The Kiss of God On Father’s Day

Today was probably one of the most difficult days for many of those who were sexually abused, raped, or abandoned by their earthly father.

For me, Father’s Day used to be filled with psychological torment and physical symptoms. Even before I remembered being sexually abused and raped by my father, I experienced physical symptoms and nightmares on, or around, Father’s Day.

People who were sexually abused by a priest might also experience very similar feelings on Father’s Day.

Like me, people who had abusive, or non-existent, fathers often have issues with father figures and male authority figures.

God –is the strongest male authority figure, and our idea of God says more about ourselves, than about God.

Through my recent personal transformation, healing, and evolution, I now KNOW that God is NOT a man in a white robe floating around the cosmos inflicting punishment on everyone. I know this… It is not a belief, or faith, or an intellectual understanding. It is a KNOWING.

So today, I gave thanks to God for my breath and life, and for the therapy that has literally saved, and changed my life.

Today, instead of suffering as I once did, I took a drive down a road off the beaten path (symbolic of my personality), and found a beautiful gift from our Creator.

Our idea of God says more about ourselves, than about God

I want to share this photo with you, because I hope all my readers will also one day discover that God is LOVE.

My prayer to all my readers, is that they too will all know the Love of God, Who is our ultimate Father, and to be able to heal their need for an emotional connection to their abusive earthly father.

The feeling of breaking free from the emotional bonds of the father who raped or abused us as children is a similar feeling to the feeling one might get from the above photo –only one hundred times better.

I now have the kiss of God, instead of what I longed for from my earthly father.

It is a beautiful thing.






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3 Responses to The Kiss of God On Father’s Day

  1. Little Nel says:

    I always hated and resented father’s day as a child. It was a reminder of what I didn’t have, the love of a father. I was rejected by him.

    This Father’s Day was the best day that I’ve had. My son, my husband, and both my son in laws, with their respective wives and children, attended a gathering to honor my son for his selfless work in helping others. It was also his 30th birthday.

    It was emotionally rewarding for me as I realized that I had raised a good man, inspite of my father’s lack of love for me and the abuse I endured in childhood.

    As I lavished in the family fun, I also realized that my daughters had married men who were good husbands and fathers. No small endeavor considering all my problems that surfaced in adulthood.

    I am the only member of my dysfunctional family who sought outside help for my inner pain and shame and have healing and peace with it all.

    What I lost in childhood is nothing compared to what I have now, a loving God and a loving family. I have recovered what was lost or taken from me years ago. God is happy.

  2. JMacG says:

    That is beautiful, all of it.

  3. Chris and Judy says:

    Dear Sis, What a lovely, true, helpful post.

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