young. Many ended up in poorly marked graves or crematoria, or wherever the outcasts of society are disposed of. You’ll find lots of ‘evidence’ in those places.
        They never lived to tell their stories to the Ryan Commission or to anyone else.

        But as a result of the many statements which were provided to the Ryan Commission, the Irish police prepared a number of charge files for the Director of Public Prosecutions in Dublin. However, not one abuser or responsible religious order has ever been prosecuted. To be fair to the State, they are up to their eyeballs in complicity in this whole business as the Irish Department of Education funded all these institutions (capitation grants per child) and regularly ‘inspected’ them.

        The criminals are all ageing men and women now (a lot of them have died too) but they are still being protected by their orders, who, decades on, still deny any kind of responsibility and still thumb their noses at the victims.

        You seem to perhaps have a view that the Catholic Church historically was some kind of force for good in the world until it was undermined and ruined by the recruitment of sexual deviants after Vatican 2. The reality is that the Catholic Church (and other religions) have always been about the control and suppression of information, the intimidation, control and dividing of people, and the physical and sexual assault of children. And, yes, of course, there are ‘good’ priests and people in every church as there are in every organisation. I’m sure a lot of the men who worked in the Nazi concentration camps were regarded as ‘good’ people – no doubt they supported their families, attended churches and, as many said, were just ‘doing a job’ and ‘following orders’.

        Wake up. Please realise what churches and religions are about. I’m sure you’ve read the New Testament Gospels. You’ll know that the people who mostly opposed Jesus and felt most threatened by him were the priests and ‘Church’ people of his day. They even set up his execution. Nothing has changed today. Religion is the opposite and, in many cases, the enemy of spirituality.

        I don’t have any written evidence for my first claim as I don’t believe any has ever been publicised. If the Church can successfully hide it’s ‘child prison’ records from just a few decades ago, it can easily hide and deny its crimes from the centuries (12th to 18th) of murderous Church Inquisitions all over Europe and the Americas. The death toll (many sources) is estimated at anything from tens of thousands to millions of people burned to death, mostly women, and including children. And lots of sexual assault too by the prosecutors – prior to being burnt to death.

        I don’t want to criticise you, Alethea, as I value your website very much and am grateful for all the work you do. But I’m sure that if Church people are monitoring this website (and it’s very likely they are), they’ll be glad to see dissension. They’ll also be glad to see people believe a ‘hijack’ theory and thus allow them off scot free from decades (how about centuries?) of crimes against children.

        • Kithri says:

          Dear Kevin,
          I am third generation Irish American (with a bit of Belgian and Italian thrown in there), and it was my father and uncles who were abused by a priest (and I by my cousins and possibly the older
          generation as well–I have many holes in my memory still). So I suppose I am a second generation Catholic Church abuse survivor. I empathize with your position about religion, as it was mine until about 6 years ago, when I was knocked off my horse like Paul was by an experience with Jesus that I cannot explain scientifically (and I am a scientist by trade). But this is just prelude.

          What I want to say is that the anti-Church has always existed side by side within the true Church. Reading a history of western civilization amply proves the point. This goes all the way back to Judas, who was the first of many little anti-christs that plagued the Church down through the centuries. But the anti-christs are mixed in with the christ-like ones, the ones striving with all sincerity to be like their Lord. Much good has been done by those christ-like ones, and much evil by the anti-christs. It has always been that way, it will always be that way, until the last day.

          (Vatican II, however, was still hijacked into something it wasn’t meant to be. What I just said doesn’t refute that. There have been better and worse times for the Church, and V II was one of the “worse” times.)

          “The reality is that the Catholic Church (and other religions) have always been about the control and suppression of information, the intimidation, control and dividing of people, and the physical and sexual assault of children.”

          That is what _all_ organizations, governments, megacorporations, and institutions are about, underneath the bedskirts and trimmings. Organized religion doesn’t have the corner on this market.

        • Alethea says:

          Dear Kevin,

          I am not the only one who has proposed that the sexual abuse of children in the Modern “Catholic” Church has happened as the result of a deliberate infiltration of satanists and others who wish to destroy The True Church. There are prominent Catholic theologians who have written books about it.

          I never said there were NO cases of child sexual abuse pre-Vatican Two, and I am aware that there was much sexual assault of children in Ireland prior to Vatican two.

          The repression/self-medication for child sexual abuse, and early death, of young men who were sexually assaulted by priests prior to Vatican Two is tragic and real. I am NOT disputing this.

          The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church was indeed a historically good force in the world. Until Vatican Two, the Tridentine Mass was said throughout the world, nearly every hour of every day. It kept the powers of Satan at bay. Now because of Vatican Two, The Tridentine Mass is said in small churches, small buildings, and houses…and said substantially less often than ever before –just as prophesies and The Holy Virgin Mary has predicted.

          The TRUE mass has been suppressed under Vatican Two, and “coincidentally” Satan has taken hold of the world since Vatican two (taken hold like never before). The Tridentine Mass was our protection.

          Please do not get into the church history of war, or compare priests to German soldiers. WWII, and prior wars have NOTHING to do with the subject at hand:child sexual abuse in relation to Vatican two.

          Please do not tell me to “wake up” with regards to religion. I am fully aware of the errors of all religions. You mentioned the New Testament Gospels….so you should read the Words of Jesus…who FOUNDED the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Jesus said, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against It.” He DID not say, ‘the gates of hell shall not penetrate the Church.’ He said, the gates of Hell shall not prevail –that hell will not defeat The Catholic Church.

          In order to prevail over something, there has to be some kind of battle, attack, or an invasion to begin with.

          The The Sanhedrin -The Jews- were the ones who set up the execution of Jesus The Christ. This is documented history. Please inform yourself Kevin. Jesus was an Essene.

          I don’t care if Vatican Two people are monitoring this website, frankly, I hope they ARE! They will see, and be annoyed, that there are people like me, who do not fear them, and who are willing to tell the truth about them.

          “The cultic acts of satanic pedophilia in the Catholic Church are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the rites of ‘The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer’ in the Vatican” ~Fr. Malachi Martin – 1990

          Father Malachi Martin was an eminent theologian and spent three decades as an Exorcist in the Catholic Church. He was a former Jesuit Priest and professor at the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute. Father Martin wrote several powerful books that expose things about the church that are not well-accepted or widely known. Pope Paul VI released Father Martin from his vows of poverty and obedience in order to write these books. He kept his vow of celibacy and remained a Catholic until his death.

          Father Martin predicted the child abusing priest scandal years before it hit the news in 2002. He had previously been aware of a ‘satanic cult of homosexual priests who were sexually abusing children.’

          Father Malachi Martin says that about one or two percent of all Catholic priests are Satanists who sexually abuse children. (Lucifer’s Lodge, Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church, William H. Kennedy, Reviviscimus, 2004)

          If a satanic cult of priests in the modern Catholic Church exists, it would most likely have to do with the Vatican Two connection to Freemasonry. There is documentation that a Masonic ceremony took place in the Vatican in 1963 and some clergy had joined Freemasonry (Lucifer’s Lodge, Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church, William H. Kennedy, Reviviscimus, 2004 page 195-196)

          The excellent book What Has Happened to the Catholic Church? by twin brother priests, Fathers Dominic and Fransisco Radecki, also confirms the connection between Freemasons and the Second Vatican Council. Their second book, Tumultuous Times: The Twenty General Councils of the Catholic Church and Vatican II and Its Aftermath documents everything about Vatican Two, the popes, and the Mass.

          The Pre-Vatican Two church considered Freemasonry to be an enemy of Catholicism. Despite Church law forbidding such a dual membership, it is widely reported that a number of current Cardinals and Bishops are members of Freemasonry. It is well known that Freemasons helped create the Vatican Two Novus Ordo “mass,” the debased mass which has been said in churches since Vatican Two.

          Many people proclaim there is a link between Freemasonry and Lucifer. In June of 1972, Pope Paul V1 made a statement in reference to Vatican Two. He proclaimed, “The smoke of Satan has entered the Temple of God.”

          Curiously, post Vatican Two churches began to resemble Masonic Temples, even down the “Presider’s Chair” in the altar area. If any Catholic is honest with themselves, they will admit that the ALTAR of God, being turned around inside catholic churches, to face the people, instead of facing God…is strange in and of itself!

          According to a Boston Globe journalist, the majority of the acts in child sexual abuse cases perpetrated by priests took place between 1965 and 1982. More than one-third of accused priests in those cases were ordained between 1960 and 1969. The Vatican Two Council ran from 1962-1965.

          Many Catholic readers might find themselves rejecting the possibility that the Catholic Church was infiltrated by men who wanted to destroy The Church –rejecting that idea with the same denial system that can’t believe that a mother or father would sexually assault their own child.

          I ask anyone, who is a Catholic, to read Father Radecki’s books. Do your own investigation into Vatican Two. Know that throughout church history, there have been many anti-popes. It is well documented. Know that there is a serious problems with the “Novus Ordo” mass and with the current Sacraments. Inform yourself, instead of accepting the serious and drastic changes in the modern church…and instead of accepting the modern “Catholic” mass, which may not be a mass at all….and that you may be receiving only a cookie in your hand on Sundays, and NOT the Body and Blood of Jesus.




          • Alethea says:

            I’m sorry Kevin, I was angry when I wrote this. I hope you don’t take it personally. My anger is not directed towards you. It is directed at the wolves in sheep’s clothing –the scoundrels who have made it so that I have to drive one hour to attend Mass, to receive confession, and to talk to a priest in person. I am angry that Vatican two has created such a mess, such a loss of faith…….so many numbers of people leaving the church. That Vatican Two has caused the loss of priests and nuns, the closing of catholic schools, the closing of seminaries, the confusion among Catholics….and has caused people to hate the church.

            Vatican Two created a mess and Jesus told us, “by their fruits you will know them.” The fruits of Vatican Two are rotten.

            • KevinF says:

              No, that’s fine Alethea, I don’t take this discussion personally. I know we have very different views on this, based on our different experiences. It’s good for you that you get ————– something from what you call the real Mass – everyone’s experience is different.

              I don’t think you’re old enough to have been around in the 1950s when the pre-Vatican 2 Latin Mass was THE Mass that all Catholics (in Ireland anyway) had to attend every Sunday on pain of Mortal Sin. My parents took us children to Mass a number of times a week (not just Sundays) as they were religion ‘yuppies’.

              I remember the Latin Mass then as a baffling, disjointed, impenetrable experience. The priest and altar boys were at the front (never facing the congregation) speaking and responding in Latin and, in the congregation, people read prayer books, said rosaries, muttered prayers, talked to each other or just zoned out. There was a sermon and of course, a money collection, and that was all most people could understand.
              Latin was one of the things the Church used then to maintain their power. Like ‘legalese’ or a lot of technical/scientific jargon today, a lot of its role was to maintain a ‘mystique’ and exclude the ordinary people from what was going on.

              The new ‘vernacular’ English Mass, introduced by Vatican 2, was a total eye opener and allowed the lay people (for the first time in centuries) to understand what was being said and to be directly involved by responding. I remember that a lot of priests hated this as it blew their cover. I heard for the first time mention of a god of love; all I’d ever heard from the priests up to then was about sin and a god of fear, judgement and eternal damnation to hell.

              So, in my experience and that of many people I have spoken to in the last 50 years, Vatican 2 was a very important factor in loosening the control which violent, ignorant, domineering priests, bishops and religious held over the Catholic population. They really dragged their feet in changing anything. The opposition to the English Mass and other reforms (e.g lay people distributing communion) came from priests and religious and right wing reactionary religious groups such as the Legion of Mary (in which my father was deeply involved) and Opus Dei. They didn’t want anyone realising that, like the Emperor, the priests had no clothes. Like the Wizard of Oz, their whole show was smoke and mirrors.

              You talk about recognising what people and organisations really are by their ‘fruits’ or what they produce. What many priests, nuns and religious in Ireland produced then was violence, ignorance, domination and physical and sexual assault of children and young people.

              And you ask me to do my research about Jesus. I have done and the point I was making was exactly that the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees were the priests and the ‘Church’ of Palestine in Jesus’s day. And they opposed him and had him killed – exactly what priests and churches would have done in the past (because they could get away with it). Thankfully they can’t get away with it any more.

              You mention Freemasonry and it’s relationship to the Church. To me Freemasonry and the Catholic hierarchy and Vatican are exact mirror images of each other. They are small groups of men bent on controlling the population who take decisions and work in secret to block, undermine and overthrow popular decisions and movements. And there are many ‘cultic’ groups within the Catholic Church (e.g. the Legion of Mary, Opus Dei, the various Knights such as the Knights of St Columba – no women allowed, etc.) who, just like Freemasons, work covertly in society to maintain the power and control of the few at the top.

              I’m not for a moment denigrating IN ANY WAY all of your experience and your view of the Tridentine Mass and priests. I allow you your views and I allow the people who wrote the books you recommend their views and also the Boston Globe journalist. Everyone is sincere and speaks/writes in good faith. So I must also be allowed to have my voice and my views, based on my life experience pre and post Vatican 2.

              We’re never going to find any agreement on this issue, Alethea, as our views are too far apart. So let’s agree to disagree and just draw a line under this conversation.

              Best wishes,

              • Alethea says:

                Dear Kevin,

                I am old enough to remember the way the Mass, the churches, and the Sacraments were given in the early 1960’s and early 1970’s. I left Catholicism around the mid seventies. I returned around 2000, thought I would attend Mass and was shocked to see the dramatic changes. I thought I was in a Protestant church. I was blown away at the lack of respect, the casual attitude, the kissing and hugging of the person next to you, and that people were taking the Host in their filthy hands.

                I was shocked that when I tried to have confession and the priest sat across a table from me in a sit down conversation and discussed baseball teams before getting to my soul’s desire to confess! I was shocked when I saw the altar turned around to face the people, not God (symbolic at best, satanic at worst). I was shocked when i attended The Stations of the Cross and saw a woman in one of the pews ahead of me wearing a tee-shirt that said, “Take pleasure in the misfortunes of others.” I was confused and dismayed to find that the “Latin” Mass as you call it, was now said in English and it had lost all its beauty and Grace.

                The Tridentine mass (you call it Latin) is the most beautiful thing this side of heaven, and it was changed by Vatican Two. They changed the words and disguised their changes by saying it’s the same but that it is just “in English” now (or the language of whatever country it is said in). These changes to the Mass are documented in those books I mentioned. The Mass IS the Catholic Faith. Change the Mass and the sacraments, and you have a new religion.

                The Tridentine Mass was said in Latin -a beautiful root language- and it was said the same all over the world, in every corner of every country, and it was THE SAME all over the world, and everyone had the same missile to follow along. Anyone who tries to say they can’t follow it is lazy and self-absorbed. The missile clearly has English on one said of the page, and Latin on the other.

                Why SHOULD the priest and altar boys face the congregation? they should face GOD! They should face that which is the main focal point and the reason for the Mass in the first place. It is this very mentality of “humanism” and “people-pleasing” that has caused the ills of our world.

                If someone zones out the True Mass, then they need to check themselves out. They need to re-educate themselves about the Mass, the way to follow it, the meaning of everything, and how to align their soul and heart with the mass.

                “Latin was one of the things the Church used then to maintain their power. Like ‘legalese’ or a lot of technical/scientific jargon today, a lot of its role was to maintain a ‘mystique’ and exclude the ordinary people from what was going on.”

                This is false. Ordinary people can educate themselves easily with all the material and books the churches provide in order for everyone to understand EVERYTHING that is taking place at the Altar. If someone does not care enough to educate themselves, then they don’t have the passion for The Holy Eucharist, and don’t deserve to receive Holy Communion.

                “I remember that a lot of priests hated this as it blew their cover. I heard for the first time mention of a god of love; all I’d ever heard from the priests up to then was about sin and a god of fear, judgement and eternal damnation to hell.”

                This is simply ridiculous…. “that it blew their cover.” That’s probably your interpretation of priests who did not like the changes –did not like the changes for highly spiritual reasons. Priests HAVE to talk to the masses of people about fear, judgement, and hell. This because most of them KNOW how serious it is to fall into sin, and how easily and readily most humans do. Yes, God is love, but love means law and soul transformation. God isn’t some airy-fairy ball of ‘feeling good, singing, and hugging everyone.’ Each soul must transform, deviate from sin, and change their mind/heart/action to align with the law.

                Vatican Two was instrumental in allowing the satanic forces to take souls. Vatican Two caters to human weakness, and to humanism. Jesus was not a humanitarian. He came to save our souls. Vatican Two is responsible for catering to human desires, human needs, and people-pleasing.

                Vatican two has aligned with Protestantism and Judaism and has thrown the Catholic Faith and the words of Jesus out the window by doing so. The opposition to the Novus ordo mass and lay people distributing communion comes from people like me, who know damn well the serious consequences of changing the words of the Mass, and the sacriligousness of lay people touching and handing out The Body and Blood of Jesus like it was a cookie, so people can take it in their dirty hands, and for some of them, hide it in pews, or take it home for satanists to use in black masses.

                “… And they opposed him and had him killed – exactly what priests and churches would have done in the past (because they could get away with it). Thankfully they can’t get away with it any more.”

                No one can touch Jesus…but they are trying to kill Him and His Spirit right now, in Vatican Two, by stepping on nearly 2,000 years of Catholic Faith. They are trying to kill Him by hooking up with the Jews and with Protestantism –trying to kill everything Jesus taught with His very life, and Words. They have tried to kill His Mass, the one He gave us at the Last Supper, but they have not succeeded because it is still being said in small churches, houses, and other out-buildings.

                You have a right to your *opinion* Kevin, but until you truly read and study -in depth- about the history of The Mass, the church, and about the very serious changes in the novus ordo church, then it is merely your opinion, and not based on anything but your “feelings.”


  5. melissa lee says:

    When the blinders come off, what we see, is almost unbearable to witness.
    Having been raped since the age of infancy into young women hood, and helping others heal too, I can say with out a second thought, that incest it the biggest coverup, by families, and then culturally, too. Healing is possible, I have witnessed it many times and felt it myself.
    Keep writing dear, and know that others are in fact reading and taking it to heart and talking to other about it.. Giving voice to the child that felt powerless. xo Melissa Lee

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Melissa Lee…

      I needed to read this. Sometimes I think my Blog goes without helping. I guess because not that many people comment. I know I have a lot of readers and subscribers, but when not many comments come through, I am unsure if anything is getting ‘out there.’

  6. chris sample says:

    ThoughIi am not a Catholic i have dear friends who are. What you have written resonates deeply with me. I recall watching 20+ years ago a taped sermon of then Cardinal John O’Connor, pratically shaking with indignation as he said he had MANY deeply devoted young men come to him with a true vocation, and the seminaries would not accept them! This, he said, was because the seminaries had been taken over by men of perverted minds, who acuively recruited and preferred the wretched abusers of whom you write. I am near tears again, both at the injustice to so many dear young ones, AND injustice to a host of faithful celibate priests, but also with gratitude for one righteous man’s proper godly anger!

    May God greatly bless you in your own recovery and your needed and appreciated ministry thorugh your writing.

    • Alethea says:

      Thank you Chris. I have also read that many deeply devoted young men tried to enter the priesthood, but that Vatican Two authority did not allow them into the seminaries. In my opinion, Vatican Two is mostly a den of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      May God Bless you as well.

      Thank you for your support.

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