Smoking Can Be Cured Effortlessly and With No Weight Gain

As my readers are aware, I have completely healed from several diseases and illnesses that medical doctors say have no cure. I have also completely rid myself of the shingles virus, migraine headaches, eating disorders, PTSD, and a long list of debilitating psychological problems. I even have my eyesight back –after having to wear reading glasses for a few years, I NO LONGER NEED THEM (except for tiny print on bottles).

One of the clients of Dr. De Saint-Simone, the person who helped me to heal me from all of this, has written testimony of how the therapy rid her of her smoking habit. She did it effortlessly and in a way that she will never crave cigarettes again, nor will she replace the smoking habit for a food fix, or some other form of psychological drive.

She also tells of her lung infection, due to smoking, disappearing with the therapy.

“I did go to the appointment because I secretly was concerned that this serious lung infection wasn’t going away. I expressed this to Ysatis [Dr. De Saint-Simone], and told her that I was being medically treated with heavy antibiotics for a lung infection so I came to see if she could help me to get rid of it and that I was a smoker who didn’t want to quit smoking, that smoking was a security blanket to me, so I really didn’t want her to feel bad as a therapist if I didn’t quit. I told her also how because I was concerned about his infection, I did briefly quit smoking a few times but was never successful quitting for more than a few days or so, and I usually wound up feeling that I really didn’t care anyway because I truly loved smoking.

Then she said, ‘I will help you only with what you want to be helped, but if by any chance we touch something connected to your smoking, it may happen that you stop smoking without even trying. I just warn you about this.’”

The non-trusting New Yorker, felt calm and trusting of Dr. De Saint Simone:

“Something about Ysatis from the very first moment she greeted me at her door gave me very positive vibes. She was so peaceful and actually bright and shiny and warm in her welcoming me. Being a New Yorker, I’m naturally defensive and not very open to people I don’t know well. After Ysatis explained the procedure involved, not only did I feel confident, I felt relaxed and trusting of her.

And indeed, what happened to me during this experience is fascinating and nothing short of miraculous!”

Testimony that this therapy can not only heal child sexual abuse trauma and the diseases child abuse can cause, but that it can also help men with impotency and heal breast cancer.

“I could tell you of so many friends that have had serious problems resolved, one especially comes to mind who was ready to kill himself because he had impotence for so long and had exhausted every type of help he sought to get cured. He’s a very happy dad today! I vividly recall sharing with Barbara B., a friend of mine and also a patient of Ysatis, the joy we both felt in regaining our health as she was only 19 when she came to Ysatis because she had a cancerous tumor in her breast and being so young she didn’t want her breast removed. She didn’t have to go through surgery because in working with Ysatis in this miraculous therapy, the tumor was completely dissolved from her breast.”

Please visit the Blog of Dr. De Saint-Simone’s client, and read her full testimony about quitting smoking, and the affects of the therapy on her life:

Quit Smoking No Effort


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