Former Marine Got Two Different Women to Allow Him To Have Sex With Their Children

Here’s a follow-up on the couple who planned to sexually abuse their children before they were even born…

“The former Marine convicted of sexually abusing his two children will spend the rest of his life behind bars, after receiving two life sentences in Florida court today.


During the trial it was revealed that Adleta started planning to abuse his children before they were born, telling his pregnant girlfriend Sarah Adleta, 29, that he would only marry her if she allowed him to have ‘daddy-daughter sex’ with their child.

The abuse started when their daughter was born in March 2009, and the two were married the following year. They went on to have a son together, and the parents sexually abused both children.

Soon after getting married, the two broke up but the abuse continued over Skype and with visits to Adleta in OKlahoma where he already had a new girlfriend.

Girlfriend Samanatha Bryant, 23, had a daughter and she let Adleta abuse her as well.

Both women testified during Adleta’s trial, shedding light on the gruesome abuse.

During that trip to Oklahoma in December 2012, Sarah let her ex-husband abuse her daughter in his bedroom while she watched.

The toddler ‘seemed very resistant and ‘really upset’ the mother testified, leading her ex-husband to suggest she find another man for the child to have sex with so she wouldn’t be ‘freaking out’ in the future.

The Adletas horrifying and despicable sexual abuse of their own children was only uncovered when FBI were tipped off when the mother sent naked pictures of herself and the toddlers to a man in North Carolina.

The mother performed sex acts on her children so the man could watch, according to testimony she gave the court this week.

Sarah Adleta was sentenced to 54 years in prison in October for abusing her children. The Adleta children have since been put up for adoption.

Adleta’s girlfriend Bryant faced seperate charges herself, and was found guilty on two counts of lewd molestation. She was sentenced to consecutive 15- and 30-year sentences.”


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10 Responses to Former Marine Got Two Different Women to Allow Him To Have Sex With Their Children

  1. Little Nel says:

    Alethea, I have an update for the trial of the church lady’s husband who sexually abused his step-daughter for seven years.

    He took a plea deal. I was the only person court. The lawyer asked me if I was a reporter because I had a notebook. Then the lawyer asked that the case be done behind closed doors so I couldn’t see or hear anything.

    His lawyer even got his sentencing date moved to another county courthouse to keep it quiet.

    I followed up anyway. The offender got five years in jail for his crimes in Larue Co. and has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

    Hardin Co. is currently prosecuting him because he committed the same crimes in that county. He will be prosecuted again.

    I found out that only reason that the mother went to the police is because her son found the evidence and pitched a fit about it. There is no doubt in my mind that this mother knew and kept quiet.

  2. Little Nel says:

    He suggested that the mother find another man for the toddler to have sex with because the child resisted and got upset.

    I guess he figured that she needed more sex education and torture. I hate to think what this little one had to endure at the hands of these monsters. The only thing that stops them is jail.

    The cold indifference to this child’s well being means that she was just a prop for these two degenerates who just wanted some thrills.

  3. mary says:

    Wow. These people…. some people, such as this man and woman, since they contain not one iota of humanity, I don’t even really see them as human beings. I see them as filthy animals since that’s how they behave. Maybe even worse than a filthy animal, since their degeneracy is not impulsive, it’s completely calculated,

    • Kevin F says:

      You’re right, Mary. A shocking story. No animal I know of would ever do anything like that. They’re totally demonic actions. These people are rightly locked away. Hopefully, one day they may be able to feel the horror of their actions and identify what thing caused them to do what they did.

    • Alethea says:

      Mary, animals are better than many people, especially these people. Animals don’t sexually abuse one another, and don’t harm each other out of greed. Animals don’t breed for the purposes of sexually violating their own off-spring.

  4. Jess says:

    Thank god they got that! I just hope they serve it all, because a lot of times these monsters’ sentences get lowered drastically afterwards and do very few actually serve the full term. Riducilous.

  5. melissa lee says:

    Wow, I wonder how many people would be left in the world if all parents got this sentence, my intuition tells me not many…..especially if the veil of secrets in family’s was lifted So, happy that they are in jail. xox Melissa Lee

  6. cengiz says:

    this is a sick world we live in with sick people
    they deserved the death penalty

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