Woman Blackmails Man for His Condo and SUV in Exchange for Not Reporting Child Molestation

52d0b654b4b1d.preview-620Who is worse, the child molester, or the woman who protects him with her silence, and then profits from it?

ST. CHARLES • “A St. Charles woman who police said blackmailed her live-in boyfriend over child sex abuse allegations pleaded guilty Friday to concealing a felony and was given five years’ probation.

The woman, Jennifer L. Callaway, 34, was ordered to undergo psychological and alcohol abuse evaluation and obtain any treatment recommended, authorities said. She also must have no unsupervised contact with minors.

St. Charles County Circuit Judge Ted House gave Callaway a four-year prison sentence but suspended its execution. Callaway has already spent about 60 days in jail, a spokeswoman for County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar said.

The sentence was recommended by the prosecutor’s office.

Callaway was accused of coercing Raymond David Avett, 45, into giving her his home, SUV, boat and life insurance in exchange for not reporting the alleged attack to authorities.

According to police, a relative of Callaway told her on May 27 about the alleged abuse. The relative had discovered a diary kept by the 6-year-old girl, which included an entry suggesting that Avett performed a sex act on her, police said.

Callaway called police to ask for assistance in moving her belongings out of Avett’s home in the 3000 block of Flatboat Station, but she never reported the abuse.

Three weeks later, police say Callaway sent Avett a text message indicating that she was going to be sending him a detailed document he needed to sign within 48 hours. If Avett agreed, Callaway said, it would keep her from reporting the sexual abuse allegations, police said.

Later that day, Callaway sent the document, which demanded that Avett give up his $120,000 condominium, his H3 Hummer and his boat. It also said that he must apply for an insurance policy to that would benefit the girl, police said. Avett moved out of his home, and Callaway moved in and changed the locks, police said. Avett also handed over the keys to his SUV.

The next day, June 18, Avett disappeared in what police said was an apparent attempt to fake his own death.

Avett left suicide notes at several locations, and one of his vehicles was discovered abandoned in downtown St. Louis. He was found in July in Maryland when he was stopped by police.

Avett also has been charged with concealing a felony; that case is pending.

Avett wasn’t charged with a sex crime. By failing to report the alleged offense, Lohmar said, Callaway took away his office’s ability to properly investigate the case.

Lohmar also said Callaway’s actions would create credibility issues with her testimony.”



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4 Responses to Woman Blackmails Man for His Condo and SUV in Exchange for Not Reporting Child Molestation

  1. Little Nel says:

    “I’m confused as to why they can’t prosecute this guy.”

    I guess that that LE thinks that he is the bigger victim because he lost his possessions to a blackmailer.

    Once again the child is just a pawn for two degenerates to use in their evil desires (because) who is going to believe a child.

  2. Jess says:

    I’m confused as to why they can’t prosecute this guy. The know the little girl, interview her. Children shouldn’t need adults to make them “credible”, they just are because they don’t lie.

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